2022 Day of Giving

87% of 1,325 Donor goal
This campaign ended on February 15, 2022, but you can still make a gift to Marietta College by clicking here!
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Kimberly Sheasley photoKimberly Sheasley matched $50

An Anonymous DonorJay Read matched $50

Bethany Leslie photoBethany Leslie & Mykal Leslie matched $100

Chris Zernick Suter photoChris Zernick Suter matched $200

Maureen E Morgan photoMaureen E Morgan matched $200

An Anonymous DonorFrancesca Redshaw matched $250

Ruth C. Gilbert-Whitner photoRuth C. Gilbert-Whitner matched $250

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An Anonymous DonorCharles Reynolds matched $500

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Tim & Valerie Byers photoTim Byers matched $600

An Anonymous DonorPatty Bain Bachner and John Bachner matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorNancey Kaplan McCann matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $2,500

An Anonymous DonorRenee '84 and Dan Gallagher matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorRenee Bailey Gallagher '84 matched $5,000

Leslie Straub Ritter photoLeslie Straub Ritter matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorJim '69 and Cindy Buck Wilson '70 matched $15,000
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An Anonymous DonorCody Clemens gave $50

Cody Clemens photoCody Clemens gave $100

Brittany Metcalf photoBrittany Metcalf gave $100

Paul R Geisler photoPaul Geisler gave $100

An Anonymous DonorGrant Callery & Jackie Callery gave $250
Generate 3 Gifts
Inspire 3 or more gifts, and you'll be entered to win 2 passes to the VIP Steinhagen Suite for an MC home game!

Donate $500
Only 33 left!
When you make a gift of $500 or more, we'll say thank you with a single barrel hand-selected bottle of whiskey from Knob Creek. Each is hand etched and painted with the Erwin Tower logo in gold. Don't miss this opportunity to add a unique bottle to your collection!

Donate $100
Make a gift of $100 or more, and you'll be entered to win a free stay at the Fairfield Inn during Homecoming 2022! (To enter without making a gift, please email your name and contact information to alumni@marietta.edu)

Donate $1,835
None Left!
Join or renew your membership in the President's Circle with a gift of $1835 or more, and we'll thank you for your generosity with a bottle of special Elijah Craig bourbon etched with the silhouette of Erwin Hall.

Your love has an enormous impact

and we're celebrating Marietta College Founders Day (and Valentine's Day) with our biggest Day of Giving yet!  We're looking for 1,325 alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends to show that #MCgivesLuv by making a gift of any size between noon on Monday, February 14, and 18:35 (6:35 p.m. Eastern) on Tuesday, February 15.

New this year, 

we’re highlighting several important projects that need additional funds. You can support the area of greatest need, helping ensure Marietta College can continue to respond to emerging priorities, or student aid, which helps underwrite tuition for today’s Pioneers. The Pioneer Club supports all student-athletes, ensuring our teams can continue to compete and travel safely. You can help upgrade equipment in the WCMO studios or the Anderson Hancock Planetarium, or underwrite internships through the Career Center. If you’d like to help expand Marietta College’s support of our larger community, you might choose to give to the Office of Community Engagement, or S.T.R.E.A.M. Camp, which provides summer programming for area children through our education department. Or if you’d like to help support underrepresented students, you might consider helping with renovations for the Multicultural Center, or making a gift to the LGBTQ+ Student Emergency Fundwhich will provide direct grants to students in need.

Make your gift, 

challenge your friends, join us for special interactive events during those two days, and share why you have #Luv4MC on social media. Together, we'll ensure the College we love continues to thrive in 2022.

Congratulations to our Class Challenge winners!

The competition was fierce, but the class of 1987 took home first place, and will be celebrating our success with free drinks at Homecoming!

Top 10 Class Participation:

  • 1987: 15.4%
  • 2006: 15.1%
  • 1970: 13.8%
  • 1985: 13.3%
  • 1984: 11.3%
  • 1968: 9.2%
  • 1971: 9.0%
  • 1976: 8.9%
  • 2013: 8.4%
  • 1993: 8.3%
660 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Congratulations to our Greek Challenge winners...

Alpha Xi Delta took the top spot for the second year in a row, claiming that $500 prize for their chapter!

Final participation rankings:

  • Alpha Xi Delta: 17%
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon: 12.5%
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma: 12.1%
  • Chi Omega: 10.5%
  • Lambda Chi Alpha: 9.3%
  • Delta Tau Delta: 8.5%
  • Alpha Gamma Delta: 5.6%
  • Alpha Tau Omega: 5.1%
  • Sigma Kappa: 4.5%
  • Delta Upsilon: 3.9%
  • Tau Epsilon Phi: 3.7%
  • Alpha Sigma Phi: 2.4%
  • Alpha Sigma Tau: 1.5%
660 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Thank you for sharing your love!

Thank you to the many, many Pioneers who shared their love for MC by making a gift during our sixth annual Day of Giving. The passion and commitment of The Long Blue Line has never been so evident!

Together we set a new revenue record, and that support will help update important technology, create safe spaces for our most marginalized students, and provide additional financial assistance to those who need it most. 

On behalf of today's Pioneers, thank you for sharing your love.

661 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
A new revenue record!

We're not done yet, but we've already set a new Day of Giving record with your generosity. Thank you for the opportunities you're providing for today's Pioneers, and for the many ways you share your #Luv4MC!

661 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Last chance for a Pioneer Prize!

We've only got about an hour left for our sixth annual Day of Giving, so if you've been holding out, here's your chance: the first donor at 6:00 p.m. (Eastern) will win a fantastic swag bag full of Pioneer prizes thanks to our friends in Athletics!

Make your gift, challenge your friends, and don't forget to watch our livestream on Facebook at 7:00 p.m. to see if your name is announced as one of our winners!

661 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
It's our very last Pioneer Power Hour!

If you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to join our 6th annual Day of Giving, wait no longer - our final Pioneer Power Hour is about to begin!

Don't miss this last opportunity to create an additional $100 gift to Marietta College by supporting what you love. Your donation - of any amount, to any fund - will generate an additional $100 gift to the Marietta College endowment thanks to the generosity of our Board of Trustees, but only until 5:00 p.m. today.

661 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
We conquered the Pioneer Peloton Challenge!

Thank you to the 81 Pioneers who took on Trustee Andrew Ferguson '95 in the Pioneer Peloton Challenge! While nobody was able to beat his personal metrics, together we unlocked a $1,835 donation to The Marietta Fund.

See some of the highlights above!

661 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
It's a new Pioneer Power Hour!

Did you miss your opportunity to have your gift matched by Marietta College's Board of Trustees? Here's a new opportunity! If you make a gift - of any amount - between 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (Eastern), you will generate an additional $100 gift to the Marietta College endowment.

Make your gift, challenge your friends, and help us reach our goal of 1,325 donors before our campaign ends at 18:35!

661 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Don't miss this chance for a unique prize!

A gift of any size will help us achieve our goal of 1,325 donors, but a generous alum is offering a special incentive for our most generous Pioneers: If you make a gift of $500 or more, we'll say thank you with a single barrel hand-selected whiskey from Knob Creek. Each bottle is hand etched and painted with the Erwin Tower logo in gold.

This special selection from the distillery was chosen by two alumni with a passion for bourbon, and at 120 proof is perfect to sip over a large ice cube and celebrate anything you want. We'll be toasting to your generosity. 

Don't miss this opportunity to add a unique bottle to your collection!

661 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Don't miss these events on Tuesday, February 15!

Remember, in addition to sharing your love with a gift, we invite you to join us for some very special Day of Giving events. Don't forget to check out Marietta College's Esports athletes during their gaming marathon - you can see them play on Twitch from 9:00 a.m. (Eastern) until the end of our Day of Giving at 6:35 p.m.

We're also up for another round of the Pioneer Peloton Challenge, so if you registered to ride, make sure you check your email for a link to our group session at 8:00 a.m. (Eastern), and take Trustee Andrew Ferguson '95 up on his challenge!

There are also two remaining opportunities to hear from today's Pioneers. Click here to register for "Pioneers at Work," a panel discussion with alumni, students, and MC staff to learn more about internships and how you can help students prepare for their future careers. Or click here to register for "Pioneering Community" where you can learn more about how student leaders are impacting the wider community.

And finally, don't forget to join us on Facebook at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern) when President Ruud will announce our final results, including the winners of all our Pioneer prizes.

Thank you for sharing your #Luv4MC!

662 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Halfway there!

We can really feel the love! With just eight hours in, we are already halfway to our goal of 1,325 donors for our sixth annual Day of Giving. Thank you for your generosity, and don't forget to use those sharing buttons at the top of the page to encourage other Pioneers to join you!

662 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Our first Pioneer Peloton Challenge is about to begin!

If you registered to ride with fellow Pioneers, then don't forget to launch your Peloton app and join our 30 minute HIIT ride with Matt Wilpers at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern). Use the hashtag #MCGivesLuv to find other Pioneers, and good luck to everyone who is taking on Trustee Andrew Ferguson's challenge!

662 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
It's another Pioneer Power Hour!

Did you miss the first chance to have your Day of Giving donation matched? Have no fear, here's a new opportunity, thanks to MC's Board of Trustees! When you make a gift - of any amount - between 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Eastern, you will generate an additional $100 to The Marietta Fund.

662 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
500 have shared their love already!

Thank you to the many Pioneers who have shared their love already. Your gifts have an enormous impact on today's Pioneers, and we're grateful for your support!

662 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Last chance to join "Reenvisioning Romance!"

Looking for a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day from the comfort of your home? Join Pioneer thespians as they present six new adaptations from Jane Austen's work at 6:00 p.m. (Eastern) this evening.

Tickets are free, but you must register in advance. Click here to join the audience!

662 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
It's our very first Pioneer Power Hour!

If you make a gift - of any amount - between 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. (Eastern), you will generate an additional $100 for The Marietta Fund, thanks to the generosity of Marietta College's Board of Trustees. Don't miss this chance to increase your impact when you share your #Luv4MC! 

662 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Last chance to join "Embracing Diversity!"

Don't miss this chance to join the discussion with panelists Reggie Sims '75, Sofrina Hinton '95, Robert Nelson '21, current student Danielle Shoulders, and MC's Associate Dean of Students and Director of Diversity and Inclusion Tony Mayle, today at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern).

Tickets are free, but you must register in advance in order to participate. Click here to sign up!

662 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Our sixth annual Day of Giving has started!

Marietta College's biggest fundraiser yet has officially begun! Support what you love before 18:35 (that's 6:35 p.m. Eastern) tomorrow, and check back often to see where your class and Greek chapter are on the leaderboards.

Want to have an even larger impact? Use the sharing buttons at the top of the page to encourage your friends and classmates to join you in showing some #Luv4MC!

662 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Win these prizes when you share your love!

When you share your love, you not only help support the programs closest to your heart, but you can also win some fantastic prizes for you, your class, or your Greek chapter.

Last year the class of 1970 came out on top, with '87 and '98 not far behind. Who will win this year? We're not sure, but the class with the highest participation will receive free drinks at Homecoming! What better way to celebrate your love than sharing a drink with classmates on the campus you've called home?

Even better, if you're the first person to give when the big day starts at noon this Monday, February 14, you'll win a swag bag full of Pioneer prizes just for you! 

A gift of any size will make a difference, but if you give $100 or more, you'll be entered into a raffle for a free stay at the Fairfield Inn During Homecoming 2022. Want to enter the raffle without making a gift? Simply email your name and contact information to alumni@marietta.edu, and we'll make sure your name's in the hat.

Feeling even more generous? If you are one of the first eight people to make a gift at the President's Circle level (that's $1,835 or more), we will say thank you with a special collector's bottle of Elijah Craig single-barrel bourbon etched with the silhouette of Erwin Hall, thanks to the generosity of a fellow alum.

In case you need more reasons to encourage your friends to join you, there are also special prizes available for Advocates who help spread the word. Use the sharing buttons at the top of the page, and you could win two VIP passes to the Steinhagen Suite during a home football game just by sharing your love online!

The biggest prize of all, though, is the impact you'll have on today's Pioneers. Come back often to check the standings, share your love with friends, win prizes and - most importantly - show your support for the community you love. Thank you for your support!

662 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Honoring your fellow Pioneers

When you make a gift in honor of a specific individual, we'll send them a special card to notify them of your tribute. 

Thank you for honoring the following Pioneers!

  • The Class of 1961 (from Mary Walp Stripling ’65)
  • The Class of 1967 (from Patricia Hinckley Reese ’67)
  • The Class of 1969 (from Ralph Donnell ’69)
  • The Class of 1970 (from Jacquelyn Ingram Kelley ’70, from William Slaninko ’70, and from Barbara Woodhull ’70)
  • The Class of 1972 (from Cheryl Wagner Wootton ’72 and from Clyde Wootton ’72)
  • The Class of 1974 and 1975 Championship Basketball Team (from Glenn Reis ’77)
  • The Class of 1976 (from Scott Curtiss ’76)
  • The Class of 1976 Rowing D.U.s (from Chris Swartz ’76)
  • The Class of 1978 (from Susan Day Brown ’78)
  • The Class of 1985 (from Timothy Macuga ’85 and from Sherri Rase ’85)
  • The Class of 1987 (from Cara Marinucci ’87 and from Kevin O'Neill ’87)
  • The Class of 1991 (from Bonnie Allphin Donnelly ’91)
  • The Class of 1994 (from Nicole McMahan Carrera ’94)
  • The Class of 1995 (from Charles Maghes ’95)
  • The Class of 1996 (from Kim Scheibelhoffer Anderson ’96)
  • The Class of 1997 (from Amy Dillon ’96)
  • The Class of 2000 (from Sarah Shellhouse Libeg ’00)
  • The Class of 2004 (from Jennifer Sinclair DeSantis ’04)
  • The Class of 2005 (from Amanda Spina-Davis ’05)
  • The Class of 2006 (from Jackie Masse ’06)
  • The Class of 2013 (from Chyrsten Regelski Gessel ’13 and from Joseph Pavicic ’13)
  • The Class of 2014 (from Ashley Thomas ’14)
  • The Class of 2015 (from Alexis O'Hair-Gammell ’15)
  • The Class of 2018 (from Don Ritter ’81 and from Jake Smith ’18)
  • Warren Abrams (from Al Abrams ’76)
  • Dominique Antommarchi Adair ’07 (from Diana Hackenburg ’09, from Nicole Neumann ’06, from Anna Bock Mullins ’04, from Jolene Reeder ’08, from Kimberly Page Vickery ’08, and from Ashley Wagner ’10)
  • Paul Adams ’69 (from Dan Gallagher)
  • Advancement Team (from Josh Jacobs and from Sarah Jacobs)
  • Alpha Xi Delta (from Susan Day Brown ’78 and from Roger Rittenhouse ’76)
  • Alpha Xi Delta Peloton Team (from Laura Stange Regan ’94)
  • Alpha Xi Delta Sisters (from Marcie Winslow Schnicker ’81)
  • Patty Bain Bachner ’77 (from Micky Ryan ’95)
  • Ricci Davis Bailey ’14 (from Cindy Davis)
  • Wendy Bartlett ’74 (from Ernie Kleski ’74)
  • James Barlow ’50 (from Janet Barlow Thibeau ’87)
  • Marietta College Basketball 1975 (from Arthur Clark ’76)
  • Men's Basketball Team (from Allen White ’76)
  • Theodore Bennett (from James Gaal ’61)
  • David Beattie ’23 (from Eric Beattie)
  • Black History Month (from Pat Loreno Willis ’70)
  • Steven Blume (from Mark Burns ’79)
  • Ken Bogart ’65 (from Ruth Tucker Bogart ’66)
  • Ronald Brockett ’69 (from Richard Miles ’69)
  • Alison Buckwell (from Diane Blumstein ’84 and from Daley Buckwell ’16)
  • Margaret Hadfield Burns ’70 (from Cheryl Jakubetz Toronyi ’70 and from Robert Toronyi ’68)
  • Sean Callahan-Dinish ’07 (from Elicia Banks-Gabriel ’08)
  • Amanda Newhouse Carnie ’72 (from Sherry Malamut Kaderli ’72)
  • Zane Carter ’13 (from Christian Sanders ’14, from Catherine Sundstrom ’13 and from Sean Munfield ’13)
  • Jennifer Cashin ’95 (from Shelley Estep Wykle ’95)
  • Dorothy Fitzgerald Cernus ’46 (from Dona Cernus ’69)
  • Chi Omega (from Carol "Buff" Langacher Crouch ’70, from Kim Scheibelhoffer Anderson ’96, from Krista Walton Rowling ’84, and from Roz Marshall Terry ’85)
  • Cody Clemens ’13 (from Robert Gibson ’95, Marilee Morrow, from Joyce Pennington, and from Leslie Straub Ritter ’85)
  • Colleagues in the Fine Arts Department (from Marshall Kimball)
  • Michael Conaty ’89 (from Johanne Conaty Slattery ’84 and from Thomas Slattery ’85)
  • Michael Conte ’06 (from Danielle Howell Allphin ’06 and from Megan Luse Folkerth ’06)
  • Don Cornelius (from Angela Lang Cornelius ’91)
  • Patty Cornelius (from Angela Lang Cornelius ’91)
  • Bill Corwin ’50 (from William Corwin ’78)
  • Joan Hopkins Corwin ’50 (from William Corwin ’78)
  • The Cromwell Family (from Rick and Phyllis Bowser)
  • Julie deChristofaro ’84 (from Gina Cawley ’85 and from Barbara Coffey Roth ’84)
  • Jackie DeLaat (from Sarah Clapp Work ’04)
  • David Donaldson ’61 (from Dale Smith ’61)
  • Jazmine Edwards ’11 (from Ariel Ross ’13)
  • Dottie Erb (from Bethany McFarland Leslie ’12, from Mykal Leslie ’11, and from Joshua Stark ’95)
  • Melba Flatbush ’83 (from Marianne Candido ’85 and from Tim Bennett ’85)
  • Renee Bailey Gallagher ’84 (from Shawn Selby ’92)
  • Hans-Georg Gilde (from Lisa Howell Koustis ’81)
  • Roseann Gill-Jacobson (from Anna Custer-Singh ’95, from Tim Bennett ’85, and from Laura Stange Regan ’94)
  • Abbey Gladstone ’78 (from James Gerrish ’80, from Jim Grossmann ’78, from Larry Hiser, from Peter Maercklein ’78, from Jeff Muscatello ’80, from David Reese ’79, and from Ken Rickvalsky ’84)
  • Kathryn Gloor (from Cody Clemens ’13)
  • Andrew Good ’10 (from Jason Mackay ’08)
  • Howard Greenblatt ’76 (from Henry Stevenson ’77)
  • Stanley Greenwood (from Jay Read ’05)
  • Cornelius Hamel ’81 (from Bill Bender ’81)
  • Tyler Hammond ’15 (from John Hammond and Rita Hammond)
  • Carole Wylie Hancock ’75 (from Dottie Erb, from Karen "Peeps" Peper Kinney ’78, from Bruce Kinney ’79, from Bethany McFarland Leslie ’12, from Mykal Leslie ’11, from Leslie Straub Ritter ’85, and from Samuel Warnock)
  • G. Whitmore Hancock ’75 (from Todd DeLong ’87, Carole Wylie Hancock ’75, from Dennis Kuhl, and from Leslie Straub Ritter ’85)
  • J. Michael Harding (from Tim Binegar ’00, from Amanda Haney-Cech ’06, and from Lorie Porcher ’92)
  • William Hartel (from Aaron Handleman ’68 and from Steven Mizer ’83)
  • Les Harris ’62 (from Roger Patterson ’65)
  • Dave Harrison ’64 (from Jack Hopkins ’65)
  • Susan "Jay" Hauck-Bell ’85 (from Kitty Kollmeyer and from Ann Beddingfield Storm ’84)
  • Nanette Zimmerman Hazlett  ’59 (from David Hazlett ’86)
  • Diane Herbst ’76 (from Patricia Quinn-Munson ’76)
  • Robert Hill (from Charles Snodgrass ’65)
  • Sofrina Hinton ’95 (from Erika Smith)
  • Jack Hopkins ’65 (from David Harrison ’64)
  • Theora Story Hoppe ’46 (from Lynn Unger ’99)
  • Jeffrey Houston ’06 (from Danielle Howell Allphin ’06, from Holly Bader-Probst ’06, from Jordan Herrick ’06, from Michael Joliat ’06, from Craig Sundstrom ’07, and from Megs Schreck Yunn ’06)
  • Geoffrey Humiston ’79 (from Jerry Prial ’77)
  • Donna Hunt Jasulevicus ’66 (from Mary Norton Berlin ’66)
  • Marty Hupp ’86 (from Jonathan Wine ’85)
  • Michael Joliat ’06 (from Jeffrey Quinn and from Lisa Quinn)
  • Robert L. Jones (from Jeffrey Dennis ’74)
  • Frank Jordan ’89 (from Andrew Jordan ’70)
  • Wynn Kenyon ’70 (from Bill O'Grady ’70)
  • Marshall Kimball (from Cathy Crum Cunningham ’96)
  • Stephanie Kimball ’86 (from David House ’88 and Leslee Beamer House ’87)
  • Thomas Knappe ’63 (from Douglas Knappe ’66)
  • Lambda Chi Alpha (from Mark Connors ’89 and from Robert Jungbluth ’88)
  • Violet LeClair (from Marianne Candido ’85 and from Robert Oziomek ’88)
  • Debbie Lazorik (from Kathy Sutphin ’83)
  • Bethany McFarland Leslie ’12 (from Andrew Ferguson ’95, from Daniel McFarland, and from Elizabeth Oswalt ’13)
  • Ralph Lindamood ’46 (from Bruce Coffin ’67, from Jill Coffin, and from G. Wiley Wakeman ’73)
  • James Michael Littler ’64 (from Stephen Littler ’84)
  • Chris Long ’15 (from Sarah Long)
  • Nathan Long ’25 (from Tara Long)
  • Steve Magnusen (from Raymond Anderson ’69)
  • Mass Media (from Dee Renfrow)
  • Mass Media and Communications Students (from Joyce Pennington)
  • Tony Mayle (from Erika Smith)
  • Joe McDaniel (from Doug Griebel ’74)
  • Sandy McIntosh McLaughlin ’84 (from Lori Diemer ’84)
  • Linda McLeish (from Sue Maxfield Sanders ’84)
  • Men's Lacrosse First Senior Class (from Dave Franklin and from Stacey Franklin)
  • Brad Mishler (from Paul Geisler ’87 and from Robert Oziomek ’88)
  • Marilee Morrow (from Kennedy Clyde ’16 and from Landon Santini ’17)
  • Jonna Munfield (from Mike Stokes)
  • Shawn Murphy ’64 (from Kelt Naylor ’85, from Ken Werner ’72, and from Eric Wilska ’72)
  • Rob Nelson ’21 (from Cody Clemens ’13, from Jack Hopkins ’65, from Annie Kubala ’17, from Joyce Pennington, from Erika Smith, and from Lori Klinger Smith ’07)
  • Richard Craig Nickerson ’71 (from Martha Jane Day ’69)
  • Mark Norris (from Rick Norris ’77)
  • Gezahagn Nurlgn ’25 (from Maragret Hoffer ’06)
  • Camille Dumonthier O'Connor ’86 (from Joanne Mullan Chilone ’86, from Honora Gordon ’84, from Stacey Bartlett Knettler ’86, from Toni Hall Holcombe ’86, and from Jacqueline Hurner Wheeler ’86)
  • Ann Palmisano ’81 (from Helen Tobin Moore ’81)
  • Roger Patterson ’62 (from Lynne Downey Goldsmith ’73, from Robert Goldsmith ’74, and from Les Harris ’65)
  • Joyce Pennington (from Powell Chodos ’88, from Cody Clemens ’13, from J.P. Clowers ’93, from Graham Cochran ’93, from Stacy Scoble Cochran ’92, from Anna Custer-Singh ’95, from Rebecca Harvey Day ’92, from Jessica Breedlove Douglas ’02, from Julie Dye, from Elizabeth Wanner Ford ’90, from Renee Bailey Gallagher ’84, from Robert Gibson ’95, from Richard Gurin ’96, from Patrick Hahe ’11, from Will Hampton, from Linda Lauer Lockhart ’93, from Professor Marilee Morrow, from Bill Myers ’75, from Kim Plaatje ’93, from Lindsey Kudaroski Ranayhossaini ’14, from Amber Robinson ’00, from Laura Regan ’94, from Dee Renfrow, from Angela Rist ’04, from Jessica Lang Shalosky ’10, from Jill Sweeney Sharp ’88, from Melinda True Stabler ’83, from Danielle Staub ’12, from Kelly Farrell Wiseman ’89, and from Susie Warman ’84)
  • Gama Perruci (from Cody Clemens ’13, from Rebecca Gehring ’05, from Paapa Nkrumah-Ababio from ’18, from Kathleen Reddy-Smith ’71, from Justin Thibeault ’04, from Connor Walters ’13, and from Pat Loreno Willis ’70)
  • Patrick Quinn ’06 (from Jeffrey Quinn and from Lisa Quinn)
  • Lindsey Kudaroski Ranayhossaini ’14 (from Mary Roberts ’14)
  • June Reese (from David Reese ’79)
  • Myra Reich ’14 (from Nathan Reich ’04)
  • Mary Moore Adams Reiffenberger ’39 (from Hollis Goldenberg Roach ’71)
  • Edward Rosenberg ’74 (from Edward Prial ’74)
  • Bernard Russi (from Marianne Candido ’85)
  • President Bill Ruud (from Jack Hopkins ’65)
  • Judy Ruud (from Jack Hopkins ’65)
  • Don Schaly ’59 (from Clive Zeke Wallis ’61)
  • Andy Schel (from Susan Kirian Williams ’93)
  • Mike Schonewolf (from Robert Oziomek ’88)
  • Jovony Hall Schrensky ’84 (from Mary Janine Moore Beneke ’83, from Suzanne Melvin Berlin ’84, from Heidi Herz Berry ’84, from Joanne Mullan Chilone ’86, from Robin Elcavage Corbitt ’84, from Lori Diemer ’84, from Renee Bailey Gallagher ’84, from Keith Gearhart ’84, from Leslie Grimm Gearhart ’86, from Honora Gordon ’84, from JoAnne Gullotta ’84, from Leslie Roshkowski Hirth ’84, from Toni Hall Holcombe ’86, from Whitney Hughes Illingworth ’84, from Stacey Bartlett Knettler ’86, from Jen Burdell King ’91, from Nancy Lowman LaBadie ’81, from Donna Aiello Moss ’84, from Krista Walton Rowling ’84, from April Schaad ’84, from Laura Jacques Sorrentino ’84, from Chris Zernick Suter ’84, and from Jacqueline Hurner Wheeler ’86)
  • Shawn Selby ’92 (from Robert Gibson ’95)
  • Robert Seltzer ’66 (from Ruth Hersh Perry ’66)
  • William Sheppard (from Marianne Candido ’85)
  • Danielle Shoulders ’25 (from Anna Custer-Singh ’95, from Annie Kubala ’17, and from Erika Smith)
  • Henry Showalter ’74 (from Jay Showalter ’71)
  • Linda Showalter ’79 (from Raymond Anderson ’69)
  • Laura Baudo Sillerman ’68 (from Sharon Whittaker Roberts ’68 and from Patty Dye Young ’68)
  • Reggie Sims ’75 (from Erika Smith)
  • Lauretta Sine ’64 (from Kathy Morgan Watson ’64)
  • Natalie Sinicrope ’07 (from Amanda Mullen)
  • Don Smith, grandfather of Dr. Raven Cromwell (from Anonymous, and from Tanya Judd)
  • Harry Smith (from Heather Reagan Brown ’01)
  • Lori Smith ’07 (from Kennedy Clyde ’16)
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma (from Valli LaNeve ’76)
  • Sigma Sigma Sigmas from the 1980s (from Renee Bailey Gallagher ’84)
  • Men's Soccer (from Brenda Dougherty)
  • Megan Staley ’99 (from C. Paul Staley ’66)
  • Garnet Wilhelm Stephens ’51 (from Jane Augé ’76)
  • James Stephens ’50 (from Jane Augé ’76)
  • Todd Stoffel ’92 (from Andrew Dudas ’92)
  • Annabel Childers Stone ’42 (from Melissa Gandor ’21)
  • William Stone ’46 (from Melissa Gandor ’21)
  • John Story (from Lynn Unger ’99)
  • Catherine Sundstrom ’13 (from Maryellen Sundstrom)
  • Craig Sundstrom ’07 (from Maryellen Sundstrom)
  • Tau Epsilon Phi (from Jeffrey Waldman ’81)
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon Zeta Sigma Chapter (from David Harrison ’64, from William Marshall ’65, from Richard Nichol ’75, from William Slaninko ’70, from Mike Stark ’65, and from Jeffrey Waldman ’81)
  • Whitley Trusler ’17 (from Taylor Myers ’15)
  • Mark Ullom ’72 (from Beverly Ullom Pratt ’70)
  • Mark Ulrey ’69 (from Mock Hillman ’69)
  • Gerald Vance (from Donna Koesel Leeson ’70)
  • Chad Walker ’13 (from Catherine Sundstrom ’13 and from Sean Munfield ’13)
  • Suzanne Walker (from Michael Washabaugh ’09)
  • Jeff Walker ’04 (from Michael Washabaugh ’09)
  • R. Lee Walp (from David Bosley ’70)
  • Dale Wartluft ’64 (from Marci Estock Shaw ’13)
  • Bryan Washington ’22 (from Anna Custer-Singh ’95, from Annie Kubala ’17, and from Erika Smith)
  • Maggie Watt ’15 (from Taylor Myers ’15)
  • Kean Weaver ’84 (from Susan Mock Conrad ’85)
  • Walter Webber ’65 (from James Moffitt ’65 and from Judith Gottgalf Moffitt ’65)
  • Anna Weber ’04 (from Rachel Long Funk ’07 and from Cate Weber ’06)
  • Jon Wendell ’70 (from David Plumb ’68)
  • Michele Willard (from Van Easton ’73)
  • Ruth Wilcox H’79 (from Jacqui Archer-Amstutz ’72)
  • Pat Loreno Willis ’70 (from Bart Gullong ’70)
  • Jo Ellen Yeary ’76 (from Linda Avedon ’76)
  • Patricia Dye Young ’68 (from Laura Baudo Sillerman ’68)
  • Ralph Zimmerman ’27 (from David Hazlett ’86)
672 days ago by Annie Kubala
We love Marietta Mergers!

Rich ’70 and Lynn Bromberg Arnold ’71 found love during spring break as students. Since that initial walk on the beach, they've celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, their golden reunions, and fifty years of giving back to Marietta College. Join us in celebrating their love for each other, and our alma mater!

672 days ago by Kathryn Gloor

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