128% of $100,000 goal
This campaign ended on February 28, 2023, but you can still make a gift to University of Vermont by clicking here!

The LUVMYCLUB campaign is a fundraising challenge for student clubs and organizations at UVM. They need your support to reach their goals and to win prizes!

And there are just two simple rules to the competition:

  1. One gift per person, per club. But, you can give one gift to as many clubs as you'd like, so go crazy!
  2. Don't make gifts on behalf of other people. Instead, become an advocate and share!

And don't forget about the prizes! All the prizes are based on number of donors.

  • Club Sports Category: 1st place $1000; 2nd place $750; 3rd place $500; 4th place $250; 5th place $100
  • Academic, Cultural, and Recreational Clubs Category: 1st place $1000; 2nd place $750; 3rd place $500; 4th place $250; 5th place $100
  • Most Alumni Donors in the Club Sports Category: 1st place $500; 2nd place $250; 3rd place $100 
  • Most Alumni Donors in the Academic, Cultural, and Recreational Clubs Category: 1st place $500; 2nd place $250; 3rd place $100

A special thank you to our prize money donors: UVM Alumni Association, Student Alumni Association, and UVM Student Government Association. And, a special thanks to Redstone Commons & Lofts and Spinner Place for sponsoring the first-place prizes in both categories for Most Alumni Donors. 

Questions? Contact Kathryn at

Prize Leaderboards
Another Amazing Year of LUVMyClub!

Another LUVMyClub is in the record books.

This year saw the 114 participating clubs raise the most money ever - more than $128,000!

(For context, the first LUVMyClub way back in 2017 raised $17,000)

Thanks again to all the donors who gave and advocated - and for all the hard work our student clubs put into this campaign. We had amazing competition down to the last minute this year, which means that we have ties for several of our prizes!

You can head to the campaign page itself to see the final tally, and the prize winners in each category.

This remarkable campaign wouldn’t happen without our outstanding students, and our amazing community that comes together to support them. 

Thank you.

506 days ago by Kathryn Meader
One day left!

We are just about to the final 24 hours of this year's LUVMyClub campaign! Clubs are doing an amazing job so far and let's help them finish strong.  

There's tight competition for many of the prizes - so keep an eye on those leaderboards! A lot can still change in the next 24 hours.  Thanks to everyone who has made a gift and shared the campaign - keep it up! 

The campaign ends on Tuesday, February 28th at 4pm.

I'll post an update here after the campaign is over with the final prize winners. 

Kathryn at the UVM Foundation

507 days ago by Kathryn Meader

Academic, Cultural, and Recreational Clubs
Academic, Cultural, and Recreational ClubsDonorsRaised ($)Goal ($)%
Headwaters Magazine25$1,0281000102.8%
Society of American Foresters (Forestry Club)8$42550085.0%
The Vermont Cynic26$853100085.3%
Amnesty International8$185100018.5%
Horticulture Club15$577100057.7%
People of Color Outdoors (POCO)10$594100059.4%
Women in STEM22$934500186.8%
Dairy Challenge16$713500142.6%
UVM Hit Paws20$1,500800187.5%
Outing Club22$1,9751500131.7%
UVM Prison Partnerships15$695300231.7%
Volunteers in Action1$5050010.0%
UVM Bikes! Co-op3$175100017.5%
Chi Alpha Christian Ministry3$12520846.0%
Psychedelic Science Club2$778500155.6%
VPIRG at UVM2$7550015.0%
Eco Design Co-op1$253008.3%
Exercise Science Club0$04000.0%
Wildlife and Fisheries Society Club2$6030020.0%
Speech and Hearing Club2$101506.7%
UVM Kayak Club4$27550055.0%
Real Love Records15$954100095.4%
Engineers Without Borders13$1,821500364.2%
ZEST A Cappella16$40550081.0%
Young Democratic Socialists of America3$15549531.3%
UVM CHAARG13$595501190.0%
UVM Anime Club10$71175094.8%
Black Student Union9$531500106.2%
Partners in Health Engage0$01000.0%
Coffee 4 VT5$395100039.5%
Catamounts Against Cancer5$220200110.0%
Alternative Spring Break3$15030050.0%
Alpha Phi Omega7$31060051.7%
Generation Outreach UVM1$105002.0%
Chicks on Sticks9$65080081.3%
Political Science Club0$05000.0%
Sports Analytics Club2$11075014.7%
Jazbaa Club8$302300100.7%
American Sign Language Club4$13530045.0%
Entrepreneurship Club2$5535015.7%
International Student Club2$250100025.0%
UVM Dairy Club26$844800105.5%
Society of Women in Computer Science0$08000.0%
Femmes in Forestry0$01500.0%
Biomedical Engineering Society1$5025020.0%
Student Nutrition Association3$120100120.0%
Society of Physics Students4$300150200.0%
UVM Philharmonic5$435150290.0%
Pad Project6$20050040.0%
The Water Tower3$25060041.7%
Women In Business Club3$8040020.0%
Audubon UVM3$13015086.7%
Planned Parenthood Gen Action9$57660096.0%
Beekeepers Club22$905600150.8%
Alianza de Latines0$08000.0%
Accounting Club5$425180236.1%
Catholic Student Association2$325100032.5%
Society of Women Engineers12$898600149.7%
Runway of Dreams0$01500.0%
CS Crew1$51005.0%
IEEE Club5$13060021.7%
Art Club9$366150244.0%
GMB Mountaineering Club6$26730089.0%
Anthropology Club3$400100400.0%
Statistics and Data Science Club2$125100125.0%
UVM TV15$1,323650203.5%
Diversity in Business2$17550035.0%
People's Improv Group6$750200375.0%
Club Sports
Club SportsDonorsRaised ($)Goal ($)%
UVM Club Softball Fund16$1,417500283.4%
Football Club22$1,8421000184.2%
Olympic Weightlifting19$4,3504250102.4%
Catamount Dance Crew16$801112571.2%
UVM Club Field Hockey94$4,388500087.8%
Women's Club Lacrosse Team83$6,0925000121.8%
Women's Ice Hockey Club25$1,415600235.9%
Sailing Club227$10,7426000179.0%
Dance Force5$23050046.0%
Ballroom and Swing Society10$635100063.5%
Running Club11$46150092.2%
Equestrian Team23$1,719500034.4%
Men's Club Hockey13$846100084.6%
Celtic Cats Club29$2,3321000233.2%
Men's Club Lacrosse14$2,4321000243.2%
Climbing Team13$580500116.0%
Women's Rugby Football Club99$4,410800055.1%
Men's Club Volleyball30$1,6701000167.0%
Orchesis Dance Company25$1,2051000120.5%
Club Baseball9$685600114.2%
Women's Club Soccer14$1,680800210.0%
Club Table Tennis10$1,080200540.0%
Ballet Viridis15$1,390700198.6%
UVM Dance Team51$3,1622500126.5%
Water Polo Club22$1,4401000144.0%
Vermont Rowing222$12,3961500082.6%
UVM Club Golf5$365200018.3%
Club Futsal8$34270048.8%
Roller Hockey22$1,8101000181.0%
Flow Arts Club1$104002.5%
Women's Club Volleyball36$1,6441000164.4%
UVM Taekwondo34$1,385600230.8%
Men's Soccer Club27$2,2261500148.4%
Quadball Club9$678200339.0%
Club Swimming12$64475085.9%
Cycling Club8$485100048.5%
Girl Gains UVM9$505300168.3%
Cheerleading Club5$475300158.3%
Dressage Team27$6,360800079.5%
Club Tennis10$672200336.0%
Most Alumni Donors - Academic, Cultural, and Recreational Clubs
Club NameDonorsRaised ($)
Alpha Phi Omega1$50
Women in STEM1$25
Speech and Hearing Club1$5
Femmes in Forestry0$0
UVM TV7$358
Political Science Club0$0
GMB Mountaineering Club0$0
Dairy Challenge5$175
Society of American Foresters (Forestry Club)1$100
Statistics and Data Science Club0$0
Art Club1$5
UVM Prison Partnerships0$0
Volunteers in Action0$0
UVM Anime Club0$0
Headwaters Magazine4$223
Society of Women Engineers5$315
Audubon UVM0$0
Horticulture Club1$42
Wildlife and Fisheries Society Club1$10
Partners in Health Engage0$0
Amnesty International1$25
Psychedelic Science Club0$0
Black Student Union1$71
Biomedical Engineering Society0$0
Anthropology Club0$0
Chi Alpha Christian Ministry0$0
International Student Club1$150
Student Nutrition Association0$0
Society of Women in Computer Science0$0
Outing Club4$150
People's Improv Group0$0
Accounting Club0$0
Alianza de Latines0$0
Chicks on Sticks1$25
Pad Project0$0
The Vermont Cynic4$250
Beekeepers Club5$98
Diversity in Business0$0
IEEE Club0$0
CS Crew0$0
UVM Philharmonic0$0
Society of Physics Students0$0
Sports Analytics Club0$0
Runway of Dreams0$0
Eco Design Co-op0$0
Coffee 4 VT1$20
Engineers Without Borders1$25
Catholic Student Association0$0
American Sign Language Club1$50
Real Love Records0$0
Jazbaa Club0$0
Entrepreneurship Club1$25
Generation Outreach UVM1$10
Planned Parenthood Gen Action2$71
Exercise Science Club0$0
Young Democratic Socialists of America0$0
ZEST A Cappella1$20
Catamounts Against Cancer1$20
The Water Tower1$50
UVM Hit Paws4$295
Women In Business Club1$20
UVM Bikes! Co-op1$100
People of Color Outdoors (POCO)3$135
UVM Kayak Club1$25
Alternative Spring Break2$50
Most Alumni Donors - Club Sports
Club SportDonorsRaised ($)
Sailing Club Fund67$4,470
Quadball Club0$0
Cheerleading Club0$0
Women's Club Volleyball5$263
Club Baseball0$0
Football Club2$75
Flow Arts Club0$0
UVM Club Field Hockey6$135
Ballroom and Swing Society1$10
Women's Club Basketball0$0
Roller Hockey1$100
Club Tennis0$0
UVM Club Softball Fund2$55
UVM Dance Team5$235
Dressage Team4$175
Club Futsal0$0
Water Polo Club2$30
Cycling Club2$60
Women's Ice Hockey Club1$50
Men's Soccer Club0$0
Equestrian Team5$239
Men's Club Lacrosse1$1,500
Club Swimming0$0
UVM Club Golf0$0
Girl Gains UVM0$0
Orchesis Dance Company1$25
Celtic Cats Club0$0
Ballet Viridis0$0
UVM Taekwondo9$405
Men's Club Hockey3$200
Running Club0$0
Women's Club Lacrosse Team8$397
Women's Rugby Football Club8$228
Club Table Tennis0$0
Vermont Rowing52$3,430
Men's Club Volleyball1$25
Catamount Dance Crew1$25
Women's Club Soccer1$10
Olympic Weightlifting2$1,437
Dance Force0$0
Climbing Team0$0
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