Women's Golf 2021 (Clash of the Titans)

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funded on May 22, 2021!

Clash of the Titans 2021

Swords Up! Give funds of support to your favorite Westminster spirit group or sports team and help them win the Clash of the Titans!

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Clash of the Titans 2021
Women's Golf 2021 (Clash of the Titans)
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  • Coached by Matt Torrence
  • Back to back PAC Champions

This year our transportation cost to matches have gone up due to COVID regulations requiring more distance amongst players.  Funding from this campaign will helps us account for those new fees, as well as continue to enhance our already outstanding women's golf program, with additional funding for travel and trips to out-of-state matches.  It will also help us replace funding from our regularly held raffles that we've not had due to COVID.

Your generous gifts in support of the women's golf team are very appreciated by our student athletes who have recognized and benefitted from your generosity.  Thank you.  

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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1955 1$125
1960 1$100
1961 1$2,500
1966 1$2,000
1970 1$75
1973 1$100
1975 2$150
1978 2$450
1982 1$58
1989 1$50
1993 2$150
1997 2$600
2003 1$50
2018 3$90
2020 1$20
2021 1$10
2022 2$25
2023 3$45
2024 3$205

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49% Alumni

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11% Students

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19% Parents

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11% Faculty/Staff

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17% Friends

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Donor list

Lindsey Gilbert
David Gooch
Emily Marcus
Nick Torrence
Amy Hutchinson
Richard Hutchinson
Kara Hutchinson
Sean & Veronica Byers
Leigh Torrence
Cindy & Jim Dafler
Kara Montgomery photoKara Montgomery
Kathy Richardson
Brad Torrence
Paul Schneider
Steve McKeever
Judy Winter
Robb Schneider
Casey Zulandt
Robert Zulandt
Caroline Lewis
Kasey Clifford
Robin Gooch
Alexa Hutchinson
Kelly Clifford
Baylee Horvath
Linda Torrence
Matthew Torrence
Dick '61, Todd '88, and Connor '19 White
Marci Torrence
Ashley Davis
.Thomas Ritter
Bill Rankin
Leslie Pemberton
Lee Hite
Lee Hite

Dick '61, Todd '88, and Connor '19 White matched $2,500
Rick and Diane Reiber matched $5,000
Tom and Lisa Ritter matched $15,000
Lee Hite gave $1,000 because 15 donors made a gift in 9 days.
Lee Hite gave $1,000 because 25 donors made a gift in 9 days.