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Westminster College is nationally recognized as a leader in providing a supportive and transformative educational experience for all students. Forged in a tradition of academic excellence and inclusion, Westminster’s approach to a comprehensive liberal arts education focuses on critical thought, collaboration and experiential learning, which empowers students to lead successful lives of meaning, integrity, and service to others.


#WCGivingTuesday is supporting initiatives all around campus. Pick your project, give your gift, be #TITANSTRONG!

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16 days Remain
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Westminster Fund
For Westminster College
Help to support the Westminster Fund through #WCGivingTuesday. This fund directly supports student scholarship offerings!
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16 days Remain
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Academic Department
For Westminster College
Let your favorite professor or academic department know how much you loved your time at WC. Make a gift to #WCGIVINGTUESDAY in their honor.
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16 days Remain
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Student Food Pantry
For Westminster College
When a student's meal plan isn't enough to provide the food they need, they turn to the Student Food Pantry. You can support this cause!
21 Donors
16 days Remain
$830 Donated
Wherever Needed Most
For Westminster College
#WCGivingTuesday's Wherever Needed Most fund helps provide the College the flexibility to direct money to areas in need. Give a gift today.
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16 days Remain
$2,840 Donated
Student Emergency Fund
For Westminster College
When a parent passes away or loses their job it can directly effect their college student. Give to the Westminster Student Emergency Fund.
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16 days Remain
$2,635 Donated
Rec the Quad
For Westminster College
Students don't utilize the Westminster quad to its full extent, so were helping by providing hammocks, adirondack chairs and more!
4 Donors
16 days Remain
$1,170 Donated
Career Closet
For Westminster College
Not all college students have a business suit ready to go for that first interview. Help make that possible by donating to enhance supply.
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16 days Remain
$1,250 Donated

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