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Westminster College is nationally recognized as a leader in providing a supportive and transformative educational experience for all students. Forged in a tradition of academic excellence and inclusion, Westminster’s approach to a comprehensive liberal arts education focuses on critical thought, collaboration and experiential learning, which empowers students to lead successful lives of meaning, integrity, and service to others.

#WCGivingTuesday 2020

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440 Donors
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Campaigns at Westminster College

Student Emergency Fund 2020
For Westminster College
When a parent passes away or loses a job it can directly affect their college student. Help the Westminster Student Emergency Fund thrive.
67 Donors
$15,875 Donated
Student Food Pantry 2020
For Westminster College
When a student's meal plan isn't enough to provide the food they need, they turn to the Student Food Pantry. You can support this cause!
58 Donors
$11,201 Donated
Hoyt Laboratory Equipment
For Westminster College
Give a gift and help our new Hoyt labs to thrive by furnishing these important spaces with the many instruments and tools needed to learn!
64 Donors
$14,569 Donated
Internship Fund 2020
For Westminster College
Help students thrive with an opportunity to accept amazing internships, despite travel or lodging costs. Give today and nurture this fund!
81 Donors
$10,435 Donated
Wherever Needed Most 2020
For Westminster College
#WCGivingTuesday's Wherever Needed Most fund helps provide flexibility to direct money to areas in need. Help it thrive with a gift today!
147 Donors
$49,571 Donated
Diversity Equity & Inclusion Programming
Help Westminster thrive by contributing to an inclusive campus community by providing support to diversity, equity & inclusion programming.
56 Donors
$14,490 Donated
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