Men's Basketball 2021 (Clash of the Titans)

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funded on May 22, 2021!

Clash of the Titans 2021

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Clash of the Titans 2021
Men's Basketball 2021 (Clash of the Titans)
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  • Coached by Kevin Siroki
  • 2020-2021 PAC Champions (first time since 2004)
  • 11-1 record 
  • 3.2 Team GPA

Not only has our cost to travel increased (as a result of adhering to state and NCAA COVID  regulations), but so has our expenses with regards to equipment.  We have been in need of purchasing more of it to allow for individual use by each player.  We hope the funds from this campaign will help us supplement some of those costs.

Our alumni and donors mean so much to our program, due to your kind donation we have been able to provide the players with weight lifting gear, winter jackets, hats, and sweat suits.  Enhancements like this truly contribute to the student athlete's overall experience and satisfaction with the program and help to provide them with the mentality of being part of a team.  We are immensely grateful for your generosity and hope you will support our team again this year, so we can continue adding to our strong and quality program. 

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1960 1$100
1966 1$2,000
1968 1$100
1975 2$200
1976 1$100
1983 1$200
1996 1$1,000
1997 2$120
2001 1$750
2003 1$50
2013 1$50
2015 1$25
2016 1$113
2017 1$100
2018 1$50
2019 2$200
2020 1$50
2021 1$100
2022 1$30
2023 2$200
2024 2$300

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Chris Carmody
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Lee Hite

Rick and Diane Reiber matched $5,000
Tom and Lisa Ritter matched $15,000
Lee Hite gave $1,000 because 25 donors made a gift in 9 days.
Lee Hite gave $1,000 because 15 donors made a gift in 9 days.