Thank a Villanova Nurse

This campaign ended on May 15, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Villanova University by clicking here!

Support the 2021 Thank a Villanova Nurse campaign.

Thank You To Our Villanova Nurses!

Nurses have always been a foundational part of our healthcare, and their contributions are as critical as ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Putting the values of Unitas, Veritas and Caritas into action, Villanova nurses are working tirelessly to save lives and protect the health of all those affected. For this, we are truly grateful.  

In recognition of National Nurses Week, May 6-12, this campaign aims to thank Villanova nurses on the frontlines while raising support to help future Villanova nurses and all healthcare workers. Donors have the opportunity to make their gift in honor of a Villanova nurse. See the full list of donors and honored nurses below. 

Thanks to the incredible response from the Villanova community, we surpassed our goal of 250 donors and added a $25,000 challenge gift to our total, generously donated by Villanova alumna, parent, and Chair Emeritus of the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing Board of Consultors, Sharon Patterson Turner ’82, P ’15. Even apart, we have shown that we are greater together! 

While National Nurses Week ends on May 12, you can still support this campaign until Friday, May 15. Gifts will address the current needs and priorities of the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing including:  

  • New software to teach clinical classes virtually so students can continue to develop vital experiences even when hospital access is restricted. 
  • Research into the physical, mental and social effects on healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients. 
  • Scholarships for students in the 14-month BSN Express second-degree program, so more Villanova nurses can enter the field quickly and readily. 
  • Resources to enhance the simulation center to best prepare nursing students for their future careers. 

Thank You Videos from Villanova Leaders 

Watch these videos for a few words of thanks from University President the Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, and Connelly Endowed Dean and Professor Donna S. Havens.

Donors and Honored Nurses 

Thank you to all of the donors who have supported this campaign, and to all of the Nova Nurses who dedicate themselves to serving others every day! 

Gigi Allen in honor of Valerie Bankert Long, 1986

Art & Mary Alvarado in honor of Annie Alvarado, 2019

Jennifer Andra in honor of MacKenzie Andra, 2022

Anonymous (10)

Anonymous in honor of Paulina Bajet, 2018

Anonymous in honor of Barbara L Eppig

Anonymous in honor of Mikaela E Gill

Anonymous in honor of College of Nursing Faculty

Anonymous in honor of Abigail (Abby) Freitag Neff

Anonymous in honor of Gail McLaughlin, 1971

Anonymous in honor of my mother and my aunts

Leslie Arvan

Federation of Augustinians of North America

Mary Jane Austin in honor of Katie Austin, 2018

Audra Bacigalupo

Julie Bacino

Kathryn Banta in honor of Misty Conlan

Susan A Barry in honor of Kristen M Barry, 2014

Denise Bayer in honor of Konrad Bayer, 2020

Mary Bennett in honor of Brittany R Bennett, 2012 RN

Sean Bennett in honor of Clare (Kohler) Bennett, 2012

John E Bennett in honor of Clare Kohler Bennett

Carol Romano Billings

Elizabeth Blunt

Meghan Boylan 

Patricia K Bradley

Kristin S Bridgman in honor of Taylor Bridgman, 2017

Elizabeth Bruderle in honor of Spring 2020 Graduates

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Brus in honor of FCN Class of 2024

MaryLynne Buchanan in honor of Madison Buchanan, 2021

Angela Buffolino in honor of Giavanna Buffolino

Nancy Camp

Robert & Ellen Carillo in honor of Jennifer Carillo, 2016

Club of Charlotte in honor of Katie Nester, 2006 (Charlotte, NC)

Augustinian Community Chicago

Mariana and Jim Cliggett in honor of Emily Cliggett, 2019

Denise Coco in honor of Gillian Turner

George Coleman

Alisa Collins in honor of Ruth Frey, 1981

William D Confoy in honor of Joy Vroman, 1990

John L Conlan in honor of Misty L Conlan

Anne Marie Cordaro in honor of Mary Anne Cordaro, 2006

Erin Lynch Cordier

Robert B Cordier in honor of 2004

Martha B Coyle in honor of Rebecca Coyle Mueller PhD, 2007, 2017

Rebecca Coyle Mueller in honor of Jessica (Miller) Nunnally, 2007

Tim & Janet Creedon in honor of Katrina Ardire, 2007

Brian and Lynne Crider in honor of Julianna Schneider, 2019 and Meghan Scanlon, 2019

Brian C Cuddy in honor of Adrienne Cuddy

Mary Ellen Cull in honor of Maureen Major Campos

George a Cummings in honor of Britt Wyatt

Debra J Cunnane in honor of Gillian Turner

Mary Cunningham

Brian P Curley in honor of Sara Curley Whitehead, 2005

Nancy & Raymond D'Alessio in honor of Megan D'Alessio

Jack Daley in honor of Karen Festin Daley

Michael Daly in honor of Michael Daly

Pamela DeCampli in honor of Ella Julianna Swinuich 

Kathleen Kilty DelVecchio in honor of Kelly O'Neill, 2017

DeMatteis Family in honor of CON Class of 2016

Joelle L DePietro in honor of Mary DePietro, 1989; Annemarie Mooney, 1988; Rachael DePietro, 2019

Mrs. D'Eramo in honor of Katelyn Payne, Express BSN, 2019

Anna D'Eramo in honor of Katelyn Payne, 2019

Anna D'Eramo in honor of Stephanie D'Eramo, 2015

Dominick and Karen D'Eramo in honor of Stephanie D'Eramo, 2015, BSN, RN, CCRN, SCCRN

Stephanie L D'Eramo in honor of Dr. Angelina Arcamone

Lyn Desilets in honor of Michelle Gallagher BSN, 2004

Susan Devane in honor of Alexandra Devane, 2018

Kenneth J Diminick, DDS, MS in honor of Alyssa Diminick Stiefel

Kathryn Diperna

John DiPietro

Robert F Dixon, Sr. in honor of Margaret Dixon, 2020

Jane S Dolan in honor of Katie Dolan, 2013

Peter Donohue, O.S.A.

Anne L Donovan in honor of Caroline Donovan, 2010

Janet Duffy in honor of Katie Scully, 2016

Nicole Duhamel

Judy Duroseau

Robert Dyckman in honor of Sharon Turner

Caitlin Dziublenski in honor of Kierstin Hays, 2010

Sharon Gerg Eggstein

Nancy P Ehle in honor of Allyson Ehle, 2013

J & K Einspanier in honor of Devon Kane

R Timothy Fanti in honor of Kristen Fanti Marsh

Gabrielle Faragasso in honor of Susan Markiewicz Faragasso, 1989

Annette Farley

Lisa Fendrich in honor of Nicole Fendrich, 2017

Lawrence Flannelly in honor of Elizabeth McCarthy, 2012

Martin Fox in honor of Courtney SG Fox, 2007

Lauren N Freidhof

John & Sabina Friede in honor of All my former Nursing students

Noreen Friel in honor of Kathryn “Nurse Katie” Valenzano

Meredith Fydenkevez in honor of Katherine Fydenkevez, 2020

Dawne M Galetta in honor of Kayla Galetta, 2017

Michelle Gallagher in honor of the first BSN Express Class, 2004

Amy Gallo in honor of Patty Gillin, 2007

Antonia Anastasia Garczynski in honor of Evie Lengetti, PhD, RN-BC

Christa Gardner

The Geib Family in honor of Frederick Porter and his Nurses

Jessica Gerber

Mary Alice and Mike Gownley in honor of Matthew Gownley

William J Grady in honor of Mary (McNulty) Grady BSN, 1989

Jennifer Graebe

Donna Gramkowski

Christina Marie Gutt in honor of Danielle Krywinski, 2010

Christina Marie Gutt in honor of Sarah Galvanek Legg, 2009

Mary Kate Hampton in honor of All Nova Nurses

Will Harrington in honor of Meagan Harrington McQuade, 2009, MSKCC NYC

Nancy Curran Harrington in honor of Quinn Seese Collins

Carolyn Harrington in honor of Meagan Harrington McQuade

Donna Havens in honor of All of our "Nova Nurses"

Donald E Hawk

Patricia Haynor in honor of Muriel Poulin

Shannon Herrity

Robert and Jennifer Hill

Hnatow Family in honor of Michelle M Kelly, PhD, CRNP

Benjamin Horn in honor of all nurses for their contributions!

Michael C Hughes in honor of Sheila Hughes, 2012

Kelly Jennings in honor of Clare Bennett

Stephanie Jobes in honor of Villanova Nurses 

Tamarisk Jones in honor of Austen (Ace) Jones, CON, 2019 and to all of the faculty, staff and students @ the CON!

JoEllen Jordan in honor of Jeremy and Meredith Jordan

Robert Joyce

Patrick C Keane

Michelle M Kelly

Marian Kelly in honor of Kerry Schindler, 2012

Sheila Glennon Kempf in honor of my fellow grads BSN class of 74

Kendall Family in honor of Abby Kendall, 2018

Arline M Kerrigan in honor of Tresa Zielinski, 1990

Victoria Kester in honor of Villanova Nurses class of 1992

Timothy J Kindler

Jackie King in honor of Kate Murphy, 2013

Tara Kjome in honor of Tresa Zielinski

Judith A Klimek in honor of Class of 1966

Maureen Kohler in honor of Clare Kohler Bennett, 2012

Virginia Komar in honor of James Komar, BSN, 2014 Cardiothoracic ICU Nurse at Columbia NYP

Emil Kotschneff in honor of Jennie (Kotschneff) Gilliland, 2009

Richard Kreider

Tracy Krentzman in honor of Katie Scully, 2016

Joe Lamack

Elisa J Lane in honor of All VU Nurses

Courtney S Lane in honor of Hannah E Sirois, 2014

Julia E Lanouette  

Allison LaRocca

Gerard LaRocca

Christina Larson

Michael & Nancy Lattanzi in honor of Carmen Mays Gold, 1982

Mark and Gillian Lattanzi in honor of Gillian Lattanzi, 2015

Michael & Nancy Lattanzi in honor of Gillian Turner Lattanzi, 2015

Michael & Nancy Lattanzi in honor of Karen Festin Daley, 1982

Michael & Nancy Lattanzi in honor of Marguerite Maheady Cherry, 1982

Catherine LeBlanc in honor of Allie LeBlanc, 2020

Mary Lenahan-Durnin in honor of Hannah Durnin, 2018

Evelyn Lengetti 

Andrew J Lentz

Lynne Adduci Leonard

Matthew Letendre

Stacee Leutholt in honor of Villanova nurses - Class of 1998

Andrew Lewis in honor of Elizabeth Prusiewicz Lewis

Donald E Lewis in honor of Elizabeth Prusiewicz Lewis

Joe Lingle in honor of all \\// nursing heroes!

Allison Loffredo in honor of Mary Monagle, 2017

Kevin Long

Michael and Cathy Long in honor of Christie Long, 2015

Rita Tino Longo

Julia Longo

Catherine Lovecchio

Katherine Lucatorto

Beth Ann Lumpkin in honor of Class of 1990

Peggy Lyons

Jacqueline Mackley

Elizabeth Madden in honor of John H Reilly, Jr.

Thomas M Maheady in honor of Marguerite Maheady Cherry, 1982

Lacey Mahoney in honor of Gia Palermo Tye

Lorilynn Payton Mantella in honor of Lindsey Mantella Zinck

Emily K Marbot in honor of Clare Kohler Bennett, 2012

Bette Mariani in honor of Faculty and Staff at the FCN

Bette Mariani in honor of Julianna Schneider, 2019

Susan W Markert in honor of Shannon Markert, 2015

Emily Marshall in honor of Madeleine A Wechsler, 2014

Harriet McCarter in honor of Katie McCarter, 2016

Matthew McCloskey

Thomas F McDevitt in honor of Mikaela McDevitt, 2020, Claire O'Neill, 2019, Maureen McKeever, 2015

Tim and Marie McJilton in honor of Nicole McJilton, 2016

The McKenzies in honor of Julie Enos, 2020 BSN

Samantha McKillip

Chris and Julie McMahon in honor of Mollie McMahon, 2017

Sarah McNally in honor of Kaitlyn McNally

Colleen Meakim

Karina Meiklejohn

James D Mendez in honor of M. Louise Fitzpatrick

Janell L Mensinger

Robert Messing in honor of Jonathan Messing

Susan K Meyers in honor of Susan K Meyers, 1992 (BSN), 2018 (PhD)

Kathleen Michels

Cathleen Miller 

Deborah A Mink in honor of Patrick Mink, 2018 BSN Express

Sharon A Mohr in honor of Katherine A Mohr, 2019

Conor Monaghan

Helene Moriarty in honor of Dr. Cathy Todd-Magel, an extraordinary educator at the FCN for over 30 years!

Cheryl Morris

Tom and Colleen Morris in honor of Erin Morris, 2018

Susannah Morrow

Kevin C Mullins, OSA

Brian Muscarella in honor of Cheryl Sasso Gauff, 1979

Tom & Wendy Naratil in honor of Melanie Naratil, 2018

Therese Narzikul

Kathy A Nocero

James Noel III in honor of Julia Noel, 2019

The Nolan Family in honor of Jennifer Walsh, 2020

Joan M Novelli Capolupo in honor of MaryAnn Grace Pinchock

Erin O’Connor

James O’Connor

Rose M O’Driscoll in honor of all nursing alums

Jane O’Neill in honor of Colleen O’Neill Danni, 2009

Jim O'Brien

Martha A O'Connor in honor of Research Faculty in FCN

Melissa O'Connor in honor of The AMAZING Villanova Nursing Faculty that teach the Villanova Nurses!

Patrice O'Regan Cummings in honor of Meghan O'Regan Coleman

Shelly Page in honor of Gillian Turner

Christine A Pariseault

Jaclyn Parkinson 

Chuck Parodi in honor of Kristen Parodi King, 2009

Shawn Passman

Marci Paton in honor of Katie Scully, 2016

Nathan & Kathy Patterson

Richard and Mary Eleanor Patterson in honor of Gillian Lattanzi BSN, RN

Maria Pavelsky

Lesley Perry

Gerard Petry

Meghan Petsko in honor of CRNA Students and Alumni

Meghan Petsko in honor of Dr. Marguerite Schlag; Dr. Debra Shearer; Dr. Nancy Sharts-Hopko

Jamie Plume

The Polito Family in honor of the incoming class of 2024

Heather Potts in honor of Katie Scully, 2016

Patricia Prieto in honor of 2020 Graduating Class

Anni Prochorenko 

Bingbing Qi

Stephen H Rabe in honor of Catherine Ashley Rabe, 2004

Jennifer Raby in honor of Michelle Rice

John F Reardon

Marc Reed

Rita Regan in honor of Kathleen Connor Reid

Britten C Reilly

Michael & Kathleen Remy in honor of Leslie Remy Arvan, 2012

Anna and David Roberts in honor of Kristina Roberts BSN, 2016

Anne K Roby

Maryann Rogers in honor of Kaitlin M Rogers CON, 2019

Catherine Ross in honor of Katie Scully, 2016

Charlie and Gerry Ruibal in honor of Maria A Ruibal, 1999

Annette Russo in honor of Samantha Russo, 2019

Nicholas Sampogna in honor of All Nova Nurses!

E Kevin Scanlon

Mary Scanlon in honor of Allison Leblanc Nursing, 2020

Meghan Hooley Scelfo in honor of Maureen Cannon, 2006

Marguerite K Schlag in honor of Diane Bensing Schaumann, 1968

Amy Schreiber

The Schultz Family in honor of all 2020 Seniors

Jack and Teresa Scully in honor of Katie Scully, 2016

Paul A Service 1966 in honor of Jack Sullivan, 1966

Nancy C Sharts-Hopko in honor of My students

Meredith M Short in honor of The Class of 2008

Paul Sklar in honor of Erica Sklar, 2016

Julie Anne Smith

Carrie F Smith in honor of Gillian Turner Lattanzi

Mimi Snyder in honor of the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing

Michelle Spahn Rosato in honor of Emily Spahn 2020

Grace A Spena in memory of Grace Mary Spena

Loretta Spezio in honor of Joy Vroman

The Stadler Family in honor of Madeline Stadler, 2019

Caitlin C Stadtler

Barbara Stephen

Karen Straube

Barbara Telleri in honor of AllisonTelleri Rekuc, 2011

John & Sue Terzakis in honor of Kristina Terzakis

Rosie Marek Timko in honor of Coleen Bradley Byrnes

Cathy Toner in honor of Ann McKenzie

Tom and Diane Treacy

Leon and Linda Trevito in honor of Joseph Trevito, 2018

Sharon Patterson Turner ’82 P ’15 in honor of All Villanova Nurses

Kimberly Unanue in honor of Christine Unanue, 2017

JoEllen Urban in honor of Sheila Callaghan

Debra Van Eerde in honor of Meagan Van Eerde

Joy A Vroman in honor of Gina Friel, MSN, BSN, RN

Stephanie Walkup in honor of Aine Sheehan, 2020

Rita A Wall in honor of Katie Scully

Susan M Ward in honor of Sally A Ward, 1996

Kate Wechsler in honor of Madeleine Wechsler, 2014 FCN

Michael S and Carol Toussie Weingarten in honor of all Villanova nurses and alumni

Anne Welsh McNulty

Heather and Phil Welzant in honor of Claire Welzant, 2018

John Whealan 

Tim and Karen Wilson in honor of Lauren M Wilson, 2015

Roberta K Witte in honor of Elizabeth A Witte

Elizabeth Golden Worster in honor of Elizabeth Ann Worster, 2006

Scott & Donna Wortman in honor of Anna Wortman, 2017

Monya Wyatt in honor of Brittany Wyatt, 2015

Harold Yang in honor of Teresa Yang

Anne E Yockel in honor of Elizabeth Yockel, 2019

Karen Young

Bridget Zacharia in honor of Alexandra Fasula Lambert and Joann Mazzolla Rehert, 2007

Michael Zellman

Tresa Zielinski in honor of Susan Roan, 1990

Louisa Zullo in honor of Peggy Lyons



Donor affiliations

52% Alumni

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3% Students

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27% Parents

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24% Faculty/Staff

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6% Friends

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Donor list

Mary Alice and Mike Gownley
Richard Kreider
Grace A Spena
Stephanie Jobes
Rebecca Coyle Mueller
Martha b coyle
John Whealan
JoEllen Urban
Stephanie L D'Eramo
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Brus
Janet Duffy
The Schultz Family
Hnatow Family
Cathleen Miller
Thomas F. McDevitt
Anni prochorenko
Robert F. Dixon, Sr.
Sheila Glennon Kempf
Dawne M Galetta
Brian and Lynne Crider
JoEllen Jordan
Meghan Boylan
Denise Bayer
Victoria Kester
Erin Lynch Cordier
Erin O’Connor
Nancy P Ehle
The Polito Family
Tamarisk Jones
Britten C. Reilly
Jennifer Graebe
Mary Lenahan-Durnin
Roberta K. Witte
Paul A. Service 1966
Nancy Curran Harrington
Anne Welsh McNulty
George a Cummings
Rose M. O’Driscoll
James D. Mendez
James OConnor

Harold Yang matched $150
An Anonymous Donor matched $250
Julia E. Lanouette ’11 matched $2,500
An Anonymous Donor matched $5,000
Sharon Patterson Turner ’82, P ’15 gave $25,000 because 250 donors made a gift in 11 days.