2nd Annual Corsair Challenge

This campaign ended on April 03, 2019, but you can still make a gift to University of Massachusetts Dartmouth by clicking here!

Corsair Challenge: 1,895 minutes to give to what you love at UMassD

In 1895, the predecessor institutions of UMass Dartmouth began a history of educating students for the future.  On April 2-3, you'll have a chance to ensure that our Corsairs continue to benefit from a world-class education.

What’s the Corsair Challenge?

The second annual #CorsairChallenge is a University-wide fundraiser on April 2 and 3, where all gifts are matched up to $50, $25,000 overall.  

When is the Corsair Challenge?

The Corsair Challenge kicks off at 9 a.m. EST on Tuesday, April 2 and ends at 5 p.m. EST on Wednesday, April 3. If you’re counting, that’s 1,895 minutes for you to earn vital bonus funds for the area at UMassD you love the most.

Where does it take place?

Everywhere! Give anytime when the challenge launches here, on our secure giving page.  Our campus will be buzzing with Corsair pride all day, so follow our social media channels and #CorsairChallenge to check out the action.

How do the bonus funds work?

All gifts up to $50 made during the Corsair Challenge will be matched by a generous group of alumni, up to $25,000 overall. That means your $25 gift becomes $50; your $50 gift becomes $100; and your $1000 gift becomes $1,050.

Where does my gift go?

You decide! You can designate your gift to the area of UMassD that means the most to you—your favorite Corsair athletics team, a student club or organization, or a student scholarship fund. Just check the list of available designations when you submit your giving form. Don't see the area you want to give on the form? No worries – we’ve got you covered. Just select “other” and fill out the space provided with the area you’d like to support with your gift.

Love Corsair sports? Join the Athletics Challenge!

There’s an additional $2,750 up for grabs for the UMassD athletic teams with the most donors during the Corsair Challenge. So get online and designate your favorite Corsair team in your donation. The top five teams will win:

  • 1st place: $1,000
  • 2nd place: $750
  • 3rd place: $500
  • 4th place: $300
  • 5th place: $200

I love challenges! Are there more?

You can unlock additional bonus funds for specific areas of UMassD by helping us reach these goals:

  • 300 donors to Corsair football will unlock $15,000 to UMassD's football program
  • 100 donors from our Corsair families will unlock $5,000 for UMassD
  • 75 donors from our faculty/staff community will result in $5,000 for UMassD
  • 55 donors to the Charlton College of Business will unlock an additional $3,500!
  • 35 donors to the General Athletics Fund will result in another $1,000 for Corsair Athletics!
  • 25 donors to the Hall Hilldreth IDEAStudio will unlock an extra $1,000 for this space
  • 25 donors to the Library will result in $500 for a piece of furniture for the Veteran's Lounge
  • 25 donors to the Student Emergency Assistance Fund will unlock another $2,000 to help students in need.
  • 25 donors to UMass Law will result in an additional $1,000 for the Judge Larkin Scholarship Fund
  • 25 donors to the College of Engineering will result in an additional $2,000 for the Residential Peer Mentorship Program for women in STEM.
  • 25 donors to the College of Engineering will result in $1,000 for the COE Residential Peer Mentorship Program for Women in Engineering

...And, if you're feeling creative on social media, the most unique social media post using #CorsairChallenge that shows what you about love about UMassD will unlock $500 to any area of UMassD.

There’s not a challenge for my area. Why not?

Not every area of UMassD has a special challenge to unlock additional bonus funds, but that’s why we have the overall match of the first $50 of each gift qualifying for additional bonus funds. Your gift still goes further!

Can I sponsor a challenge?

Yes! You can create your own challenge on the giving form. If you’re having difficulty, just call (508) 999-8200 between 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST and someone will assist you.

I don’t have a social media account. Can I still participate?

Yes! We still need help spreading the word by email. Let your network know that they can give and watch your inbox for special thank you messages, updates, and more throughout the Corsair Challenge.

I don’t want to give online. How can I participate?

You can make a gift of cash or check at one of our celebration stations on campus (in Campus Center or the Library). We are only able to accept this type of donation for the #CorsairChallenge from those able to give in-person.


Contact the Corsair Challenge team at corsairchallenge@umassd.edu or call us at 508.999.8200.



US Donor Map

Athletics Leaderboard Challenge!

Men's Football 181$6,776
Men's Soccer 151$3,270
Women's Soccer 147$2,995
Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving 113$4,310
Women's Volleyball 67$2,365
Women's Tennis 46$1,460
Men's Golf 45$1,265
Men's Basketball 38$1,610
Women's Field Hockey 38$1,185
Women's Basketball 37$1,335
Women's Lacrosse 37$500
Men's Baseball 30$525
Women's Softball 30$920
Men's & Women's Track & Field 25$850
Men's Tennis 21$1,070
Men's Ice Hockey 15$770
General Athletics 12$830
Women's Sailing 11$290
Men's and Women's Cross Country 9$545
Women's Equestrian 2$0
Men's Lacrosse 2$100

Donor affiliations

24% Alumni

Show Alumni

12% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

21% Friends

Show Friends

34% Parents/Families

Show Parents/Families

16% Students

Show Students

Donor list

Eric Aftandilian
Stone Schmitt
Sam Bowman
Ethan Gengler
Stacy Medeiros
H. Robert Almeida
Becca Simpson
Thomas Pompa
Jaimie Nakz
Oscar Perez
Rebecca Simpson
Joao Baptista
Paul White
Jack Parent Sr.
Matthew King
Frank Xavier McCormack
Heather Shanks
Jacques Parent Jr.
Lynne A Lapierre
Brian M Pinault
Jacob Teixeira
Paulette Paul
Mathew Goss
Samuel i Ejiasi
Diane M Gomes
Chris Aguiar
John P Medeiros
Uan O’Brien
Melissa Pacheco

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