Day of Giving

This campaign ended on March 11, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Shepherd University by clicking here!

Leave your Mark: Shepherd University Day of Giving

Today Shepherd University launched its first Day of Giving, a one-day fundraising event for all members of the Shepherd community.  Alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends are encouraged to “Leave your Mark” at Shepherd University.  

Our goal is to have 200 donations in one day!  Donations to any program across campus count to the total.  

A special thank you to the Board of Governors and members of the Shepherd University Foundation who donated for the special challenge to get us to 200 donations! 

President Mary J.C. Hendrix

Board of Governors

Eric Lewis
Gat Caperton
Ray Alvarez
David Avella
James Cherry, Ph.D.
Henry Kayes, Jr.
Bob Marggraf
Tia McMillan
Mona Kissel
Allison Lott
Elizabeth V. Rini, Ph.D., RN, CNE

Shepherd University Foundation

Susan Mentzer-Blair
Julia Connell
Ben Deuell
Monica Lingenfelter
Allen Lueck
Timothy McShea
David Rickard
John Wolff

In addition to those above who met the challenge early, thank you to all Shepherd University Foundation Board Members who are donating today to areas they love most.

To make a gift offline or support a specific program, team or scholarship not listed on this page, please call us at 304-876-5524.

Please note: The donors and dollars on this campaign account for all gifts including gifts processed online, on campus, and over the phone. 



US Donor Map

Class Year Leaderboard

The Class Year Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
2022 12$370
2020 11$400
2011 8$350
1976 8$6,330
1995 8$550
2019 6$370
2015 5$250
1991 5$850
2016 5$200
1990 5$475
1993 5$325
1999 5$775
1994 5$300
2021 4$170
1988 4$1,150
2006 4$145
2010 4$145
1985 4$675
2013 4$110
1998 4$160
1987 4$375
2012 4$200
2001 4$550
2009 3$100
1982 3$725
2017 3$60
1980 3$303
1986 3$360
1971 3$575
1979 3$250
2018 3$85
1992 3$250
1989 3$450
2023 2$75
1972 2$300
2008 2$75
1965 2$2,100
2002 2$100
2014 2$75
1969 2$100
2000 2$220
1963 2$75
1978 2$150
1970 2$250
1962 1$500
1967 1$500
1996 1$500
1955 1$35
2007 1$15
1973 1$25
2004 1$100
1952 1$50
2003 1$10
1959 1$50
1975 1$200
1968 1$25
1981 1$250
1977 1$100
1974 1$150

Donor affiliations

58% Alumni

Show Alumni

7% Students

Show Students

9% Parents

Show Parents

19% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

16% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Joseph Szymialis
Karen Campbell-Curtis
Rachael Meads
Jay Mason
Randy Rutherford
Elaine Hurd
Mike & Jean Jacobs
Barby Frankenberry
Chris Parker
Marcy and Steve Bartlett
David White
Andrew Lowe
Jennifer Cook
Patti Saylor
Andrea Goren
Kevin Starliper
Theodore and Pam Gillette
Mark Hays
Gary Najaka
Christopher D'Onofrio
Keith & Misty Worrell
Jeremy Thompson
Genelda & Jay Bartling
Vicki Willman
Stan and Leah Ostrow
Kevin and Laura Stickel
Johnny Khun
Shell Hoskinson
Christian Reese
Eric Fargo
Ed Jackman
Mary Ellen Lloyd
Beth Hutchinson Barber
Virginia Hicks
Lyndsey Matschat
Pamela Stevens
Shane Marrrone


Academic Units Leaderboard

Area of SupportDonorsDollars
Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice0$0
Social Work2$115
Recreation, Sport and Exercise Science1$25
Psychology: WV Recovery Coach Academy1$50
Political Science, Global Studies and Geography0$0
Graduate and Professional Studies0$0
Environmental and Physical Sciences0$0
English and Modern Languages6$450
Education: Knutti 112 Carpet Renovation2$125
Economics and Finance1$50
Contemporary Art and Theater: Dow Benedict Endowment for Art and Theatre Scholarship8$1,360
Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering1$50
Business Administration5$1,050
Accounting: Roger Hamood Student Endowment9$650

Area of Greatest Need - The Shepherd Fund Leaderboard

Area of SupportDonorsDollars
Area of Greatest Need - The Shepherd Fund52$4,125

Athletics - SUAC Leaderboard

Area of SupportDonorsDollars
Athletics - SUAC81$7,333

Clubs and Organizations Leaderboard

Area of SupportDonorsDollars
Student Veteran's Organization3$325
Student Library Advisory Board1$13
McMurran Scholars Association4$475
Disability Advocacy Group0$0
Dance Team1$25
Black Student Union2$55
Accounting Club19$920

Fraternities and Sororities Leaderboard

Area of SupportDonorsDollars
Theta Xi11$255
Tau Kappa Epsilon2$75
Sigma Sigma Sigma9$240
Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity1$1,000
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia0$0
Phi Kappa Tau1$500
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity21$6,410
Delta Zeta3$65
Delta Sigma Pi0$0
Alpha Sigma Tau8$145
Alpha Phi Omega3$175
Alpha Gamma Kappa (chapter of Sigma Tau Delta)3$130

Library General Fund Leaderboard

Area of SupportDonorsDollars

Programs Leaderboard

Area of SupportDonorsDollars
Scarborough Society4$1,550
Ram Band0$0
Lifelong Learning8$375
Donation Only: Last Dollar Fund6$775
George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War2$175
CSDA: Brian Filon Scholarship2$70
Common Reading2$125
Appalachian Studies and Communities1$100
Alumni Association3$325

Student Support Leaderboard

Area of SupportDonorsDollars
Classified Employees Children's Scholarship Fund4$225
Center for Teaching and Learning1$50
Chris Lovelace matched $50
Cindy Vance gave $50 because $500 was donated in 4 days.
Cecelia Mason gave $50
Shepherd's Board of Governors and Shepherd Foundation's Board of Directors gave $1,000 because 50 donors made a gift in 0 days.
Shepherd's Board of Governors and Shepherd Foundation's Board of Directors gave $2,250 because 75 donors made a gift in 0 days.
Shepherd's Board of Governors and Shepherd Foundation's Board of Directors gave $3,500 because 100 donors made a gift in 0 days.
Shepherd's Board of Governors and Shepherd Foundation's Board of Directors gave $4,000 because 150 donors made a gift in 0 days.
David Avella '93 gave $5,000 because 200 donors made a gift in 0 days.