Cor ad Cor Two Week Challenge

This campaign ended on May 08, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Sacred Heart Academy (MI) by clicking here!

Cor ad cor loquitur: Heart speaks to heart

Sacred Heart Academy is a small school in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a big vision for Catholic education. Since our re-founding as a Catholic classical academy in 2013, we have grown 359% with a current preschool through 12th grade enrollment of 317 students.

In June we will honor our first ever graduating class, 11 students who earned  the highest school average in the nation for the Classic Learning Test earlier this year. Help us commemorate our seniors and all of our 317 students in the Cor ad Cor Two Week Challenge!

We have 2 weeks to reach 317 donors - one gift for each of our 317 students and we can’t do it without you. Participate by watching, sharing the video (use the links beneath the video), and giving a gift of any amount.

Your gift supports our mission to assist families, form Catholics, and cultivate culture through:

  • Funding scholarships for the 147 students (48% of the student body) who receive tuition assistance
  • Building an all new safe and fun playground for our students by Fall 2019!
  • Providing for our 3 Religious Sisters from the community that served Pope St. John Paul II's household, The Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Equipping our team of 38 faculty members with ongoing formation
  • Putting great books in the hands of our 317 students
  • Offering a quality classical curriculum (Our 12th graders received the highest class average in the nation on the Classic Learning Test!)

Learn more about our Catholic classical academy here:



US Donor Map

SHA Class Participation - Classes that reach 100% in the chart below will receive a pizza party! (Goal numbers are set to 75% of the class)

The SHA Class Participation - Classes that reach 100% in the chart below will receive a pizza party! (Goal numbers are set to 75% of the class) reflects giving from Parents
AffiliationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
2 FT 20$1,64815133.3%
Montesorri 20$2,53614142.9%
7/8 CEC 17$2,40414121.4%
5/6 CEC 17$2,24215113.3%
4 FT 17$93914121.4%
9 FT 16$2,74814114.3%
1 FT 16$1,49216100.0%
7 FT 15$1,38412125.0%
3 FT 15$1,59712125.0%
8 FT 15$2,08013115.4%
9/10 CEC 14$71214100.0%
5 FT 14$1,89311127.3%
3/4 CEC 14$2,06810140.0%
6 FT 13$82911118.2%
11/12 CEC 10$6491471.4%
1/2 CEC 9$9227128.6%
12 FT 8$3128100.0%
11 FT 7$7976116.7%
10 FT 7$771887.5%
CGS 2$75728.6%

Donor affiliations

56% Friends

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3% Alumni

Show Alumni

19% Parents

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4% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

2% Students

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7% Grandparents

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Donor list

Glenn S Geary
David Furgerson
Linda Hauser
Richard V Panice
Jeremiah, T, Bannister
Joe D DeWeese
Frederick J Learman
Fidel G. Velazquez
Brett Lewis
Dianna R Harrison
Donna Richert
Richard A MacPhie
Jerry Trancik
David & Lisa Wilbur
James P Bencik
Dale Seiler
Mary O. Daly
Sean Maltbie photoSean Maltbie
Michael C. Boothe
Stephen and Pamela Strobel
Nancy Ann and Gary Mick
Jack Micus
Scott & Jennifer Micus
Paul Miller

William Lund matched $30
Conor Dugan photoConor Dugan matched $30
An Anonymous Donor matched $30
Morgan Anding photoMorgan Anding matched $31
Ginger Duncan photoGinger Duncan matched $100
Cecilia Street photoCecilia Street matched $100
Zachary Good photoZachary O'Meara Good matched $100
Elly Blouw photoElly Blouw matched $100
Tanya Seif photoTanya Seif matched $100
Tess DeRocher photoTess DeRocher matched $100
Brian Gumbko photoBrian Gumbko matched $100
Elly Blouw photoElly Blouw matched $100
An Anonymous Donor matched $100
Mike Menardie photoMike & Barb Menardie matched $500
Mike Moose photoMike Moose matched $500
j calihan matched $500
Robert Sirico photoRobert Sirico matched $500
Patrick Kilchermann photoPatrick Kilchermann matched $500
Anonymous matched $3,900
Anonymous matched $6,000
An Anonymous Donor matched $30,000
An Anonymous Donor gave $100
Elly Blouw photoElly Blouw gave $1,500
Anonymous gave $5,000 because 63 donors made a gift in 5 days.

Only 3 left!

Generate 10 gifts and receive a $50 amazon gift card!


Only 4 left!

Generate 20 gifts and receive a $150 amazon gift card!

DONATE $31.70

Only 246 left!

Receive an SHA bumper sticker for giving 10 cents for each of our students, a total of $31.70!


Only 41 left!

Receive an SHA Nalgene water bottle, stainless steel travel mug, and bumper sticker for giving a dollar for each of our 317 students!

DONATE $1,317

Only 14 left!

Receive a personal thank you note from a high school student as well as a leather hand crafted Magnificat cover made by the Contemplative Sisters of St. John.