Virtual Stadium Sell Out 2021

115% of $25,000 goal
This campaign ended on October 23, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Marietta College by clicking here!

We are passionate about our Pioneers. When we couldn’t gather to cheer on our student-athletes in 2020, the Marietta community instead came together online, celebrating our teams by purchasing “virtual” tickets to show their support. Together we raised more than $25,000!

While we hope to fill Don Drumm Stadium in person this Homecoming, we still want to give fans across the world the opportunity to support our teams and cheer on the Pioneers. We again invite alumni, students, families, staff and fans to show their support and help us sell out a virtual Don Drumm Stadium, too, by purchasing tickets between September 24 and October 23. Every $5 increment will count as one ticket sold as we hope to fill all 5,000 virtual seats! 

Announcing our winners...

The competition was fierce, but our judges have returned with the final results, and we are proud to announce our champions:

Fans of Men's Rowing filled 1,049 seats in our virtual stadium, and earned a $1,000 prize for their team. Congratulations! In second place was Women's Lacrosse with 818 seats filled, followed by Women's Rowing with 773 seats.

It was neck-and-neck for a while, but Women's Lacrosse won the $1,000 prize for the most individual donors with 112. In second place was Men's Basketball with 46, who finished just ahead of Football with 45. Well done, all!

And finally, congratulations to Women's Soccer, whose savvy social media skills won the $1,000 prize for showing the most spirit!

Together we raised more than $28,000 for our teams! While we celebrate the victories of our champions, we know that the real winners are today's Pioneers and the hundreds of student-athletes who now benefit from your support. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your generosity, and Go Pios!

461 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
It's Standing Room Only!

Can you hear the roar of the (virtual) crowd?! Your Pioneer passion has filled all 5,000 seats in our online stadium! We're not closing the doors yet, though, and you still have until noon (Eastern) on Saturday, October 23 to grab your standing-room only ticket.

Don't forget, 100% of your gift goes to the team you designate, and all 23 sports are competing for $3,000 in additional prize money. You can help your favorite team win by spreading the word.

Thank you for your support, and Go, Pioneers!

467 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Tribute Gifts

When you give in honor of a specific individual, we'll send them a special card to notify them of your tribute.

Thank you for celebrating the following Pioneers!

  • Warren Abrams (from Al Abrams '76)
  • Hope Adams (from Bryan Adams, from Malisa Adams, from Barb Close, from Angela Erb, from Angie Ginther, and from Sandy Self)
  • Jack Ackerman '25 (from Tim Ackerman)
  • Aaron Alvarez '23 (from Vince Alvarez)
  • Coach Jenna Anderson (from Marilyn '18 & Donald Anderson)
  • Kyla Andreas '25 (from Sharon Andreas, from Arianna Davolio, and from Kaitlyn Pike)
  • Peter Bertram '23 (from Kathleen Bertram)
  • Addy Black '24 (from Jude & Trent Black, and from Parker Black)
  • Lindy Brobeck '23 (from Whitney Brobeck, from Heidi Burkey, and from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Olivia Brown '25 (from Danny & Sherri Brown)
  • Emma Burke '25 (from Debbie Burke)
  • David Busch '24 (from Kathy Kemper Busch)
  • Emily Callam '23 (from Andrea Callam)
  • Anna Callow '23 (from Anonymous, from Amy Gasser Callow, from Joe Callow, and from Mike Callow)
  • Natalie Cocco '23 (from Bridget and David Cocco)
  • Grace Crosby (from Terry & Robin Eschbaugh)
  • Isaac Danford '22 (from Barb & Richard Danford)
  • Lucas Danford '20 (from Barb & Richard Danford)
  • Mackenzie Dyott '23 (from Anonymous x3, from Leanne Allen, from Linda Barton, from Ashlie Dyott, from Wendy Dyott, from Carole Hancock '75, and from Bill & Jane Young)
  • Kyra Eaton '25 (from Joseph Eaton)
  • Amira El-Masri '25 (from Cassie Allison, from Anonymous, from Estelle & John Fark, from John V. Fark, from Jevon Fark, and from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Jason Ellis (from Cody Clemens '13)
  • Coach Gene Epley (from Shelly Windeler-Epley)
  • Emily Etheridge '23 (from Franci Bolden, from Alix Etheridge, from Andrew Etheridge, and from Pam & Dan Etheridge)
  • Walker Feick '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Chase Franklin '24 (from Paul Franklin, and from Judith Liebler)
  • Alex Fries '23 (from Sylvia Fries)
  • Alleni Fryer '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Andrew Good '08 (from Jason Mackay)
  • Megan Gummere '22 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Erin Hahn (from Marita Hahn)
  • Tyler Hammond '15 (from John & Rita Hammond)
  • Aris Hasley '24 (from Carole Hancock '75, and from Craig Hasley)
  • Austin Henschen '25 (from Anonymous)
  • Brock Hillyer '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Nathan Hinckley (from Terry & Robin Eschbaugh)
  • Brooke Huffman '23 (from G&G Hoyer)
  • Jordan Jeffries '24 (from Takishia Baynard)
  • Steve Keesler '71 (from Bill O'Grady '70)
  • Carlee Kernodle '22 (from Carl Kernodle, from Kim Kernodle, from Janet Marshall, and from Karen Martin)
  • Jagger Keylor '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Debra Grove Knapp '76 (from Nancey Kaplan McCann '76)
  • Timothy Kreeger '22 (from Carole Hancock '75, and from the Kreeger Family)
  • Hannah Kroft '24 (from Nancy Kroft)
  • Coach Vi LeClair (from Marianne Candido '85, and from Leslie Straub Ritter '85 & Don Ritter '81)
  • Maddie Leers '22 (from K. Hildebrand, and from Mark Leers)
  • Kelly Levering '24 (from Ken Levering)
  • Coach Ralph Lindamood (from Bruce Coffin '67, from John Foster '74 &  Patricia McGuinness Foster '81, from Elliott Thrasher, and from Susie Warman '84)
  • Torin Lochow '24 (from Amy & Steve Lochow)
  • Scotty Lomax '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Nathan Long '25 (from Tara Long)
  • Mason Lydic '22 (from Ric Blevins, from David & Patty Lydic, from George & Patricia Palmer, and from Casey Tiller)
  • TyReik Martin (from Terry & Robin Eschbaugh)
  • Fred Maurer (from Benjamin Baughman '00)
  • Abby May (from Anonymous)
  • Joe McDaniel (from Doug Griebel '74)
  • Megan McGriff '23 (from Anonymous x2, from Kelly & Kent McGriff, and from Madison McGriff)
  • Shelby Millheim '22 (from Cooper Redfern)
  • Mackenzie Moran '25 (from Jeff & Julie Moran)
  • Sean Munfield '13 (from Jonna Munfield)
  • Coach Malory Brunett Nadrah (from Anonymous, from Brady Brunett, from Laure Ferrante, from Kat Gloor, from Conner Hughes, from Ben Nadrah, from Len Nadrah, and from Tammy Nadrah)
  • Nate Neal '24 (from Brian Neal)
  • Robert Nelson '21 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Janelle Patterson '15 (from Mark Patterson)
  • Natalie Payton '22 (from Joanna Binegar)
  • Marley Phillippe '24 (from Kristi Bowman & Grant Phillippe, from Dennis & Chris Cavalier, and from Toby & Christie Hurley)
  • Colin Phillips '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Danielle Pluszczynski '22 (from Kristen Pluszczynski)
  • Mackenzie Polunus '25 (from Jennifer Polunus)
  • John Powers '21 (from the Powers Family)
  • Dr. Jack Prince (from Jo Ellen Diehl Yeary '76)
  • Emma Purington '22 (from Franci Bolden, and from Timothy Gernhard)
  • C.J. Ratliff '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Aaron Rohr '24 (from Jen Parker)
  • Luke Sabo '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • AJ Salee '22 (from Al & Kim Sallee)
  • Dean John Sandt (from Stanley Downing '59 & Josephine Jones Downing '59)
  • Hannah Schill '24 (from the Schill Family)
  • Mike Schoenwolf (from Robert Oziomek '88)
  • Nick Schwartz '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Ali Shane '25 (from Sarah Goff, and from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Rachel Silvie (from Sarah & Chris Long '15)
  • Eleanor Smith '23 (from Gi Smith)
  • Coach Derek Stanley (from Logan Wern Aguiniga '10 & Marco Aguiniga '09, and from Kim Keesler '12)
  • Coach Tom Stephanik (from Michael Gleason '95)
  • Jillian Strecansky '25 (from Jennifer & Rick Strecansky)
  • Anna Swierczewski '22 (from Brian Swierczewski)
  • Hayden Tanner '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Eric Thurman '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Paige Trent '24 (from Lori Eldridge)
  • Zac Turkowski '22 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Connor Vierstra '24 (from Kevin & Kim Vierstra)
  • Coach Andy Waddle (from Kerry Jean Waddle)
  • Maddie Wagner '25 (from Jillian Ellis, and from Barb Wagner)
  • Aiden Wardzinski '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Kelsie Warnock '22 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Walter "Bear" Watkins '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Jordan Wilhite '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Sahmi Willoughby '23 (from Erica Darthard, from Tiffany Davis, and from D&G Harton)
  • Alek Wilson '25 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Mackenzie Wilson '24 (from Julie & Scott Wilson)
  • Brady Wilson '24 (from Carole Hancock '75)
  • Joel Wunnenberg '20 (from Jordy DuFrane, and from Ryan VanMeter)

  • The class of 2001 (from Megan Varani '01)
  • The class of 2017 (from Jack Thome '17)
  • The class of 2025 (from Jennifer Bertram & Family)
  • MCAA (from Douglas Spencer '87)
  • MC Board of Directors (from Jack Hopkins '65)
  • MC Football (from Anthony Jalowiec '18)
  • MC Men's Lacrosse Team (from Brian Neal)
  • MC Women's Lacrosse (from Anonymous, from Kayla Kearns, and from Taylor Brooke Carr '22)
  • MC Women's Lacrosse Classes of 2021-2025 (from the Nadrah Family)
  • MC Women's Lacrosse Juniors (from Jennifer Carter)
  • MC Women's Soccer (from Michele Delaney)
  • Tri Sigmas (from Daniel Gallagher & Renee Bailey)
485 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
Join the competition!

When you make a gift, you're not only showing your support for your favorite Pioneer team, but you could also help them win additional prizes thanks to the generosity of JJ '79 and Joey Tracy.

Most Fans! A $1,000 prize will be awarded to the team that secures the highest number of individual donors.

Most Seats! A $1,000 prize will be awarded to the team that sells the highest number of virtual seats.

Most Spirit! The Advocate who generates the most clicks will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize to distribute to the team of their choice.

Check the leaderboards often to see who is currently in the lead, and don't forget that you could win that $1,000 prize for your favorite team when you use the Advocate tools to spread the word!

495 days ago by Kathryn Gloor
What is a Virtual Stadium Sell Out?

499 days ago by Kathryn Gloor

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