Happy 130th Anniversary, JHAA #JHAA130

This campaign ended on May 01, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Johns Hopkins University by clicking here!

130 years - 130 hours - $30K

Celebrate 130 years of our Alumni Association (JHAA)!  We need to meet—or beat—our #JHAA130 anniversary goal of $30,000 in the next 130 hours.

Any amount will make a difference, so represent your school, challenge your classmates, and, most importantly, serve as an advocate by sharing this campaign within your networks Create a challenge for your classmates or match them when they make a gift.  It's simple and easy.  Be sure to use the hashtag #JHAA130. 

A lot has changed in 130 years, but what the alumni association provides is timeless.

Received a grant for your student group?  That’s our JHAA.

Reconnected with old classmates through GoHopOnline, or at an alumni networking event?  That’s our JHAA. 

Ever attended Alumni Weekend?  That’s our JHAA.

Got a leg up in your career at the Seniors and Young Alumni Leadership Symposium?  That’s our JHAA.

Financial support ensures benefits like these are available to us and to students at all nine schools.  Our gifts really do make it happen.  

Let's make #JHAA130 the best year yet!






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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students
Class YearDonorsDollars
2020 1$10
2017 1$13
2015 2$20
2014 2$140
2013 3$270
2011 1$50
2010 5$350
2009 2$130
2008 1$130
2006 1$20
2005 1$25
2004 2$141
2003 1$5
2002 1$260
2001 1$130
2000 5$1,050
1997 1$100
1996 2$50
1995 2$550
1994 2$230
1991 2$130
1989 3$600
1987 2$130
1980 2$25
1977 1$40
1974 3$300
1972 2$50
1971 1$100
1963 2$100

Donor affiliations

16% Alumni

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1% Students

Show Student

1% Parents

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7% Faculty/Staff

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1% Friends

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Donor list

Jonathan Bradley & Lauren Bradley & Jonathan Bradley &
Phuong TranPhuong Tran photo
David P Yaffe
Debra Neill-Mareci
David J. Giarracco & Jennifer H Christensen
Kevin Krause
Jason Heiserman & Jason & Lauren HeisermanJason Heiserman photo
Denise Anderson
Dana Rampulla
Elena ThompsonElena Thompson photo
Nirmal and Neelam Singh
Vijay Singh
Krystle M. Ongaco
Krinna Patel
Susan Baisley & Susan
Steven J. Gerber
Leah Weiss
Vicky Milo Schneider & Matthew SchneiderVicky Milo Schneider photo
Kayce Robinson
Stacey Lohoski
Jessica Jeang
Elizabeth Norford
Gwen Harley
Ann Shenasky
Carter D. Frantz
Elizabeth Glass
Susan deMuth & Murray R. P. deMuth
Hovig Artinian
Lorraine Hutzler
Jesse Jacoby
Pat Conklin & Pat
Douglas R. Warren
Douglas Lakin & Douglas
John Baldino
Patrick S. McCulloh
Maia, Nieto
Nicholas, M, Frame

Bryan Michael McMillan photoBryan M. McMillan matched $260
Elena Thompson photoElena Thompson gave $100 because $1,000 was donated in 3 days.
Vicky Milo Schneider photoVicky Milo Schneider gave $130 because $1,300 was donated in 3 days.
Lorraine Hutzler photoLorraine Hutzler gave $130 because 13 donors made a gift in 5 days.
Jessica Jeang photoJessica Jeang gave $130 because 13 donors made a gift in 4 days.
Bill Kirst photoWilliam Kirst gave $500 because 10 donors made a gift in 8 days.

Be a #JHAA130 advocate! When you share the giving link with your networks and one person makes a gift, we’ll send you a sheet of JHU decals for your keyboard. While supplies last! #JHAA130 #ShareDonateGetSwag


When you share the giving link with your networks and 3 people make a gift, we’ll send you a JHAA laptop bag. While supplies last! #JHAA130 #ShareDonateGetSwag


When you share the giving link with your networks and 10 people make a gift, we’ll send you a pair of HopFlops. While supplies last! #JHAA130 #ShareDonateGetSwag