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The mission of Johns Hopkins University is to educate its students and cultivate their capacity for lifelong learning, to foster independent and original research, and to bring the benefits of discovery to the world.

Campaigns at Johns Hopkins University

SAIS Class of 2010 - 10th Reunion Gift
For Johns Hopkins
Make your 10th Reunion gift to SAIS!
34 Donors
103 days Remain
$12,271 Donated
SAIS Class of 1995 - 25th Reunion Gift
For Johns Hopkins
To honor the 25th anniversary of our graduation, the SAIS Class of 1995 is aiming to raise $75,000 for the school. Make your gift today!
4 Donors
103 days Remain
$600 Donated
We've Got You Covered!
For Johns Hopkins
Support Johns Hopkins research
717 Donors
1 hour Remains
$32,362 Donated
Become a White Coat Sponsor – 2020
For Johns Hopkins
Support the future of nursing and sponsor a White Coat today!
107 Donors
$11,650 Donated
2020! Hopkins Senior Class Gift
For Johns Hopkins
Support your student group, sports team, or department!
265 Donors
$6,155 Donated
Bringing it Home: SON Building Quilt
For Johns Hopkins
Purchase a fabric square on SON's building dedication quilt and celebrate nurses who save lives.
80 Donors
$4,375 Donated
Peabody Fund for the Future
For Johns Hopkins
Rally around Peabody students and families to show the support they need. Your support makes a difference for rising artists and educators.
17 Donors
$1,565 Donated
JHSON Courtyard Oasis Rebirth 2020
For Johns Hopkins
Make your gift and help us raise fund for the rebirth of our JHSON Courtyard Oasis!
66 Donors
$66,710 Donated
Raising Voices: $30,000 for 30 Years
For Johns Hopkins
Make a gift to the Peabody Children’s Chorus today and support the artists of the future.
166 Donors
$20,968 Donated
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