#STEVENSSTRONG: Be Part of the Cure for Cancer

This campaign ends on June 30 at 11:59PM EDT

Thank you for joining Mary and me, on behalf of Dr. Ken Pienta and his research team at The Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins Medicine, to support our fight against metastatic cancer.

We have seen incredible and tangible progress since we first began our fundraising campaigns four years ago. From the hypotheses stage of cancer cell migration to visualizing the birth of therapeutic resistance, Dr. Pienta, his team and our team have come so far. We strongly believed and now we can literally see that we are on to something truly transformative.

We are proud and excited to share that, thanks to your generosity over the years, Dr. Pienta and his team are gearing up to test and screen the therapeutics that could potentially cure all metastatic cancers. We ask you to join us one more time to bring an end to metastatic disease, once and for ALL.

If you would like to make an online gift by credit card, please scroll down to access our online giving form. We have also listed below additional ways that you can make a contribution. Thank you in advance for being our partner in the mission to cure cancer.

  • To make a gift by mail, make your check payable to ‘Johns Hopkins University’ and send it to:  

        Johns Hopkins University

        Attn: RevMgmt - The Brady Urological Institute

       Office of Advancement Services

       3910 Keswick Road, Suite N2100

       Baltimore MD 21211

       *On the memo line or in an accompanying letter, note “#StevensStrong”.

  • To make a gift by wire or stock transfer, or for more information, contact 410-955-8352 or bradydevelopment@jhmi.edu.

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David & Tracey Cox
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Thomas Hollerbach
Elizabeth Steinhaus
Brad Blackwell & Lisa Blackwell
Bill Landon & Dot Kelley
Deborah Kagan & Bernie
Jeff Schummer & April
chand patel & Jhankhana Patel
Jose Torres
Bradford Cheney & Rebecca Geller
William Newman
Luke Tomaszewski & Inesa Tomaszewski
Robert Engelstad
Paul Colopy
Dana Abernathy, CMB
Robert Niemi
Maureen Clarke
Brian Chappelle
Ava Herman (Phisuthikul)
Charles Gabriel & Claudia Gabriel
Alejandro Becerra
Jon Wolford & Barb Erickson
Carol Rickerson
Christine Wentker & Jaymae
David Stevens & Mary
Lawrence Nee
Melissa Sike
Dustin Owen
Terpse Gentile & Peter
Nathan Burch
Mike Olden
Carmen Richardson
Michael Maddiex
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