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Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) is internationally recognized for its mission of excellence in research, education, and the improvement of human health and well-being. GUMC is home to more than 400 scientists working on basic science and clinical research with over 300 active clinical trials. Our researchers work in the lab, in the classroom, in the clinic, and in their communities to help answer medicine's biggest questions, focusing specifically on cancer, neuroscience, health disparities, age related diseases, and global health.

Campaigns at Georgetown University

Friends of Lombardi - Sweat for a Cure Campaign Image
Friends of Lombardi - Sweat for a Cure
For Georgetown University
Join Friends of Lombardi at Orangetheory Fitness and Sweat for a Cure today!
3 Donors
16 days Remain
$100 Donated
Dedication In Memory of John DeWolf
Help us dedicate Cured 18th and 21st's Jazz Club in memory of John DeWolf Thursday, July 25th from 6:00-8:30PM.
15 Donors
14 days Remain
$3,305 Donated
DC Area Health Education Center at GUMC Campaign Image
DC Area Health Education Center at GUMC
For Georgetown University
Help the DC AHEC at GUMC increase diversity in health care professions and improve primary care workforce distribution in underserved areas!
8 Donors
76 days Remain
$800 Donated
Zebrafish VAST BioImager System
For Georgetown University
Fund the Zebrafish VAST BioImager System at Georgetown Lombardi and support scientific breakthroughs, today!
16 Donors
168 days Remain
$6,800 Donated
Fight Thymic and Lung Cancer
For Georgetown University
Support thymic and lung cancer research at Georgetown Lombardi to give patients and their families HOPE!
99 Donors
168 days Remain
$16,813 Donated
Tinnitus Research
Support Tinnitus Research
For Georgetown University
Support Dr. Josef Rauschecker's research to find a cure for tinnitus!
56 Donors
168 days Remain
$5,155 Donated
Wyatt N. Smith Fund Campaign Image
Wyatt N. Smith Fund
For Georgetown University
Living life to the fullest. Making every day all that it can be. Worthy goals for each of us and Wyatt’s wish for everyone.
173 Donors
168 days Remain
$80,500 Donated
Ruesch Center for the Cure of GI Cancers
For Georgetown University
Support cutting-edge GI cancer research and double your impact!
212 Donors
$189,576 Donated
Friends of Lombardi 2019 NFL Draft Celebration
For Georgetown University
Please join Friends of Lombardi for our 2019 Happy Hour at NFLPA on May 9th to join the fight against cancer!
41 Donors
$23,750 Donated
Partners in Research
For Georgetown University
Right now, your gift will be worth 2X!
16 Donors
$24,700 Donated
Tuxes for Tony
In memory of our friend and colleague, Tony Salah, let's raise money for cancer research at Georgetown Lombardi!
81 Donors
$26,507 Donated
A Very Manther Christmas Campaign Image
A Very Manther Christmas
Support advances in cancer research, treatment, and care at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, in partnership with Manther!
12 Donors
$1,040 Donated
MSA Clinical Research
For Georgetown University
Support ground-breaking MSA clinical research at GUMC!
42 Donors
$72,180 Donated
BGE Scholarships
BGE Scholarships
For Georgetown University
Support Biomedical Graduate Education's Hoyas for Science​ Scholarships!
99 Donors
$3,072 Donated
Huntington's Disease Center
For Georgetown University
Support cutting-edge Huntington's disease research and therapy at Georgetown University Medical Center!
59 Donors
$33,020 Donated
Women on the Walls Campaign Image
Women on the Walls
For Georgetown University
Help get the notable women of the Georgetown University Medical Center on the Walls!
35 Donors
$5,315 Donated
50 for 50,000: Fight Pediatric Cancer
50 for 50,000: Fight pediatric cancer, join Team Georgetown Lombardi today!
28 Donors
$705 Donated
Susan Miller Breast Cancer Research Fund Campaign Image
Susan Miller Breast Cancer Research Fund
For Georgetown University
Help me reach my goal and support promising breast cancer research at Georgetown Lombardi's Nina Hyde Center!
37 Donors
$45,975 Donated
Make an impact at Georgetown University!
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