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DIMES for DPhiE is almost here! In March, we celebrate the incredible women our founders, members, mentors, friends, leaders -- who have inspired, supported, and carved a path for DPHIE today. Is there a DPHIE who inspired you to try something new? Who coached you through a challenging time or cheered you on as you broke down barriers? We want to hear your stories and help equip our members with the leadership skills they need to lead in their communities, from the dorm room to the board room across the globe. The next generation of our sisterhood will stand on our shoulders as we are building brighter tomorrows for them


Make a gift of ANY SIZE to the Educational Foundation of DPHIE: Your gift provides mentorship, workshops, training, academic scholarships and additional resources to empower leaders in Delta Phi Epsilon. Your gift equips our members to advocate for themselves and enter the workforce as strong, confident, and prepared voices -- ready to take a seat at any table and continue shattering glass ceilings. 

Share a StoryWhile completing your gift, share a message or story about a sister in DPHIE that inspired you or that you are grateful to know. We'll re-share those messages on this campaign page (along with our own messages in honor of some historic figures in our membership) to honor these amazing people

AmplifyWe want to spread the word near and far and give all of our alumnae, parents, friends, volunteers, and staff the opportunity to empower and honor the members in their lives and see all of the incredible messages shared by our community! Here's how to help spread the word and amplify these messages of empowerment! 

  • ✔️Sign up to be an advocate.
  • 💌 Share, Share, Share: The built-in sharing buttons on the campaign page generate a link that is unique to you. If (and only if!) you share while you're logged in, we can track it and celebrate your impact! Share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text Message, Email, Phone Call, Carrier Pigeon… The sky’s the limit!
  • 🤝Offer a Match (or Challenge): Leverage your gift and encourage others to give via a match or challenge. Consider restricting your match or challenge by your class year, chapter or association affiliation, or to a list of your friends (by email address) to raise the stakes.  
Events 🥳
📅 Weekly Themes Beginning March 1

18 days ago by Gabrielle
How Do I Become An Advocate?! 👥

For social media assets you can use: DPhiE Advocate Tool Kit

18 days ago by Gabrielle
Dimes For D Phi E Incentives 🏆

Each Week:

The person who raises the MOST money 💵 will win a ticket to ILF 2022 in Disney World! 

The chapter with the highest alumnae donation amount 💵 will receive a visit from a board member! 

The chapter with the most alumnae donors 👥 will have their flag flown over IHQ! After it is flown, it will be mailed to the chapter. 

Check back weekly for the winners :) 

19 days ago by Gabrielle
Social Media Tool Kit!! 💻

📢 Advocates: Get everything you need by visiting this link!!

24 days ago by Gabrielle

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