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This campaign ended on June 30, 2024, but you can still make a gift to Colgate University by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorRay McDaniel '80 matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $50,000Just for Classes between 2014 & 2023

The Class of 2024 has graduated. The Class of 2028 is about to begin its journey to campus. And reunion has just brought our alumni community together again. It’s a busy time at Colgate, a time to remember — and to act on those memories, wherever you are.

Join thousands of your fellow Colgate alumni who have voiced their support for this community through a gift to the Colgate Fund.

Remember when. Give today.

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Class YearDonorsGoal (Donors)%
Class of 1996204185110.3%
Class of 1982190181105.0%
Class of 199319420694.2%
Class of 199822826685.7%
Class of 197923928085.4%
Class of 198426730188.7%
Class of 198617618794.1%
Class of 1997189178106.2%
Class of 199928731391.7%
Class of 2000189161117.4%
Class of 1981182181100.6%
Class of 1958263672.2%
Class of 2005218207105.3%
Class of 199021121299.5%
Class of 199216919088.9%
Class of 202430832594.8%
Class of 201215817888.8%
Class of 198819321191.5%
Class of 199119519699.5%
Class of 2002191180106.1%
Class of 1980181177102.3%
Class of 197819420694.2%
Class of 200318819397.4%
Class of 199425631082.6%
Class of 2006191171111.7%
Class of 201425632179.8%
Class of 1954223073.3%
Class of 1987267236113.1%
Class of 198926532581.5%
Class of 200427929594.6%
Class of 197430132692.3%
Class of 1995182158115.2%
Class of 1976216206104.9%
Class of 200817919989.9%
Class of 200717617799.4%
Class of 1956242692.3%
Class of 1977187180103.9%
Class of 202110719854.0%
Class of 1985194190102.1%
Class of 201710013574.1%
Class of 197515117586.3%
Class of 197111912099.2%
Class of 197213714097.9%
Class of 200919731163.3%
Class of 2019368288127.8%
Class of 201115017088.2%
Class of 19618379105.1%
Class of 1966859094.4%
Class of 19638380103.8%
Class of 1953171989.5%
Class of 201610013474.6%
Class of 1965126100126.0%
Class of 20238816453.7%
Class of 1959516085.0%
Class of 1960616495.3%
Class of 1962707198.6%
Class of 19679410193.1%
Class of 201514014497.2%
Class of 2001172164104.9%
Class of 197316119483.0%
Class of 201016017392.5%
Class of 201810618357.9%
Class of 202012221656.5%
Class of 198317419390.2%
Class of 19648783104.8%
Class of 1955324080.0%
Class of 1957414983.7%
Class of 202210720053.5%
Class of 196915719082.6%
Class of 1970131131100.0%
Class of 201314816689.2%
Class of 1968108103104.9%
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Suitcase icon1%Faculty/Staff
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