"As an international student with limited financial means, it was virtually impossible for me to attend Colgate without substantial grants. Colgate changed my life with its generosity and I knew back then, that over my lifetime, I will have to pay this forward many times over. Twenty years later, the bond with Colgate remains as strong as ever as seen in this picture from Reunion ’24 with lifelong friends."

-Sobby Arora '04

"Greg Sullivan '11 and I choose to give back to Colgate each year as we are incredibly thankful for the experiences we had as student athletes at Colgate. We are grateful for the opportunities we were given, and hope that our contribution will help provide similar opportunities for today's students. Colgate is truly a special place and we will forever cherish the memories we made during our time on the hill."

-Jess Hootz '13 and Greg Sullivan '11

"I give back because Colgate gave me so much more than I expected from the University experience. I gained some of my best friends who are family to me today. I was challenged physically [Cardiac], socially, culturally, politically, academically and soulfully. And I want that experience to be sustainable long term; our planet needs the ‘gate experience in perpetuity."

-Karl Stewart '91

"Colgate provided so much for me during my time on campus and has continued to in the years thereafter. I feel it's important to give back both financially and with time so those that come after us can have a great experience as well. It's a special place, I want to do my part to make sure it stays that way.  "

-Jeff Embree '98

"I give to Colgate because I know that my contribution is going to meet our school’s greatest needs, and meaningfully impact and support current students so that they can have the positive experience I had on campus and continue to benefit from as an alumni. Giving to Colgate shows students that our alumni care, and we want them to feel that they are a part of the very special Colgate community that doesn't leave you, just because you leave Hamilton."

-Halley Weinreb '17

"During my time at Colgate I grew in so many positive ways as an athlete, but more importantly as a person. That is why it is so important for me to give back, so that future Colgate students can have the same experiences I did. I feel so proud when I tell people I went to Colgate University, it will always be my second home!"

-Tucker Richardson '23

"Colgate has given me so much more than my four years in the 13346. Each time I've recommitted myself to Colgate, I've received far more than I've given. With every visit, interaction, and conversation over the years and across the miles, I continue to grow a deeper love and a stronger connection to the people, the place, and the memories which are Colgate. This sense of belonging has afforded me untold friendships and joy in this life and for that I will always be grateful."

-Reed Lewis '96