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Cabrini University is a Catholic institution of higher education dedicated to academic excellence, leadership development, and a commitment to social justice. Cabrini welcomes learners of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds and prepares them to become engaged citizens of the world.

Campaigns at Cabrini University

12,000 Hearts Educated Alumni Campaign
Since 1957, over 12,000 hearts have been educated! Let your heart shine and be 1 of 1,200 hearts to reach a 10% alumni participation rate!
414 Donors
12 days Remain
$46,048 Donated
Jerry Zurek Endowed Scholarship
For Cabrini University
Join us as we seek to raise $25,000 to create the Jerry Zurek Communicator for the Common Good Scholarship!
66 Donors
12 days Remain
$11,830 Donated
2021 Senior Class Giving Campaign
For Cabrini University
Our seniors have the power to become engaged alumni. As you continue towards your degree, you can leave your legacy for years to come.
169 Donors
12 days Remain
$2,034 Donated
Scholarships & Funds
For Cabrini University
Now more than ever you can help bridge the gap for students through financial assistance through scholarships and funds.
14 Donors
12 days Remain
$4,215 Donated
Back the Cavs
For Cabrini University
Events in the past year have tested us in many ways. We look upon our fans to initiate the boost needed for another season of victories!
85 Donors
12 days Remain
$10,050 Donated
Athletics & Recreation
For Cabrini University
Support our athletes who are working hard to train and prepare for when competition resumes. Be part of the team, support our Cavaliers!
12 Donors
12 days Remain
$576 Donated
Schools & Centers of Excellence
For Cabrini University
Our schools and centers are working hard to provide excellence for our students. Continue our success with a gift to your school or center!
8 Donors
12 days Remain
$385 Donated
The Cabrini Cupboard
For Cabrini University
Cabrini Cupboard is for any student who is having difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat every day and feels tha
8 Donors
12 days Remain
$355 Donated
Inspire Action for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Our mission embraces the acceptance and appreciation of all faiths and cultures. Join us this month in supporting DEI initiatives.
76 Donors
$2,680 Donated
Give Love, Socks, Hope
From February 1-14, we invite you to make a $5.00 donation to provide two (2) pairs of wool socks for those experiencing homelessness.
131 Donors
$2,436 Donated
Lift Our Legacy
For Cabrini University
The Cabrini women’s program is seeking donations from its supporters to help Lift Our Legacy.
113 Donors
$5,678 Donated
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