Gifts to The Fund for Agnes Scott immediately go to our area of greatest need. What exactly that means changes from day-to-day, but all contributions support the college's highest priority to best serve our students.

Agnes Scott College educates women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times.

Campaigns at Agnes Scott College

#LeadingEverywhere Thanks to You
For Agnes Scott College
June 30 is the last day to be counted in the 2018–2019 fiscal year. Make your gift today! ​
137 Donors
$23,701 Donated
Mollie Merrick 2019 Campaign Image
Mollie Merrick 2019
For Agnes Scott College
Which class has will claim a trophy on Alumnae Weekend? Let the 20th annual Mollie Merrick Young Alumnae Class competition begin!
456 Donors
$64,949 Donated
2019 Senior Gift Campaign
For Agnes Scott College
Sprites, it's our chance to give a parting gift to Agnes Scott students, with the Senior Gift Campaign!
40 Donors
$621 Donated
Scottie Revolution 2017 Campaign Image
Scottie Revolution 2017
For Agnes Scott College
Join the #ScottieRevolution and empower young Scotties ready to change the world. Help us reach our goal of 200 donors by June 30!
180 Donors
$14,802 Donated
Mollie Merrick Challenge 2018
For Agnes Scott College
Help your class win the 2018 Mollie Merrick challenge!
447 Donors
$64,595 Donated
2018 Senior Gift Campaign
For Agnes Scott College
ASC Class of 2018, it's time to step up, give back, and honor President Kiss's leadership!
49 Donors
$416 Donated
Elizabeth Kiss SUMMIT Directorship Campaign Image
Elizabeth Kiss SUMMIT Directorship
For Agnes Scott College
Honor the legacy of President Kiss with a gift to the Elizabeth Kiss SUMMIT Directorship, and take advantage of a 2:1 challenge match!
29 Donors
$7,985 Donated
Sign President Kiss' Farewell Card
For Agnes Scott College
Celebrate the legacy of President Kiss by making a gift in her honor and sign her farewell card!
643 Donors
$257,888 Donated
Giving Tuesday 2018
For Agnes Scott College
Show your passion for Agnes Scott this #GivingTuesday (Nov. 27) and have a chance to win swag and compete in giving challenges!
230 Donors
$51,497 Donated
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