Making Gifts

Charge up

Complete donation form.

Select a form or campaign in the GC Connect app and complete with the donor’s information.

Download the app

Dip, tap, or swipe payment method

GC Connect can be used to accept payments by swiping a magnetic stripe card, inserting an EMV chip card, and/or tapping a contactless payment method (e.g., an NFC chip card or a mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay).

You're done

You're done!

The reader will sound one long beep when the payment method has been captured, and two short beeps when the payment method has been removed. The GC Connect app will display a message to indicate that it is time to remove the payment method, and then display another message to indicate whether or not the gift was successful.

GC Connect donors will automatically receive the campaign or Giving Form’s confirmation email (the same email online donors receive).