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This campaign ended on April 28, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Mahindra United World College of India by clicking here!

MUWCI's students have a long history of learning from inspirational feminist grassroots collectives across India. Our most recent Project Week visit was to Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh in March 2019 where we spent a week with Khabar Lahariya, India’s only independent rural women-led media channel. For our project, we shadowed women journalists who are committed to amplifying unheard voices and bringing about real grassroots change through stories on rural realities which are often ignored by mainstream media. We witnessed the power of local voices telling their own stories and worked with these self-taught journalists in the field, visiting politicians, local tribes, and villages. This experience was profoundly inspiring and pushed us to question women's empowerment in our own context.

Inspired by the impact that we witnessed, we are launching a campaign to ensure MUWCI students' continued learning from these inspirational women. Your contribution to this campaign will support the facilitation costs for our next student visit in June 2019 and indirectly support Khabar Lahariya's groundbreaking work!

Here is what our team has to say:

“Working with KL pushed me to understand at a deeper level the complexities of feminism as we saw the challenges this feminist media network has faced.” - Olivia Clarke (UK, MUWCI Class of 2020) 

“It inspired me to reflect upon the gender and class inequalities that are globally built into media today” - Talia Godfrey (USA, MUWCI Class of 2020)

"Khabar Lahariya was an opportunity for me to truly see feminism in action, and I was inspired by the bravery with which these women overcome every challenge that comes their way.” - Trisha Banerjee (India, MUWCI Class of 2020)

Note from the Office of Advancement at MUWCI:

Funds raised from this campaign will go towards facilitation costs paid to Khabar Lahariya for the Student Project & Visit in June 2019. Your donation to this campaign towards supporting MUWCI's Experiential Learning Programmes will also be matched to support our Student Scholarships Fund under the Davis IMPACT challenge!

Other ways to support us: 

Please reach out to us at if you can:

- Connect us with any newspaper, journal or online magazine that would like to feature our story about the inspirational work Kharbar Lahariya does.

- Put us in touch with any Companies in India that may be interested in supporting their work through donations under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.



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