OneWoodberry 2018

This campaign ended on March 29, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Woodberry Forest School by clicking here!

What is OneWoodberry 2018?

If 2,000 alumni make a gift to Woodberry today, a group of thirty alumni will contribute an unprecedented $300,000 to the 2017-2018 Amici Fund. Make your gift now!

The class in each decade with the highest participation percentage will receive special recognition in all Woodberry-related communications outlets throughout the upcoming year. 

How Do I Participate? 

  • GIVE to the Amici Fund. We hope you’ll consider a gift of 5% more than you gave last year, but all gifts count.
  • GET others to join, and follow our progress towards 2,000 donors, plus your class’s standing. Attend one of 17 Regional Association OneWoodberry2018 gatherings near you.

Why Amici Matters

Amici will provide more than 11% of the school’s budget for our upcoming 2018-2019 academic year. Your gift will go right to work.

  • Currently, 41% of our tuition assistance program comes from the Amici Fund.

  • Last year, Amici’s support of tuition assistance extended the Woodberry experience to 70 boys that wouldn’t have attended otherwise.

  • Each of our faculty and staff benefit greatly from your gift, through Amici’s support of compensation, benefits, healthcare and family housing.

  • Amici provides about 5 percent of the school’s programming budget. From voice coaches during the musical to new equipment for teams, Amici makes it possible.

                View the WFSPN broadcast schedule for OneWoodberry 2018 



US Donor Map

Regional Association Leaderboard

Regional AssociationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
Charlottesville, VA Regional Association 300$128,52334886.2%
Washington, D.C. Regional Association 224$114,26254940.8%
Richmond, VA Regional Association 213$77,22743049.5%
Charlotte, NC Regional Association 213$150,90844148.3%
South Carolina Regional Association 185$82,79820590.2%
Texas Regional Association 175$129,17820884.1%
North Carolina Triad Regional Association 167$36,23122075.9%
Atlanta, GA Regional Association 165$67,90636145.7%
New York, NY Regional Association 149$64,89028053.2%
North Carolina Triangle Regional Association 117$27,51336032.5%

Donor list

Tom Tillett
David Williams
Anderson H Scott II
Henry A Holmes
Warren Scott photoWarren Scott
Charles Borden
Ben Peterson
Peyton Tochterman
Robert Cudlip
Jonny Fitzsimons
Evan Bubniak
Bret Holbrook
Christian T Brown II
Matthew C Baden
William Pittman
Christopher A Paisley
Arthur b Hancock IV
William C. Nixon
Christopher C. Swann
Charles Withers
R. Addison Winston
John M Lewis
Nafiz Cekirge
Sean Spector
Robert Bland
Frank G Coddington
Robbie Huber
Witcher Dudley
Welles Snyder photoWelles Snyder
claudius stedman morris
Will Medick
Sterling Hill
David Robinson
Hunter Thomas Walker
Dallas Young

Andrew Haley photoAndrew Haley matched $12
James Bondurant matched $50
Bob Hudson photoBob Hudson matched $50
Richard Seabrook photoRichard Seabrook matched $45
Jason Slade matched $100
Richard Seabrook photoRichard Seabrook matched $100
Ed Stone photoEd Stone matched $100
Gordon Neal matched $100
Doug Smith photoDoug Smith matched $100
Jay Voissem matched $46
Douglas Gabbert photoDouglas Gabbert matched $100
Robert McIver photoRobert McIver matched $100
Marston Smith matched $105
reed davis matched $150
Jason Slade matched $180
Edward Frackelton photoEdward Frackelton matched $198
Jacob Geiger matched $200
Teddy Hull photoTeddy Hull matched $250
Arthur Bryant photoArthur Bryant matched $300
Evan J Pulliam photoEvan J Pulliam matched $420
Myles Wynn photoMyles Wynn matched $320
Chase Spong photoChase Spong matched $500
Michael Dean photoMichael Dean matched $160
J Giles Ward photoJ Giles Ward matched $340
James C S Holladay photoJames C S Holladay matched $130
Mac Steele photoMac Steele matched $1,000
Wortham W Boyle photoWortham W Boyle matched $228
Patrick Kelly photoPatrick Kelly matched $1,500
Clarke Crenshaw matched $2,000
David Randolph Lawson photoDavid Lawson matched $6,700
James Bondurant gave $25 because 5 donors made a gift in 8 days.
Bob Hudson photoBob Hudson gave $50 because 2,576 donors made a gift in 6 days.
Bill Caler '63 and a group of 29 generous alumni Challenge Donors gave $300,000 because 2,000 donors made a gift in 1 day.