OneWoodberry - 2017

This campaign ended on March 30, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Woodberry Forest School by clicking here!

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Thank you for your support. Go Tigers!



US Donor Map

Woodberry Regional Associations Board

Regional AssociationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
Washington, D.C. Regional Association 233$69,32040957.0%
Charlottesville, VA Regional Association 226$116,571197114.7%
Richmond, VA Regional Association 199$75,95333858.9%
Charlotte, NC Regional Association 177$87,38240943.3%
North Carolina Triad Regional Association 176$45,13220685.4%
North Carolina Triangle Regional Association 163$113,50434846.8%
South Carolina Regional Association 152$53,37422368.2%
New York, NY Regional Association 151$43,46228553.0%
Texas Regional Association 148$65,29520572.2%
Atlanta, GA Regional Association 145$71,43618578.4%

Donor list

Jeff GIlbeet
Price G McMurray
George T.M. Shackelford
Rue Hockensmith
Josh Kearns
Philip Bloch
Phil Rosenthal
M. T
Aaron Beamer
Edward Crow
Alex Formwalt
Steven V McGilicuddy
Jack Quinn
Eric Lee
Scottie Neill
William R McDaniel
Gordon Stover
Wes Harvey photoWes Harvey
Jack Pritchett
Adam J Geist
Derrell Kittrell photoDerrell Kittrell
Robert C. Krabill
Robert crosby
D'Angelo R Davis
Andrew Lindsey
Peter Ellis
Tommy Pearce
Patrick S Carver
Saang Lee
whitten meares
James PW Thompson
Cameron T Hilton
Andrew PW Ballard

Isaiah Brown photoIsaiah J Brown matched $15
Carleton Rawles matched $70
Jacob photoJacob Geiger matched $56
Mac Steele photoMac Steele matched $100
Boyd Steinhoff matched $100
Doug Smith photoDouglas Smith matched $100
Colton Soref photoColton Soref matched $100
whitten meares matched $100
Jacob photoJacob matched $100
Edward Frackelton photoEd Frackelton matched $150
Lewis photoLewis matched $170
Patrick Kelly photoPatrick Kelly matched $200
John Lipe matched $130
Patrick Kelly photoPatrick Kelly matched $200
Tony Cluff matched $150
William McBride matched $250
Kevin Bennert photoKevin Bennert matched $245
Mac Steele matched $270
Myles Wynn photoMyles Wynn matched $405
Brian Casto photoBrian Casto matched $120
Perrin Van Allen photoPerrin Van Allen matched $750
Orman L Kimbrough V matched $150
Fred Kennedy matched $900
David Randolph Lawson photoDavid Lawson matched $2,800
Bill Caler '63 and a group of generous alumni photoBill Caler '63 and a group of generous alumni gave $150,000 because 1,000 donors made a gift in 1 day.