Methods Mastery Series

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The Social Science Research Methods Center (SSRMC), directed by Government Department professors Jaime Settle and Marcus Holmes, provides the physical infrastructure and training to integrate undergraduate students into the process of social science research. Our goal is to help students collaborate with faculty on publishable projects, develop their own independent research projects, and acquire the analytical skills that make them highly competitive on the job market.

Building on the infrastructure we have developed since our founding in 2014, we propose to crowdsource funding in order to create a series of online modules that will help students and alumni link the research methods skills they learn in the classroom with the practical application of those skills in research, internships, and jobs. Our proposal—to develop a series of modules on cutting-edge social science research methods and data analysis programs available to students of all majors—would allow students to specialize in the methods that interest them and utilize these skills independently.

Tribefunding would provide us with the financial resources to incentivize faculty members to develop these modules, record the faculty teaching the material in a hands-on workshop, and hire a student employee to launch and maintain a professional, user-friendly webpage for the modules hosted on the SSRMC’s website ( Each module will cost $3,000 to develop. We will develop as many as we can based on the success of our fundraising.

With your assistance, we hope to raise $10,000 in total, which would fund the creation of three new modules and the improvement of the existing modules on the site. Please share our project with your friends and colleagues. Every donation will help us to enrich students’ academic experience and improve their prospects on a rapidly evolving job market.

 Methods Mastery Series

 To provide development and teaching support for high quality modules resulting in a new resource for students and alumni to enrich their university experience through William & Mary’s Social Science Research Methods Center (SSRMC).


 Develop fewer modules.

 Develop more modules.

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