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Dear Shocker Supporter,

It’s always a great day to be a Shocker! 

Another year of Shocker Athletics is well under way! We look forward to seeing you soon on campus and on the road at Shocker competitions and events. On behalf of all Wichita State Athletics, we say "Thank You" for all you have done and continue to do for Shocker Athletics. Your support and backing is immensely appreciated by our coaches, student-athletes and staff. Wichita State supporters and alumni continue to display their generosity and commitment to the welfare of Shocker Athletics. During your visits to campus you may be asking the question, “How can I continue to help our programs?”

A vital source of sport programs resources comes from funds generated through our loyal Shocker fans and alumni giving back. We challenge each of you to support and continue the excellence of the Shocker Softball program that has continued to rise to new heights. Our goal to enhance and brand Wilkins Stadium is a high priority for our softball program, which affects every aspect of current and future softball student-athletes.  We are launching a capital campaign to achieve the branding goal, and encourage you to get involved. 

Thank you for making a difference for Shocker Athletics, our university, and our community for years to come. 

Please feel free to contact our development office at (316) 978-7276, to learn more about how your tax-deductible gift will make a difference! 

Go Shockers!



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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
Class YearDonorsDollars
1967 1$1,000
2021 9$715
1985 1$500
2007 3$450
2018 4$370
2016 3$300
2022 3$275
1994 1$250
1982 1$200
2019 4$155
2023 1$100
1989 1$100
1998 1$100
2009 1$100
2011 1$100
2012 1$100
2015 2$80
2020 2$70
2001 1$50
2006 1$50
1995 1$50
2005 1$25
1978 1$20

WSU Softball - Wilkins Stadium Support Leaderboard

Wichita State Softball - Wilkins Stadium 76$10,495

Donor affiliations

34% Alumni

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24% Students

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15% Parents

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15% Faculty/Staff

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20% Friends

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Donor list

Steph Norris
Chris & Laurie Nichols
Marsha L Olmsted
Michelle Dixon
Michael Martinez
Ryan McEvoy
Brylee Curry
Lauren Bingham
Ryan Anderson
Lora L Heit
Valerie Wadsworth
Becky Craft
Stephanie Brewer
Matt Eck Real Estate, Inc.
KB Softball Camps
Jessica Laky
Brooke Usher
Rob Canada
Joe D. Buck
Hieger Insurance Agency
Wildcat Homes Inc.
Shane and Tina Reese
Jennifer Unrein
Craig Bredbenner
Alejandra Arellano
Gaige L Brecheisen
Erin Carney
Wylie Glover
John Krogstrand
Asea D Webber
Lauren Grace Mills
Kaylee Huecker
Sandy McVicarSandy McVicar photo
Nicole Entz
Peggy S. Foster
Ryne Stefankiewicz
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