We Are Whitman

This campaign ended on April 16, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Whitman College by clicking here!

Latest and Greatest Updates: 

Thank You for a Wonderful We Are Whitman

What an amazing 2 days! We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to connect with fellow Whitties and the entire Whitman community. Because of you we were able to raise just over $270,000 from 850+ donors. Check out the Updates feature on this page, below the social media feed, the hear a special thank you message from one of our Whitman students

Thank you and Surprise!

Thank you for helping us get to 750. Because of your generosity, we are going to release the All Whittie Dance Party playlist on Spotify early. We hope you'll enjoy the playlist at home, and celebrate how the Whitman community came together over the past 2 days. 

Recent Grads Rock

Special shout out to the GOLD classes (2010-2019)! They are helping us fully unlock the $25,000 recent grad match from Sonya Campion '83. Kudos to the class of 2011, 2012, and 2014.

Same Students, Different Classrooms

Are you wondering what life is like for students in their new environments?  Let's check in with Tejas from the clas of 2023 to see how he's staying connected from afar! Check out Tejas's video in the Updates feature on this page, below the social media feed. We’ll be posting videos of students throughout the afternoon on our Whitman College Facebook page and other social media pages. 


We are so grateful to all of YOU for getting us to $200,000 during We Are Whitman. Thank you for your support of students during this time. Special shout out to the GOLD classes (2010-2019)! They are helping us fully unlock the $25,000 recent grad match from Sonya Campion '83. Kudos to the class of 2011 for leading all classes in participation and completing their part of the challenge!

There's a New Alumni Match!

Board of Trustees member Gordon '68 and Katherine Britt Keane '67 are matching gifts from alumni dollar-for-dollar, up to $1,000 per gift, for the next $50,000. Make your gift today, and have your impact instantly doubled! Thank you Gordon and Katherine for your generosity. 

Whitman BINGO

It’s game time! Take a look at this Whitman themed BINGO card and let us know which ones you’ve done so far! Share it on social media with the hashtag, #WeAreWhitman. Anyone have a BINGO yet?

Calling all Whitties!

We asked whether this was the right time to host our spring give day, and we also heard the desire to connect with fellow Whitties is greater now than ever. So today and tomorrow, we invite you to join us in supporting students and celebrating the connections we have made because of Whitman during #WeAreWhitman.Regardless of your ability to give, we encourage you to connect with the Whittie community virtually and show our students that even though we are apart, they are part of a strong community who cares.

How you can join We Are Whitman:

1) Make a Gift to the Student Emergency Fund or Annual Fund.

Your gift to the Student Emergency Fund directly supports the needs of students by removing barriers to education and providing emergency funding for needs such as unanticipated travel, technology to access classes, or emergency funds for food and housing. Or, your gift to the Annual Fund provides a flexible, unrestricted gift to meet the greatest needs of our entire community. Even a $5 gift helps support our students immediately!

2) Show your Whittie Pride. 

We want to hear from you! Post on social using #WeAreWhitman. Share why you love Whitman or include a message of support for today's students, show off your Whitman gear or furry friends, and dig up a photo from your college days to post on #ThrowbackThursday. Check out our social media toolkit and downloads.

3) Connect Virtually. 

Grab a few Whitties to join the All Whittie Happy Hour on April 15 from 5-7pm, and post your photo and class year using #WeAreWhitman. Then on Thursday join a Q&A with Chaplain Adam Kirtley, and conversation with ASWC for an update on student life today.

4) Check Back Often. 

See the impact two days of giving can make for our students, scroll through the #WeAreWhitman posts to see familiar faces, and learn more about how students, faculty, and staff demonstrate resilience and creativity while approaching virtual learning.

No matter where you are in the world, you are a part of the Whitman community! 

Together, we can face any challenge. Together, We Are Whitman.



    Areas of support

    Greatest Need 418$159,118
    Student Emergency Fund 317$74,769
    Scholarship & Student Aid 87$7,689

    Alumni Support

    The Alumni Support reflects giving from Alumni
    2019 18$640
    2018 11$335
    2017 18$610
    2016 22$935
    2015 18$630
    2014 25$1,385
    2013 21$698
    2012 24$1,085
    2011 23$1,382
    2010 23$2,715
    2009 13$1,205
    2008 14$920
    2007 19$2,465
    2006 12$1,736
    2005 14$1,035
    2004 13$1,555
    2003 7$375
    2002 9$795
    2001 16$3,780
    2000 13$1,120
    1999 11$26,000
    1998 8$525
    1997 14$1,042
    1996 14$3,525
    1995 13$4,390
    1994 4$725
    1993 7$925
    1992 13$3,600
    1991 8$2,420
    1990 9$1,100
    1989 11$9,795
    1988 7$1,100
    1987 11$1,830
    1986 5$2,225
    1985 16$3,570
    1984 9$51,750
    1983 18$23,550
    1982 12$5,050
    1981 3$650
    1980 5$325
    1979 4$265
    1978 8$3,990
    1977 5$1,625
    1976 8$2,010
    1975 3$155
    1974 4$2,050
    1973 3$300
    1972 6$1,250
    1971 5$950
    1970 4$200
    1969 3$375
    1968 4$17,521
    1967 6$17,621
    1966 3$350
    1965 5$525
    1964 7$2,850
    1963 7$2,500
    1962 5$550
    1961 2$3,500
    1960 1$100
    1959 2$1,025
    1957 2$300
    1956 1$100
    1954 1$250
    1952 1$100
    1948 1$100

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    68% Alumni

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    1% Students

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    12% Parents

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    9% Faculty/Staff

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    3% Friends

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    Donor list

    Anne Marie R Charnholm
    Jaimee Maurer
    Gregory E Bidwell
    Kimberly Thulin & Greg
    Abby Juhasz & Mark Juhasz
    Ben Hammond
    Jennifer A. Wilson
    Harrison T. Berry
    Amy Sassara
    Nathaniel Larson
    Shirley Huang
    Ben Kubany photoBen Kubany & Ben Kubany
    Lesley Carlsen
    Johanna, W, Au
    Dorothy Mukasa
    Thomas Sawatzki & Lori Thomas
    Olivia Rose Barry
    Bethany A Sutro
    Kari Haugen
    Masters family
    Tessa Matson
    Dorrie Marks & David
    Brian W. Thomas
    Deirdre C Gorman
    Anna Batie
    Dane, E, Stevenson
    Jeremy E. Henkel
    Chris Andrews
    Kristina M Wilson
    Kirsten P Nicolaysen & Timothy H. Parker
    Jessica Neill
    Jackie S Wood
    Brian Percival

    Chris Andrews matched $50
    Alison Wallisch matched $100
    Matt Dittrich matched $160
    Jennifer Dean & David Dean matched $250
    doug kaimakis matched $500
    Nancy Sanchez matched $1,000
    Akshay '99 & Keech Combe Shetty matched $25,000
    Board of Trustees member Brad McMurchie '84 & Julie McMurchie, Parent '15 '16 & '20 matched $50,000
    Board of Trustees member Gordon '68 & Katherine Britt Keane '67 matched $17,021
    Claire Evans photoClaire Evans gave $250
    President's Advisory Board Member Sonya Campion '83 gave $2,500
    President's Advisory Board Member Sonya Campion '83 gave $2,500
    President's Advisory Board Member Sonya Campion '83 gave $2,500
    President's Advisory Board Member Sonya Campion '83 gave $2,500
    President's Advisory Board Member Sonya Campion '83 gave $2,500
    Anonymous donor gave $25,000