Blue Nation Giving Day

This campaign ended on December 12, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Wellesley College by clicking here!

Today, December 11, is a BIG day for the Wellesley College athletics community. Help make history on the first ever Friends of Wellesley College Athletics Blue Nation Giving Day

Today, when you make a gift to Friends of Athletics, your gift will go even further because there are $13,500 dollars of challenge funds waiting to be unlocked: 

• The first 75 donors unlock $2,500 from Bridget Belgiovine, Chair/Director of Athletics!

• When we reach 150 donors, field hockey parent Dan Negron P’19, will donate $1,000! 

• When we reach our goal of 250 donors, we will unlock $10,000 from Ginger Horne Kent ’76! 

Oh, and one more thing: because we're a naturally competitive bunch, the varsity and club sport teams with the highest participation on Blue Nation Giving Day will each receive $1,000!  

Your support of Friends of Athletics is essential to the continued success of Wellesley varsity and club sports. Go Blue!



US Heat Map


Global Heat Map


Team Leaderboard

I'm with...DonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
Softball 200$2,79550400.0%
Fencing 142$1,77265218.5%
Ultimate Frisbee 106$94975141.3%
Crew 90$4,2499594.7%
Swimming & Diving 38$1,7859540.0%
Nordic Ski 33$1,0957544.0%
Friends of Wellesley College Athletics 25$1,91000
Soccer 20$1,2867028.6%
Field Hockey 17$7807024.3%
Lacrosse 13$5507517.3%
Basketball 11$8727015.7%
Volleyball 11$7556516.9%
Cross Country 10$2905518.2%
Tennis 9$2905516.4%
Track & Field 9$2456015.0%
Sailing 5$484511.1%
Squash 4$502656.2%
Golf 3$143456.7%
Rugby 3$137407.5%
Equestrian 3$28506.0%
Archery 2$27454.4%
Water Polo 1$2502.0%
Ice Hockey 1$2402.5%

Donor affiliations

33% Alumnae

Show Alumnae

19% Students

Show Students

20% Parents

Show Parents

5% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

29% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Dave Johnson
Matthew willis
Carol Antone
Pepper Washburn
Angela M. Chao-Wang
Elizabeth Pryor
Carlos A Pinedo
Merritt McLean
Avlyn Ashterman-Reece
Isaku Shao
Akiyo Shao
Amanda Hui
Harry Topol
Tyler Feeney
Gretchen Saglimben
Aidan R Chambers
Mariami, M, Bekauri
Sara J Reinganum
Joseph Cheng
Cammie Lewis
Kathryn B Harney
Sienna Laughton
Jasmine Davis
Michelle Moniz
Petek Altug
Jack Duggan
Kristyn Friske
Jennifer Hsieh
Kara Bernert
Peter Cronin
Julie Reed
Megan Roberts
Julie Kwon

Olivia Duggan photoOlivia Duggan matched $29
Elaine Harvey photoElaine Harvey gave $50
Dan Negron gave $1,000 because 150 donors made a gift in 5 days.
Bridget Belgiovine gave $2,500 because 75 donors made a gift in 5 days.
Maria Finarelli '90 gave $5,000 because 450 donors made a gift in 0 days.
Maria Finarelli '90 gave $5,000 because 350 donors made a gift in 1 day.
Maria Finarelli '90 gave $6,000 because 650 donors made a gift in 1 day.
Ginger Horne Kent gave $10,000 because 250 donors made a gift in 5 days.