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This campaign ended on July 10, 2021, but you can still make a gift to University of Southern Maine by clicking here!

Stonecoast Review is a non-profit journal staffed entirely by volunteers and Stonecoast
MFA students. We never charge artists to submit to the journal, and we want to keep it
that way. But to do that, we need your help. All donations will cover production costs
and will ensure that we continue to publish new writing. Every donation, no matter how
small, will help us reach our goal of $5,000.

Here at Stonecoast Review, we strive to discover and celebrate a diverse array of
voices. We publish writing that promotes inclusivity and social justice. We publish
emerging writers, indigenous, Black, Latinx, and Asian writers, sexual and gender
minorities. We believe that stories should reflect our world as it truly is—and we long for
those stories to show us how the world could be, if every voice were given an equal
opportunity to be heard. The latest edition of Stonecoast Review, Issue 14, is filled with
poems, fiction, essays, drama, and artwork. It's incredible just how much is contained in
such a small book. Monarch butterflies and laundry day musings. Secret love letters,
roasted chicken dinners, French country houses built on top of skeletons. Worm moons
and women who dive beneath the sea for abalone shells.

So many voices, so many stories. An entire world in 162 pages.

These past few years, we have learned all too well how words can be manipulated by
those in power. Stories can be dangerous. Stories can hurt and harm and tear a nation
apart. But as writers and artists, we know that stories can also give hope and strength,
joy and solace. As Tim O’Brien said, “stories can save us.”

Yes. Stories can save us. Stories can show us the world. And your donation
to Stonecoast Review can help us cultivate the diverse voices whose stories will build
that world better.                                                                        

On behalf of the entire Stonecoast Review Team— Thank you for supporting our

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