2200 in '22

437% of 2,200 Donor goal
This campaign ended on June 30, 2022, but you can still make a gift to University of Massachusetts-Lowell by clicking here!

This year, The United in Blue Fund has set an ambitious goal to raise our donor count to 2200 donors.  Gifts can support team boosters, scholarships, facility improvements or the athletic annual fund.  You can help us achieve this goal by first making a gift to the athletic program of your choice but then, encourage teammates, family and friends to join you in supporting River Hawk athletics.

Because we all love a little competition, the advocate that generates the most unique gifts will be awarded with special thank you gifts throughout the year.  Gifts range from tickets to gear to special invites.  Use your unique link to get credit for your recruits.


Congratulations to all the River Hawk teams that met their 40 donor goal and successfully unlocked the $2000 challenge money.  The United in Blue Fund is over 65% of the way to completing our year-long donor with six months left.

Thank you to the over 1500 supporters who have given so far. 

169 days ago by Amy Judge
Fall Challenge!

Thanks to a generous donor putting up Challenge Money, we are off to a great start in our goal to reach 2200 by the end of June.

Any team that reaches 40 donors by the end of the month will unlock $2000 to their team booster.  So far, several teams have already unlocked these funds.

Please spread the word and help all our teams unlock the $2000!

196 days ago by Amy Judge

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