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Today, on #GivingTuesday, people around the world will come together through their generosity and gifts to unleash their power and transform communities.

We hope you'll join this movement and our Greyhound community with a gift to the UIndy Fund to support our students and celebrate the ways they shine through these difficult times because of you!

At UIndy, students, faculty, staff and supporters have come together to make the Fall semester an impactful one. While this year has looked different, UIndy students have thrived while overcoming obstacles and adapted to new learning styles!

As we approach a new semester with renewed ambitions, students will continue to need your support to help make it through the final stretch of the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Throughout the day we’ll be sharing several ways students are still shining through despite these difficult times, thanks to the continued support of alumni and friends like you!


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Grady Ornament
“Education for Service” Continues, Even Through a Pandemic

Some things can’t be put on hold during a pandemic. That was the case for UIndy human biology students working in the Human Identification Center. Through the University’s Forensic Anthropology and Forensic DNA Labs, UIndy students continued their learning and service to the community. Even when the University went virtual this spring, they didn’t skip a beat. By gaining essential employee status and taking additional safety precautions, students continued to help provide human identification answers to law enforcement in Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio while gaining valuable hands-on learning experiences. This program is a true testament of UIndy’s motto, “Education for Service.”

“I truly appreciate everyone who has supported UIndy and am so grateful to those who have made it possible for me to pursue my education. Without this current program and all of its hands-on learning opportunities, I would not feel as confident in science as I do now.” — Alba Craig ’21, Human Biology

“I am so appreciative for every person who has made the opportunities I’ve been given possible. I am a stronger scientist and better person because of them.” — Sidney Thompson ’21, Master’s in Human Biology

615 days ago by Lora Teliha
UIndy Votes!

UIndy Votes!

Out of an abundance of caution, students who participate in the non-partisan, student-led project, UIndy Votes!, couldn’t accommodate door-to-door voter registration this year due to the pandemic. However, that didn’t stop them from educating students about the importance of voting and helping them register. Through registration drives on campus and at local businesses and organizations, UIndy Votes! registered more than 100 voters and helped confirm many registrations. Their social media efforts also paid off as they were able to answer many questions online.

This experience helped students gain communication skills and gave them the opportunity to think about the right to vote and the importance of having access to voting locations and information. The pandemic never discouraged this group of determined students. Instead, they asked, “What do we need in order to keep our efforts going?”

"Thank you for supporting the University of Indianapolis, and the education that's preparing me for a life of public service. Your generosity fuels the work that I do in civic engagement; consider it an investment not only in our students but in the future of your community. We couldn't do it without you!" — Ally Nickerson ’21, Political Science and Communication Major

615 days ago by Lora Teliha
Making a Big Difference through a Global Collaborative Effort

UIndy students are safely working in UIndy’s lab as they participate in a global study to help analyze the active ingredient in drugs sold in developing countries. According to the World Health Organization, 10% of pharmaceuticals sold in developing nations are deficient in the active ingredient and 5% contain no active ingredient—all causing potential harm to those taking it. With an overabundance of drug evaluations needed, UIndy is helping with the Distributed Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab study by attracting undergrad researchers to help with this analysis.

After passing quality control measures, students test pharmaceuticals using advanced chemical instrumentation in UIndy's chemistry lab. The substandard samples found by UIndy students will then be sent for further testing where a final report will be forwarded to the medicine regulatory agencies for review. This real-world collaborative effort gives students hands-on opportunities while using their “Education for Service” to help others in need.

I am grateful for the contributions that allow me to do research in the field I love and use instrumentation that I otherwise could not use. This sets me up for success and allows me to get the most out of my undergraduate degree.” — Shira Sasson ’21, Chemistry

“The four years I have spent at UIndy have been absolutely outstanding thanks to the exceptional faculty, amazing students, and unique experiences such as the DPAL project. I am thankful for both those who have made my time at UIndy so special, as well as those who I have never met whose contributions have helped to make these experiences possible.” — Evan Brandenburg ’21, Biology and Chemistry

615 days ago by Lora Teliha
Internship with OneAmerica provides Information Technology Experience and an Edge

Through the help of UIndy’s Professional Edge Center, senior Shayla Pyszka was able to acquire a highly-sought after internship with OneAmerica Financial Partners. As an information systems and applied analytics student, Shayla provided key support roles in information technology as an IT Analyst making websites and apps more user-friendly for customers. She also worked with a team of interns on the development of a mobile app that’s currently under review for use with OneAmerica employees.

Shayla has been hired by OneAmerica as an Information Technician where she will be able to explore different roles in the IT department. Though completely virtual, Shayla’s internship allowed her to network with a team and have real-world experiences that will help her transition to a remote work environment after she graduates.

"I am so grateful to be able to attend the University of Indianapolis where the Professional Edge staff and professors are extremely helpful and caring toward their students. They are always helping us reach our potential by sending us extra resources and job/internship opportunities, like the one I am benefiting from now." — Shayla Pyszka ’20, Information Systems, Applied Analytics

615 days ago by Lora Teliha
Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Students Gain a New Telehealth Skill

UIndy occupational therapy students were only one to three weeks shy of their clinical requirements for graduation when COVID-19 began hitting communities and they were pulled from their placements at local hospitals. Fortunately, UIndy faculty quickly implemented a new electronic medical records system which allowed students to gain telehealth experience to fulfill their academic requirements. Additionally, in true Greyhound fashion, many UIndy alumni who are now licensed occupational therapists stepped up to help supervise these sessions.

The telehealth sessions continued to be beneficial for both OT and PT students over the summer. While this experience is one that students may not have had before, it exposed them to a new practice area that may become more common, especially in rural areas. Students learned how to engage with clients using their therapeutic use of self with technology and gained experience managing treatment sessions online.

“I am so grateful for the telehealth fieldwork opportunity that allowed me to graduate on time and expand my clinical skills. My graduate school experience has been wonderful, thanks to those who support UIndy and the entire Occupational Therapy department at UIndy!” — Maggie Rhodes, ’16 ’20, Psychology and Master’s in Occupational Therapy

616 days ago by Lora Teliha
See how students are shining through because of support from our Greyhound community!

Throughout the day, we'll be sharing various stories of UIndy students shining through and persevering through this past year. They are on a mission to continue their education while making a difference for our communities. Be sure to come back often throughout the day to see and share our campaign and read new stories!

616 days ago by Lora Teliha

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