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Caring for others—that’s what Greyhounds do best. Join us this #GivingTuesday as we promote wellness from head to toe and celebrate the ways UIndy students in Psychology, Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, and Art Therapy are caring for our communities. Students volunteer and provide thousands of hours of clinical services to the community during their internships, practicums, and applied learning experiences. The impact of their outreach is immeasurable, but below you'll find just a few statistics about the variety of ways they are making a difference in behavioral health across the country. Also, visit our Facebook photo album to learn about several ways students have made an impact.

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An additional $5 will be given to impact our communities.

When you make a gift to UIndy, an additional $5 per gift (up to $2,500) will be given to the College of Applied Behavioral Sciences to help purchase the supplies students need in order to serve our communities during their practicums and internships. (For example: Art supplies are needed for art-therapy students to use at a non-profit internships to help clients; and copyrighted resources can be provided for students to counsel postpartum patients.)

Student impact at internships, practicums, and applied learning experiences.

  • Each undergraduate social work student completes 504 practicum hours over the course of their junior and senior year. Their impact can be found in centers and organizations that support addictions and mental health issues, adoptions, healthcare, social justice and leadership, re-entry programs in criminal justice, legal assistance, schools and youth, women, seniors, LGBTQI+, and those affected by homelessness, a disability, domestic violence or sexual assault. Students completing their master’s in social work complete 900 practicum hours in the community serving similar populations. The scope of this program also prepares students to provide counseling services.
  • Master's in mental health counseling and art therapy students contributed approximately 7,400 hours in service to the community, during the 2018-2019 school year. Students help clients through group and individual therapy at various behavioral health facilities, correctional facilities, university counseling centers, and organizations dedicated to improving the health and well-being of others.
  • Each clinical psychology doctoral student completes at least 1200 hours of practicum. During this time, students serve clients in a variety of sites which include hospitals, university counseling centers, community counseling or private practices, assessment clinics, treatment and rehabilitation centers, veteran’s affairs centers, and correctional or juvenile justice facilities.


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US Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students
1973 10$1,690
2008 10$525
1986 9$700
2009 9$330
2001 9$700
1970 8$575
2010 8$325
2007 8$500
1998 8$615
2018 8$275
2014 8$260
1972 8$680
2000 8$650
2015 8$250
1993 7$450
2004 7$2,775
2002 7$375
1997 7$350
2016 7$220
2019 7$133
2005 6$2,675
2006 6$425
1976 6$925
2003 6$185
2012 6$160
1974 6$1,675
1990 6$1,500
1980 5$1,150
1988 5$475
1975 5$1,900
1994 5$355
2021 4$80
1999 4$375
1987 4$625
1971 4$935
2020 4$125
1961 4$325
1996 4$550
1984 4$2,525
1968 4$275
1967 3$130
1964 3$350
1965 3$200
1978 3$600
1989 3$105
1977 3$125
1992 3$130
1983 3$125
1981 3$100
1963 3$150
1995 3$150
2011 3$105
2024 2$225
2022 2$30
1982 2$550
2013 2$50
2017 2$50
1958 1$100
1966 1$25
1969 1$25
1991 1$25
1979 1$100

Designation Leaderboard

UIndy Scholarship Fund 163$8,622
UIndy Fund 141$16,489
Phylis Lan Lin Social Work Department Fund 35$1,665
Counseling and Art Therapy Department Fund 32$1,285
Psychology Department Fund 17$780

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Kelly S. Hunter
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Debbie Kallenberger
Michelle Hunnius
Jan C Joop & Matthew A Joop
Tammy S. Wehnert & Aaron Wehnert
Randall Craig & Rebecca
Charlotte Stahrr
Lila Beck
James Hayes photoJames Hayes
Brian S Clarke
Terrance B Fuller
Anthony A Rojas
Donna Peterson
Kenneth Shields
Bill Bitting
Mary K. Anthony & Tom Anthony
Gene McDowell
Elijah Hammans & Laura
Rebecca A Gilliland
Amy A. Jarecki
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Chandra Bramlett
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