UIndy Day: April 25, 2017

This campaign ended on April 26, 2017, but you can still make a gift to University of Indianapolis by clicking here!


It’s time to celebrate the University of Indianapolis! Join us as we strive to reach 425 donors in 24 hours. Make a gift to support one of the following projects that provide students with hands-on learning opportunities at UIndy. The UIndy Alumni Association Board of Directors has offered a special challenge for UIndy Day. The first three projects to reach 50 donors will receive $1,000 from the Alumni Board. And the project with the most donors will earn an additional $1,000!

UIndy Scholarships

Your gifts will help us provide more scholarships to students, strengthening our generous financial aid program. Scholarships support continued academic excellence and diversity, making a UIndy education accessible to any talented, qualified person who seeks it. Ninety-six percent of UIndy undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid. Your support could be the deciding factor for their future as a Greyhound.


The Vandercook letterpress will be a game-changer for the UIndy Art & Design program, completing a full collection of presses. This student-operated re-setting and re-inking machine will be the catalyst for opening a new letterpress-only class and will allow students to complete complicated, technically-savvy projects on the professional level.

Athletic Training iPads

Forward-thinking athletic trainers are redefining their roles in healthcare and patient outcomes through advances in technology. IPads will give UIndy athletic trainers information at their fingertips to enhance quality care for student-athletes.

Financial Analysis Platform

UIndy students work with real clients, using real money. Why shouldn’t they be using a professional analysis program? Morningstar Direct investment is a financial analysis platform used by leading industry professionals. It allows for hands-on, applied learning in the classroom, increasing our students’ competitiveness in the market.

Simulation Mannequin

They talk. They turn blue. They hemorrhage. And they scream. These high-tech mannequins mimic human symptoms to prepare nursing students for what they will encounter in real hospital settings. Housed in the Simulation Center, these mannequins allow UIndy students to practice challenging clinical skills in a safe environment before working on real patients.



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US Donor Map

Designation Leaderboard

DesignationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
UIndy Scholarship Fund 97$10,85950194.0%
Letterpress 57$2,11250114.0%
Simulation Mannequin 50$3,09050100.0%
Athletic Training iPads 38$1,7755076.0%
Finance Software 13$6355026.0%

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
2010 16$1,716
2007 14$713
2008 12$525
2012 9$177
2011 9$310
2005 9$370
2003 9$325
2014 9$500
2013 8$202
2006 8$440
2009 7$365
2018 7$575
1992 7$188
2001 6$765
1999 6$290
1989 6$375
2016 6$195
1998 6$1,445
2015 6$105
2019 6$235
1988 6$692
2017 6$355
2002 5$520
1997 4$365
1991 4$45
1994 4$778
2004 4$272
1986 4$75
2000 4$285
1987 3$500
1995 3$920
1984 3$204
1993 3$600
2020 3$250
1969 3$350
1970 3$125
1990 2$50
1976 2$200
1974 2$50
1985 2$150
1975 2$200
1980 2$131
1978 2$1,010
1979 1$45
1977 1$25
1971 1$50
1958 1$500
1961 1$50
1982 1$20
1973 1$100
1968 1$200
1981 1$25

Donor affiliations

35% Alumni

Show Alumni

2% Students

Show Students

5% Parents

Show Parents

21% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

6% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Kelsey Ring
Elizabeth Edington Eismeier
Holly Kraick photoHolly Kraick & Matt Kraick
Stephanie Hays-Mussoni
john T Wirtz & john
Lang & Jeanne Brownlee
Amy A. Jarecki
Hannah Purcell
John L. Carr & Candace T. Carr
Allison L Schrock
Jen Hiatt
Mary Gospel & Tom Gospel
Lindsay K Noles
Brenda Howard
Laura Darnell
Bonnie Holdorf
Melissa Montgomery & Thurman Montgomery
Fenrick James & Katherine James
Timothy W and Charlotte Shorter
Rebecca Gilliland
Sara Germann
Linda Showalter Balthaser
Stephen H. Kolison, Jr.
Lisa Borrero
Melissa A Gliva & Tom
Jill Price
Stephen Jones
Kelly Thompson
Robert Manuel
Amy Burton
Dawn davidson & Scott davidson
Lauren Cain
Nikki Grotenhuis
Laine Bradburn
Elizabeth S. Moore, PhD
Gregg A. Hiland & Kathy S. Hiland
Andrea Newsom & Adam Newsom

Coran Sigman photoCoran Sigman matched $50
Teresa Jayne photoTeresa J. Voorhees matched $100
Ammar Dalal photoAmmar Dalal matched $60
Kory Vitangeli photoKory V. matched $200
Christopher H. Molloy & Christopher matched $250
Emily Kubala Gottschalk matched $25
Evan Gottschalk photoEvan Gottschalk matched $160
Lynn Shaw matched $1,000
Kory Vitangeli photoKory Vitangeli gave $125 because 125 donors made a gift in 1 day.

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