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This spring, there are currently 3249 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students enrolled at University of Findlay.

Did you know there are opportunities for your dollars to be invested to immediately positively impact these students’ current needs on campus? With your thoughtful investment, funds will become available to provide financial support that will not require re-payment.

Oiler Student Conference Fund

Through UF’s recognized active student organizations, student members are made aware of opportunities to attend regional and national conferences. Unfortunately, most organizations and their membership do not take advantage of these leadership opportunities because there are no substantial funds available to offset the cost of travel, housing, meals and the conference fees. Currently, if a student chooses to attend one of these conferences, they are required to pay everything out of pocket. This could be an additional $750.00 – $2,000.00 dollars added to their already stretched budget. Unfortunately, many students are not able to take on this additional financial burden. Conferences provide opportunities for students attending to forge closer bonds to one another. They are empowered by the opportunity to network with students from across the state, nation and/or other countries who are members of the same organization(s) sharing in likeminded roles on their campuses. This, in turn, expands students’ sense of community. Additionally, there are opportunities for professional networking and development through the conferences.  Attending conferences, adds another layer to empowering our student Oilers in their preparation for meaningful lives and productive careers. 

Student Emergency Fund

There are unexpected emergencies that take place in student Oiler’s lives. Often times, these emergencies have price tags. Donations earmarked for student emergency funds will immediately assist a student who financially needs that extra support. The U.S. Government ear marked funding after COVID to assist with such emergencies. That funding is going away. The emergency needs of University of Findlay’s student Oilers is not going away. Some, but not an exhaustive list, in which students have applied for emergency assistance:

  • Unexpected car repair
  • Emergency medical care
  • Groceries
  • Gas money to get home for a family emergency
  • Transportation (bus, train, cab) to get home for a family emergency and/or funeral

Our mission is to inspire and prepare students as they grow and evolve into confident young adults enjoying meaningful lives and productive careers upon graduation. Your financial gift provides the immediate support and catalyst of encouragement that will keep roadblocks from slowing down student’s progress. During their collegiate experience, your donation, will provide support to expand their positive experience here at University of Findlay. 

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