Titan Equity Nourish Network: TENN - 2021-2022

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On January 28th, 2020, Campus Kitchen celebrated its 10th Anniversary and changed its name to Titan Equity Nourish Network: TENN. 

Why TENN? 

Titan: We are proud to be Titans. Community collaboration ignites our students and nourishes growth through meaningful service opportunities and educational engagement.  

Equity: We strive for a food system that is grounded in equity because equality does not equate to justice. Through mutually beneficial relationships with our community, we seek to examine and remediate the root causes of food and environmental inequity.

Nourish: We nourish bodies, relationships, minds, and the earth. While nourishment can be acquired through food, we also nourish through community engagement, education, and sustainable practices.  

Network: We are privileged to be a part of a greater network. In collaboration with Detroit Mercy staff, faculty, and students, and community partners and campus neighbors, we work together for a more food sovereign Detroit.

Titan Equity Nourish Network (TENN) at University of Detroit Mercy fosters student and community collaboration for a more food sovereign Detroit. TENN provides students with real opportunities to apply things they learn in the classroom as they design and lead programs that promote equity and sustainability in the food system. As a part of the Institute for Leadership and Service, TENN student leaders coordinate multiple service opportunities each week that reduce the immediate effects and systemic causes of hunger and food waste. 

In 2020, TENN continued to engage students in impactful food justice work. In response to COVID-19, we expanded our delivery program and have distributed over 31,000 lbs of fresh produce, dry goods, and fresh bread to our neighbors on Princeton Street, families of Developing Despite Distance, and Lakeridge Village. Our students have continued to meet in four committees : Food Recovery Network, Urban Agriculture, Sustainability, and Healthy Neighborhoods. These teams are working to engage students and our surrounding community in food justice efforts. 

Donations to TENN nurture innovative collaborations between college students and Detroit residents to alleviate hunger, reduce food waste, and support urban agriculture through service, research, and educational initiatives.

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