The Bryn Mawr School presented the inaugural Howard P. Colhoun Family Woman of Consequence Award to Rebecca Corbett P’05 on Thursday, April 29, 2021. As the investigations editor at The New York Times, Ms. Corbett has overseen some of the most important news stories in the past decade, including the Harvey Weinstein investigation, which led to a cascade of sexual harassment stories around the globe and a cultural reckoning on the issue. 

The Howard P. Colhoun Family Woman of Consequence Award, named in honor of a loyal Bryn Mawr volunteer leader, inspires the next generation of changemakers by celebrating and supporting women who have used their voices and actions to make positive contributions to the building of a more equitable and just world. “Leadership not only comes from experience, but seeing others do it well,” said Howard “Pete” Colhoun P’82 ‘84 ‘92, Bryn Mawr trustee emeritus. “My family and I are pleased to support this important initiative at Bryn Mawr to provide students with inspiration and role models of leadership. Showing young girls what other women have accomplished in life puts it in their realm of possibility and reach.”