Alumnae and Upper School teachers Dr. Irina Spector-Marks ’04 and Dr. Kim Long Riley ’79 were the 2019 Founders Day speakers. After speaking passionately about their work on the Bryn Mawr History Project and the way Bryn Mawr was when they were students, they closed with a message about the importance of knowing Bryn Mawr’s full history. 

“What do we take from the past? What do we leave behind? How do we choose what we wish to emulate and what we wish to reject? And when we are faced with the complexity of living beings, who are never entirely good and rarely entirely evil—how do we choose what we do with their legacy?  Everyone’s answers to these questions is going to differ. Some prefer to burn the bridges to their past, others to whitewash over it, still others continue to feel a nostalgic connection while intellectually remaining critical. We’re not here to provide answers for you. What we hope we’ve done is tell you a bit more about Bryn Mawr’s many, sometimes contradictory, pasts. There is not one Bryn Mawr to honor, there are many Bryn Mawrs to try to understand. Then you may choose how you wish to move forward into Bryn Mawr’s future.”

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