Bryn Mawr School: Together in Spirit

This campaign ended on May 10, 2020, but you can still make a gift to The Bryn Mawr School by clicking here!

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve found strength in the values that unite us as a Bryn Mawr community—resilience, collaboration, and compassion. Though we are physically distanced, we are together in spirit and know it is critical that we inspire and support each other.

The strongest, most immediate, and most flexible way to support the school is through The Fund for Bryn Mawr, which allows us to distribute funds where they are most urgently needed. Each and every gift to Bryn Mawr - no matter the amount- has an impact and will allow us to continue doing our best to assist students and families in need, all while continuing to deliver the excellence in teaching and learning for which Bryn Mawr is known, even at a distance. 

Our current circumstances call us to action—to support our students, faculty and staff, and our beloved Bryn Mawr. You can show your support either by honoring a teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week on May 4-9, 2020 or participating in #GivingTuesdayNow, a new global day of giving and unity that will take place on May 5, 2020

  1. Make your gift to The Fund for Bryn Mawr and support an area that is most inspiring to you. From Financial Aid to Faculty Support to Arts and Athletics, there are many ways to make a difference for Bryn Mawr students, teachers, and programs! 
  2. Make an impact by encouraging your classmates, family, and friends to support Bryn Mawr as an advocate! 
  3. Share a story about a favorite teacher or what it means to you to be part of the Bryn Mawr Community by snapping a photo or making a video and uploading it to social media with the hashtag #Togetherinspirit.



    US Donor Map

    Class Leaderboard

    The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumnae, Parents, Grandparents, Parent of Alumnae
    2022 7$3,0504.7%
    2024 5$3503.3%
    2026 5$9003.3%
    1958 4$6252.7%
    1970 3$1,5502.0%
    1995 3$4602.0%
    2015 3$2302.0%
    2023 2$5251.3%
    2020 2$3001.3%
    2025 2$6001.3%
    2028 2$1,7501.3%
    1968 2$1001.3%
    1989 2$1251.3%
    2010 2$5101.3%
    2002 2$1,0501.3%
    1983 2$1751.3%
    1952 2$3501.3%
    2008 2$9001.3%
    2030 1$5000.7%
    2021 1$5000.7%
    2027 1$2500.7%
    2031 1$1000.7%
    2019 1$1,5000.7%
    1991 1$1,5000.7%
    1982 1$2000.7%
    2003 1$350.7%
    2014 1$5000.7%
    2006 1$3000.7%
    2018 1$250.7%
    1976 1$6000.7%
    2017 1$2500.7%
    2004 1$500.7%
    1956 1$1000.7%
    1990 1$2000.7%
    2012 1$100.7%
    1988 1$5000.7%
    2005 1$500.7%
    1986 1$250.7%
    1973 1$1000.7%
    2001 1$250.7%
    2009 1$200.7%
    2011 1$500.7%
    1987 1$5000.7%
    1950 1$2500.7%

    Designation Leaderboard

    School's Unrestricted Use 60$13,97540.0%
    Financial Aid 12$1,1108.0%
    Faculty Support 10$3,0256.7%
    Little School 2$1151.3%
    Academics 2$1251.3%
    Arts 2$601.3%

    Donor affiliations

    48% Alumnae

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    31% Parents

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    2% Grandparents

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    5% Parent of Alumnae

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    18% Faculty/Staff

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    2% Friends

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    Donor list

    Benjamin Lee
    Harleen Singh
    Song Chen
    Sophia A Crook
    Augusta MacLaughlin
    Thomas N. Pointer, Jr
    Brittany Anderson
    Beiying Chen
    Lisa Polyak
    Mali Jiang
    Elizabeth Day Levy, class of 1952
    Elizabeth Day Levy
    Louise Hicks Smith
    Elizabeth Day Levy
    Donisha Eldridge-Adams
    Jinglu Li
    Eugene Koh
    David Stephens
    Susannah Matthai
    Marian BAKER
    Ladenson, Lauren Marcus
    Emily Hessian Campbell
    Molly Corbett
    PhoebeA Driscoll
    Daniel Johnson
    Julia S. Feiss
    Anita Sampath
    Lucy L Howard
    Carolyn Thompson Tapp
    Amanda Macomber
    The Motley Family
    Megan Brown
    Mike Grogan
    Mara Rubin

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