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In the U.S. we as citizens are blessed to have veterans that fight to keep us safe and preserve our freedom. Of the over 2.7 million American veterans that have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, at least 20% suffer from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and depression. Some of those facing trauma and transition challenges are among our SJC student and alumni veterans. Now, there’s a way you can help! 

SJC’s would like to host an “I Was There” (IWT) collaborative filmmaking workshop.  The IWT video-based therapy will be conducted by members of the Patton Veterans Project, a not for profit founded by the Benjamin Patton, grandson of WWII’s General George S. Patton, Jr.  IWT’s mission is to help veterans coping with PTS reduce social isolation and strengthen family, community and professional bonds.  Filmmaking workshops enable collaboration with peers to process their service experiences.  Also incorporated is a screening event that validates veterans’ experiences, advances community dialogue, and educates the public.   The Patton Veterans Project has hosted more than 50 film workshops at eight military bases, VA medical centers, universities and private clinics both in the U.S and Israel collaborating on more than 300 short films.    

  • Participants enjoyed the ability to choose the level of involvement that was right for them (how much they wanted to share about their trauma) which helped them regain a sense of choice and made them feel safe.
  • Sharing stories with other veterans who had similar experiences and feelings helped them to feel understood. 
  • The multi-sensory (both audio and visual) nature of the films allowed them to express their trauma in ways that were easier than putting complex feelings into words. 
  • The films allowed them to share, for the first time, their experiences with family and friends leading to communication, healing and recovery. 

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