Love Blue Give Gold 2021

100% of 500 Donor goal
This campaign ended on April 08, 2021, but you can still make a gift to St. Edward's University by clicking here!
Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship - LBGG 2021
111% 39 Donorsfunded$1,785 Donated
Hilltoppers Overcoming Obstacles Fund (HOOF) - LBGG 2021
125% 44 Donorsfunded$2,385 Donated
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - LBGG 2021
60% 15 Donorsfunded$1,334 Donated
College Assistance Migrant Program - LBGG 2021
160% 40 Donorsfunded$2,225 Donated
School of Arts and Humanities - LBGG 2021
108% 27 Donorsfunded$2,255 Donated
School of Behavioral and Social Sciences - LBGG 2021
44% 11 Donorsfunded$532 Donated
Bill Munday School of Business - LBGG 2021
68% 17 Donorsfunded$1,156 Donated
School of Natural Sciences - LBGG 2021
72% 18 Donorsfunded$1,333 Donated
Graduate and Professional Studies- LBGG 2021
28% 7 Donorsfunded$400 Donated
St. Edward's Community Counseling Clinic - LBGG 2021
40% 10 Donorsfunded$285 Donated

Love Blue? Give Gold!

Every year, the St. Edward’s community comes together during #LoveBlueGiveGold to support their favorite clubs, programs, and other Hilltop causes. Join us on April 7 & 8 for two days of exciting virtual events, brand new swag, and special prizes. 

Now in its seventh year, #LoveBlueGiveGold has become a crucial source of annual support for many campus programs and departments. Because St. Edward's is a non-profit, these Hilltop traditions rely on support from donors who give what they can to offset the costs for students each year. 

#LoveBlueGiveGold runs through April 8 at 10:30 p.m. CST this year, which means you still have time to attend an event, make your gift, and earn new SEU gear. Every donor matters, and every dollar makes a difference! We hope you'll give whatever you can to an area that's meaningful to you.

Giving Perks
We're 1885 minutes into the campaign! We're so excited, we could dance!

Toppers & TikTok: the crossover you didn't know you needed.

A huge THANK YOU to the 438 donors who have already given more than $32,500 to support essential programs and beloved Hilltop traditions. St. Edward's is remarkable because YOU are remarkable. We're so excited to celebrate this collective achievement!

Need a dance break? We did! We hope you'll celebrate alongside us tonight and cheer us on to a 500-donor victory. 

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