Roar More: Lions Fund Winter Giving Week

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This campaign ended on December 12, 2021, but you can still make a gift to St. Andrew's Episcopal School (MD) by clicking here!


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An Anonymous DonorParisa Karaahmet '87 matched $2,500

An Anonymous DonorChallenge for the Class of 1993: Paige (Dreyfuss Cooper) '93 matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorMiddle School Challenge: The Bickenbach Family matched $10,000

An Anonymous DonorThe Demas Family matched $25,000

An Anonymous DonorLower School Challenge: The Boland & Jones/Besant Families and an Anonymous Family matched $28,000

An Anonymous DonorCommunity Challenge for All Donors: 2 Trustees & An Anonymous Family matched $30,000

An Anonymous DonorUpper School Challenge: McManus, Stichman & Williams Families matched $40,000

An Anonymous DonorFounders Circle Challenge: An Anonymous Donor matched $50,000

An Anonymous DonorSenior Legacy Challenge (The Scarboro, Brown, Barnard, Ryan & Fernau Families) matched $75,000

The Lions Fund makes "more" happen at St. Andrew's. Every experience - from the classroom to the field to the stage - is enhanced thanks to your generosity. Roar More is your opportunity to make even "more" happen for current and future St. Andrew's students!

*If you have already made or pledged a gift to the Lions Fund, thank you. Please check back and follow along during Winter Giving Week to see how your generosity has inspired others! 

15 minutes left of the Haiti Power Hour!

During this Power Hour, members of the Hearts 4 Haiti club are encouraging their fellow students to give a dollar to support Christ Roi. They created some fun Tik Tok videos to promote the Power Hour! Give before 4 p.m. EST to directly support our Haiti partnership.

241 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
Drew Singleton '14 Shares His Haiti Trip Story

Drew Singleton ‘14, Middle School Humanities Teacher, got the opportunity to to visit Christ Roi as a student. "Haiti, for me, is honestly one of the best experiences I've ever had and one of the highlights of my time as student at St. Andrew's," Drew said. "I'm grateful for my time in Haiti and hope people will take the time to appreciate what they're going through and support them. If we can help them, we should."

241 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
Haiti Power Hour NOW until 4 p.m.!

Hearts 4 Haiti is taking over Winter Giving Week for a special Power Hour! From 3 to 4 p.m. EST, you can make a gift to support our Haiti partnership via our giving platform. Watch this video made by Lucy Ward ‘24 to learn more about our partner school, Christ Roi, and then make a gift. Thank you for your support!

241 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
What inspires our teachers to "roar more?"

Your generosity unlocks new opportunities for our faculty and staff. Here are just a few of the ways you inspire our teachers to “roar more.”

🎶 Original Music by Jovan Greene '24

241 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
A St. Andrew's Day Message from Mrs. Walsh

Earlier this month we celebrated St. Andrew’s Day with chapel talks from two titans of our school community: retired Chemistry teacher Irene Walsh and retired History teacher Alaster MacDonald. Watch this video to hear some of the wisdom Mrs. Walsh shared with our Lower School students.

A gift to the Lions Fund is your opportunity to say “thank you” to Alaster, Irene, and all the educators who have inspired you and your children. Give now.

241 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
Your Impact: St. Andrew's Swimming and Diving Team

The growth of our swimming and diving program, from its humble beginnings in 2016 to achieving exciting milestones today, has been made possible thanks to the generosity of our community. Just last week, eight swimmers qualified for the Metros Swim Championships, a huge accomplishment for the team and the program.

Hear what our student athletes love about our swimming and diving program, and give in appreciation for our inspiring Lion community.

242 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
Your Impact: The Performing Arts

Your generosity has enabled our arts department to grow. Just one example? This year’s winter musical, debuting in February, is “Les Misérables,” presenting exciting opportunities for new and seasoned members of the St. Andrew’s Players, including cast and crew members.

Do the arts at St. Andrew’s make you “roar more?” With just “one day more” to go of Winter Giving Week, show your support by making your Lions Fund gift today.

242 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
My More: Dr. Kenneth Waters

Dr. Kenneth Waters wears many hats in the Upper School - English and Philosophy & Religion Teacher, Upper School Diversity Coordinator, Advisor, and Director of Diverse Recruiting & Retention. One of the highlights of his year is shepherding our students who attend the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in December. Learn more about how this work inspires him.

You can enhance the St. Andrew's experience of all students with a gift to the Lions Fund. Give today.

242 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
My More: Lower & Middle School Students

Our Lower and Middle School students have so many reasons to “roar more!” Watch this video to hear what they love about St. Andrew’s, and make “more” possible for even more Lions by giving today.

243 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
Roar More Spotlight: Emi Fermin

Our faculty and staff, and the connections they foster with our students, make all of us “roar more.” Meet one of our newest teachers, Emi Fermin, who teaches Humanities and English in the Middle School, and learn how he inspires our students.

Feeling inspired? Make a gift during Winter Giving Week.

243 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
Alumni, what inspires you to "roar more?"

We are grateful to the many alumni who continue to support St. Andrew’s with their gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Watch this video to hear what inspires them to “roar more,” and join them with your gift now.

243 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
Your Impact: A Fitness Center for All Divisions

Walk along the Student Center’s Horowitz Terrace almost any time of day, and you’ll spot students in all divisions utilizing our state-of-the-art Fitness Center. From learning the fundamentals of personal physical fitness in fifth grade to training alongside teammates in the Upper School, the Fitness Center - made possible by generous donations - is core to the athletic program at St. Andrew’s.

Support athletics at St. Andrew’s with your gift to the Lions Fund today.

243 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
My More: Claire Gittleman

Claire Gittleman joined St. Andrew’s as a long-term substitute. Now, she’s introducing our youngest learners to Spanish, art, and their beautiful intersections. Learn more about what inspires Claire here at St. Andrew’s.

Feeling inspired? Give today.

243 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
Why I Give: Jamee Williams '12

Winter Giving Week is your opportunity to say "thank you!" for all the ways St. Andrew's has inspired you and continues to inspire you today. Join Jamee Williams '12 and make your Lions Fund gift this week.

244 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
Upper School Students, What's Your "More?"

We asked Upper School students what inspires them about St. Andrew’s, and here are just a few of their incredible responses. You can continue to make “more” possible for St. Andrew’s students with a gift to the Lions Fund. 

There are still many active giving challenges - see your impact double when you give today!

244 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
Your Impact: A Glowforge for the Lower School

Your generosity has made it possible for our Lower School to feature not one, but two design labs, both intentionally designed spaces where students from preschool through fifth grade can question, create, and innovate. One of the newest additions to our design labs, a Glowforge laser printer, happens to have a St. Andrew’s connection - Glowforge was founded by Tony Wright ‘90.

“I hope the greatest lesson that students take away is that the only thing standing between them and what they want to create is the right tools and the knowledge to use them,” Tony said. “This applies to everything, whether it's an art project, a prototype, a piece of software, or a startup. And there's never been a time where tools and knowledge were at the fingertips of so many people!"

Feeling inspired? Give now.

244 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
My More: Simone Foreman '22

Meet Simone Foreman - a member of the 2020 ISL Championship girls basketball team, a BAC intern, a Lower School aftercare proctor, and big sister to Ava ‘33. Learn more about what makes Simone “roar more” and make your gift to the Lions Fund today.

245 days ago by Kirsten Petersen
Your Generosity Inspires Us!

As we kick off this Winter Giving Week, we want to acknowledge the many members of our School community who have already made their Lions Fund gift. Thank you to all the current parents, alumni, employees, grandparents, parents of alumni, trustees, and more  who are leading the way!

Yael Marciano

K.D. and Geri Davis

Betsey Drucker and Rob Drucker

Barbara Kline and Robert Kline

Eva Dubovsky

David and Patti Gottesman

Tom Taylor and Sara Fanucchi

Kathy Steinman and Howard Steinman

Robert Kosasky and Beatriz González-Kosasky

John and Mary McMillen

Molly Hewes

Bruce and Ginny Weber

Andrew Seidman

Jenny and Matt Heaton

Jasmine Niernberger

David Primmer and Jean Hu-Primmer

Larissa Levine

Blair Kaine and Chris Kaine

Liz Naab

Howard and Jennie Austin

Kelly Anderson

Natalie Armacost

David Brandt and Heather Lair

Chantal Cassan

Daphne Clyburn and Michael MacEwen

Danielle Collins and Ansel Collins

Troy Dahlke

Kathy Doerr and James Tansey

Christopher Echave

Morgan Evans and Nicole Evans

Samuel Futrovsky and Joy Futrovsky

Claire Gittleman

Lorraine Martinez-Hanley

Gail Atwood and Fred Atwood

Christina Heidenberger and Thomas Heidenberger

Deidra Henderson

Sean Hurney

Karen Kaufman

Shelley Keneally and Ryan Keneally

Dale Kynoch

Molli Laux

Anne Macdonell

Molly Magner

Ryan Marklewitz

James Masciuch and Nikki Starace

Sara McAuliffe

Mari McDonald and Terry McDonald

Alyssa Morris and Brett Morris

Corey Null and Taryn Null

Ritchie Porter and Wendy Lanxner

Vas Pournaras and Gary Mayes

Rebecca Poyatt

Susheela Robinson and David Robinson

Megan Rogge and Seth Rogge

Nancy Schwartz

Kurt and Penny Sinclair

Nikki Starace and James Masciuch

Juliet Szyprowski

Kenneth Waters

Jordan Yonce

Ben Zastrow

Phyllis Robinson and Nik Hughes

Kirsten Petersen

David Pivirotto

Mark and Cyndi McKnight

Lane Brenner

Kim O'Shaughnessy and Brian O'Shaughnessy

Sam Speier and Andrew Henderson

Liz Kiingi and Stephen Kiingi

Rob Gamble and Stephanie Gamble

Paul and Shannon Ternes

Peggy Porterfield

Chuck and Mary Beth James

Damon Lombard

Amanda Waugh

Christina Chalmers and Geoff Chalmers

Christina Kornegay

Bonnie Nevel

Lauren Cook

Ian Kelleher and Nicole Morgan

Jordan and Molly Love

Susana Eusse and Jorge Eusse

Diana Pabón-Nugent and Greg Nugent

Josephine Monmaney

Tracey Goodrich

The Rev.James Isaacs

Lloret Moussa

Dane and Andrea Smith

Jenny Olin and Bill Olin

Jessica Stone

Jessica Seidman

Denise Kotek and John Kotek

Jordan Reilly

Ginger Cobb and Doug Cobb

Hilarie Hall and Matt Hall

William Ferriby

Lisa Shambaugh

Jody and Gary Widrick

Boyd Reilly

The Rev. Sally Slater

Andrew Martelli

Amy Hamm

Eliana Matos

Kiran Philip

Eva Shultis

Eric Vacchio

Adam Hellman and Lorien Redmond

Judy Kee and Nelson Kee

Michelle Serry and John Serry

Lesli Drewry

Erin Abernethy and Colin Abernethy

Randy Tajan

Debi Hayes

Rana Alarapon and Robert Alarapon

Tony and Donna Izzo

Stephen and Anne Ubl

Marian Carpenter and George Carpenter

Josh Lobsenz

Sydney Giunta

Karis Mardirossian

Devin Lucas

Maddie Mitchell

Edie Demas and Chuck Graef

Ana Pabón-Naab and Richard Naab

Sung Hee Kim and Hyun Lee

David Sheridan

Cyndi and Mark McKnight

Chavonne Primus

Glenn and Debra Whitman

Emi Fermin

John and Keeva Harmon

Laura Lo and Collin Lo

Marc Kaufman and Kate Carey

Diane Stewart

Parisa Karaahmet and Barbaros Karaahmetoglu

Drew Singleton

Sharon Leach and Dan House

Brad and Adeyela Bennett

Jessica North Macie and Jani North Saale

Tim Gregg

Luis Aguilar and Monica Estrada

Eric Grieve

Josh Jonas

Emilio Perdomo

Thomas Polimadei

Jose and Vilma Rivera

Javier and Jessica Saavedra

David Brown and Libby Bauer

Afshin and Atena Asgharian

Olivia Donaldson

Vicki and Thomas Hart

Jonathan Gerelus and Jacqueline Chan

Carrie Klingenberg

Fred and Cheryl Scarboro

Maria Diaz and Alex Haight

Husam Shabazz

Lauren Johnson

Sherry Craig

Sheila Wooters

Rachelle Adams

Peter Fraize

Monique McMillan-Jackson

Christine Lewis and Brian Lewis

Kelly Green Kahn and Randy Kahn

Lur Egan

Joe Phelan

Kevin Finn

Sheila Maith and David Douglass

Karly O'Brien

Gita Sadeh

Gregg Ponitch

Scott and Kelsi Corkran

Irina Varamesova and Anton Varamesova

Francisco Revert and Ana Mary Fernandez Carrillo

Kevin Jones and Ellen Jones

Jarena Harmon

Justin and Peggy Pyles

Michelle Wilson

Margy and Douglas Hemmig

Jaime and Adam Hirschfeld

Fred and Kelly Stroh

Sarah Horowitz

Tanya Kapanzhi

Richard and Georganne Coco

Jocelyn Harris

Dresden Koons and Alex Perdikis

Eric Brodsky

Steve Webster

Dara Eisner

Lily Velazco

Erik and Maryann Kitchen

Katie and Tim Yehl

Michael and Anne Clark

Alvaro and Karen Anillo

Melissa McManus and John McManus

Kelsey Freeman Saelens

Conrad and Lois Aschenbach

Andrew Smith and Amy Nadel

Beth Lavin-Carrillo

Warren and Ann Phillips

Austin Malloy and Fred Malloy

Gene and Cora Wethers

Edie Stanton and Kristen Stanton

Lauren Wiseman and David Wiseman

Patricia Ritter

Bill and Cheryl Amick

Sandy and Al Horowitz

John O'Shea and Dana O'Brien

Stephen and Refiloe Brushett

Tim Finn

Cindy Berkowitz

Janna and Paul Ryan

Audrey and Bill Demas

Larry and Judy Ikels

Dengfeng Chen and Wei Su

Steve and Cathy Albo

Jackie Mesa and Carlos Mesa

Ignacio Aicardi and Nina Aicardi

Lisa Barnard and Ross Brindle

Maryann Agge and Scott Agge

Eve Besant and Gregg Jones

Barry and Suzi Henderson

Larry Platt and Clare Herington

Seth Hirschfeld and Margaret Hirschfeld

David Helms and Susan Maloney

Gail Kaltman and Michael Kaltman

Melissa Myers-Soberanis and Jose Soberanis

Karen Fischer

Tim McCune

David and Barbara Haight

Sarah O'Keefe and Peter O'Keefe

Rick Haas and Patrizia Tumbarello

Alex Flecker and Barbara Byers

Yoko Komatsuzaki and Takuji Komatsuzaki

Robert and Pat Silverman

Peter and Megan Rosan

John Anderson and Molly Moore Anderson

Rico and Marie Martini

Izim Tuncer and Murat Tuncer

Jamee Williams

Candace Conway

Rhonda Williams and Tom Williams

Madeline O'Brien and Graham O'Brien

Anthony and Vickye Hayter

Eric and Rebeccah Sensenbrenner

Denise Holmes

Julie and Tim Herwig

Anita Mehmetoglu and Fuat Mehmetoglu

Audrey Jia

Cindy Yang and Jingbo Xiao

Dusty and Marc Menick

Matt Edenbaum

Rick and Marlene Kelly

Syed Ahmed and Maryam Ahmed

Michael and Alexandra Horowitz

Catherine and Mark Emmerson

Nick Cobbs

Skip Rideout

Tina Papamichael

Karlie Wilson and Tim Wilson

William and Rose Wallace

Tim and Karen Rose

Jean Crocker and Bill Crocker


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