Choose Your Pirate Athletics Challenge

This campaign ended on April 25, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Southwestern University by clicking here!

We reached our Choose Your Southwestern bonus challenge goal of 650 donors campus-wide! Collectively through all Pirate Athletic teams, we raised over $20,000 in support of our student-athletes by unlocking $4,500 from our generous anonymous donor.

We couldn't have done it without the support of each and every alumnus, student, parent, faculty, staff and friend of Southwestern who gave generously and spread the word to support causes that they care most about.

Thank YOU for choosing Pirate Athletics and Southwestern!

UPDATE: We reached our goal! The Challenge doesn’t stop there… Now if the campus-wide Choose Your Southwestern Challenge campaign reaches 650 donors we will unlock an additional $1000 for the Pirate Fund and $20,000 to the Southwestern Fund! 

Southwestern athletes, alumni, parents, coaches, faculty and staff are coming together to support all Pirate athletic teams through the Choose Your Pirate Athletics Challenge. Make a gift of any size to support the Pirate Fund (general athletics support), your favorite team, or support multiple teams.

All gifts count toward the overall Choose Your Southwestern Challenge. Click here for more info. If Athletics (all teams combined) reaches our overall goal of 150 donors, the Pirate Fund will receive an additional $3500!

Help spread the word! Click here for ways you can help encourage others to help us reach our goal by April 24.

Designation Leaderboard

Women's Swimming and Diving 57$1,85338.0%
Women's Basketball 42$2,47528.0%
Men's Swimming and Diving 41$1,93727.3%
Pirate Fund for Athletics 25$1,07516.7%
Women's Soccer 12$6088.0%
Women's Cross Country 12$4018.0%
Women's Tennis 11$12,7887.3%
Men's Tennis 9$6596.0%
Women's Golf 8$6225.3%
Men's Cross Country 8$3355.3%
Men's Track and Field 6$4354.0%
Women's Track and Field 4$5552.7%
Men's Golf 1$250.7%

Donor affiliations

23% Alumni

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7% Students

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23% Parents

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10% Faculty/Staff

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20% Friends

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Donor list

Cardone family
Helene Milner photoHelene Milner
M Cathy Taylor
Payson Puckett
Amelia Fuchs
Jeff Akers
Stephanie Granda
Beverly J Alfaro
Coreen foltz
Sandra Tovar
Kristina Staskawicz
Jen Scroggins
Juan Valdez
Cory Fujimoto
Linsay Biggers
Norma Lillian Warren
Camellia Oates
Daniel Tumis
Jacquelyn Hall
Rebecca & Jose Rizo
Susan and Kyle Hall
D. Nett
Alesia H Orren
Casey Blades
Romulus Frost
Jason Modglin & Erin
Erin Meise
George Cruz photoGeorge Cruz
Allison Cukrov
Carl Tyson
Painchaud, Laura

Allison Stubbs photoAllison Stubbs matched $50
Duarte matched $100
Bridget Collins matched $100
Georgianne Hewett photoGeorgianne Hewett matched $100
Jean Janssen photoJean Janssen matched $100
Kenda Jameson Evans photoKenda Jameson Evans matched $100
Craig McKinney photoCraig McKinney matched $100
Duarte matched $100
Cathy Bencivenga photoCathy Bencivenga matched $150
Michael Trung Nguyen photoMichael T. Nguyen matched $200
Shelley Smithson Eichenlaub matched $2,500
An Anonymous Donor matched $3,000
An Anonymous Donor matched $5,000
An Anonymous Donor matched $3,890
Craig McKinney photoCraig McKinney gave $100 because 100 donors made a gift in 7 days.
Kamna P photoKamna Tripathi gave $100 because $200 was donated in 6 days.
David H Stones photoDavid H Stones gave $200 because 25 donors made a gift in 14 days.
An Anonymous Donor gave $250 because 20 donors made a gift in 5 days.
An Anonymous Donor gave $250 because 5 donors made a gift in 3 days.
Weldon Crowley gave $1,000 because 25 donors made a gift in 18 days.
An Anonymous Donor gave $20,000 because 249 donors made a gift in 4 days.

Only 73 left!

If your advocacy efforts generate one donation, you will receive a limited edition Southwestern mini-pennant.


Only 84 left!

If your advocacy efforts generate two donations, you will receive a pair of limited edition Pirate Athletics sunglasses.


Only 18 left!

If you make a minimum gift of $500 to the Pirate Fund, you will receive a Hole Sponsorship at the Pirate Golf Classic on May 22, at Cimarron Hills Golf Course in Georgetown.