Silicon Valley International School - Annual Fund 2022-2023

This campaign ends on July 1 at 02:00AM EDT

Each year, we ask for your participation in the Annual Fund, a giving program that helps to provide for our annual budgetary needs. Your gift directly benefits our students by supporting vital areas such as faculty and staff salaries, the maintenance of our two campuses, technology, library resources, curriculum initiatives, and arts and music. 

For every suggested giving donation of $5,000 per student, $1,000 will be donated to the new Excellence Fund for our incoming Head of School, Barbara Greiner, to use in future years on initiatives that give our school a boost on the path to excellence. We encourage families to give to the best of your ability, and every gift is greatly appreciated. 

Gifts to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by U.S. law. INTL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and will provide acknowledgement letters with our Federal Tax ID number for all gifts. Our tax ID # is 94-2599581.

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Your name will appear on the campaign page unless you select "Please do not display my name" button on the giving form. Your donation amount is always private and will not be displayed on the campaign page.

Designation Leaderboard

DesignationDonorsDollarsGoal ($)%
6th Grade 27$131,36400
7th Grade 15$50,20800
2C2 9$44,75200
8th Grade 11$42,65000
PSPK Bamboo 16$40,61100
PSPK Oak 11$38,47800
3F1 10$35,12500
PSPK Star 11$34,25000
KC3 5$27,95600
5F1 8$24,95800
4F1 6$24,85000
2C1 9$24,50000
1F1 8$24,44800
Other (Grandparent, Alumni, Alumni Parent, Friend, etc) 14$24,33900
1C1 13$23,80900
3F2 5$23,54200
4C2 8$22,70000
KG1 5$22,69800
2F1 6$21,20200
9th Grade 5$20,00000
3C2 6$19,75000
5C1 7$17,70100
KF2 7$17,53800
3C1 5$16,50500
5C2 5$16,45200
PSPK Sequoia 7$16,02000
KC1 9$16,00000
PSPK Moon 6$14,50000
1C2 6$14,30000
4C1 4$12,35000
10th Grade 7$11,80000
PSPK Lotus 9$11,36600
1G1 2$10,00000
2F2 5$9,85000
4F2 6$9,03500
1C3 6$8,50300
KC2 7$8,40000
KF1 7$6,63500
Faculty & Staff 89$5,70600
4G1 3$5,42500
PSPK Sun 4$4,45500
PSPK Rainbow 3$3,50000
5G1 2$3,00000
12th Grade 3$3,00000
2G1 4$3,00000
3G1 3$1,50000
11th Grade 2$1,00000

Global Marker Map

Donor affiliations

59% Parent

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27% Faculty & Staff

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2% Trustee

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1% Grandparent

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14% Other

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Donor list

Ki S Kim
Doris Ngai
Fang Deng & Jianan Lu
Rania and Ashraf Wahba
Brad and Rebecca Osgood
Noura Abul-Husn and Christopher Borunda
George Lee and Cassandra Chow
Brian Frank
Nathan & Jennifer Gilbert
Edward P Miner
Hnin Yu Aung
Chami Kang and Mathieu Chauvin
Xiaojuan & Hao Wang
Omar Hafez
Malika and Wilson White
David and Caroline Lo
Krebs Family
Jacob Rasco
Evelyne Michaud
Michael Miralles
Mike Miralles
Philip Lee & Thriven Lai
Jean and Tim Thai
Liu & Tan Family Foundation
James & Claire
Jose M Barron
Celia Boyle and Jay Hopkins
Tiffany Johnson
JP + Karen Hirt Gil de Paiva
Joao Paulo Gil de Paiva
Paulina & Mathieu Nervet
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