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This campaign ended on March 06, 2024, but you can still make a gift to Shepherd University by clicking here!


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An Anonymous DonorCecelia Mason gave $100 because 10 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorShepherd University Athletic Club Board gave $1,000 because 25 donors gaveJust for Athletics - SUAC
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The first five student organizations or clubs to get 20 donors will receive a free, large one-topping pizza from Dominos.
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Shepherd University Day of Giving 2024
341 Donors - $175,365 Donated

Support the Safety and Wellness of Shepherd Athletes

Beyond the impact on individual athletes, your support strengthens the entire Shepherd community. A healthy, well-supported athletic program fosters school spirit, attracts prospective students, and serves as a source of pride for alumni.

This Day of Giving, join us in making a collective statement of support for Shepherd University athletics and the dedicated professionals who keep our athletes safe and thriving: make your gift in support of the athletic training department and fuel the Rams' journey to victory!

Your gift on March 6 in support of our athletic trainers will:

  • prevent injuries through evidence-based practices and innovative technologies
  • provide immediate care during practices and games, minimizing downtime and maximizing recovery
  • develop personalized rehabilitation plans to get athletes back in the game stronger than ever
  • promote mental health awareness and support student-athletes in navigating the pressures of competition
  • equip the department with cutting edge equipment and resources to deliver the highest quality care

The Day of Giving 2024 goal is ambitious – to have our community make gifts totaling $75,00 to Shepherd University in one day. Every gift counts — no matter the size!  All will help us reach the overall one-day goal!

Final Challenge has been Unlocked!

Our final challenge was unlocked: Over 25 alumni donated between the hours of 4-6 to unlock the SUAA Board Gift of $500 to the Shepherd Fund. 

There are still 5 1/2 hours left, so please continue to encourage friends and family to give. Our student organizations and clubs are still reaching for 20 donors to earn their free pizza from Dominos. 

72 days ago by Meg Peterson
Over $100,000 Given- WOW

Your generosity has already secured $100,000 in gifts for Shepherd. Recent challenges unlocked were reaching the 200 donor milestone, which unlocked $10,000 and 50 donors giving to Shepherd Excellence Funds, which unlocked $10,000 for the Shepherd Fund. 

72 days ago by Meg Peterson
Passing More Milestones...

  • SUAC Board Challenge gift was unlocked
  • 200 donor milestone reached: $10,000 has been unlocked for the campaign!
72 days ago by Meg Peterson
More challenge gifts unlocked!

  • $5,000 given to academic programs has unlocked an additional $5,000 gift!
  • 150 donors has unlocked an additional $7,000 in gifts! 
72 days ago by Meg Peterson
Keep the Momentum Going!

It's not even noon, and we've already raised over $50,000! We are sooo close to unlocking more challenge and milestone gifts. Consider making a gift toward the following:

  • We need 8 more donors to SUAC to meet the board challenge of $1000.


  • We need $225 more dollars to Shepherd Academic programs to unlock $5000.


  • We need 25 more donors to Shepherd Excellence funds to unlock $10,000.


  • We need 26 more donors overall to  unlock $7000.

72 days ago by Meg Peterson
2024 Day of Giving is Starting Strong!

We've already unlocked $500 for our first 25 donors, and we're close to unlocking another $1,000 when we hit 50 donors. Keep up the great momentum! 

72 days ago by Meg Peterson

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