Help UPIC Deepen U.S.-Pakistan Relations

This campaign ended on December 31, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Seton Hall University by clicking here!

Seton Hall's School of Diplomacy and International Relations is excited support a ground-breaking program that builds bridges between two sometimes contentious allies, the United States and Pakistan. Please support this work with a generous contribution to the U.S.-Pakistan Interreligious Coalition, or UPIC.

Joined recently by Just Results, a social enterprise specializing in inclusive economic development, as well with GIFT University in Pakistan, we are sponsoring JUST FUTURE, a dynamic virtual gathering 15-17 July 2020 to reflect on pressing issues including gender justice, healthcare innovations, youth empowerment, interreligious cooperation, government digitization, and the arts. Learn more at

Moreover, since 2011, UPIC has gathered almost annually in Pakistan. We have forged bonds across religious and cultural divides by bringing together faith-affirming community leaders, scholars, and students to develop personal relationships, alter harmful stereotypes, and implement an action agenda that addresses human rights and human needs. When the current pandemic recedes and international travel again becomes practical, we plan to resume in-person conference meetings between a combined U.S. delegation and Pakistani counterpart. Learn more at

We need your support to facilitate and sustain these innovative virtual and in-person programs.

One hundred percent of the funds raised will go directly towards this work -- so every dollar makes a difference. Join with us to deepen U.S.-Pakistani relations today.

Your gift to UPIC can make an impact:

  • $10 purchases a meal in Pakistan for a UPIC delegate
  • $25 helps provide transportation to a madrassa to meet with Pakistani youth
  • $50 helps underwrite hotel security
  • $200 secures a Pakistani visa for a U.S. citizen
  • $500 helps underwrite a week-long hotel stay in Islamabad
  • $1,000 covers the airfare for one delegate

Make your contribution today!

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