DOVE Hair Drive

This campaign ended on March 10, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Seton Hall University by clicking here!

The Division of Volunteer Efforts (DOVE) has partnered with Trina Beckwith and Fatima Palomino Ramos, and with the student organization H.A.I.R. to make this drive happen. H.A.I.R. (Having Appreciation in Realness), serves to create a natural hair community within the Seton Hall University campus, promoting individual self-care and overall wellness of individuals. In today’s society, personal appearance is vital, not only for positive self-esteem, but also for opportunities such as job interviews, legal appearances, investment meetings, and so much more. If proper hair care is unaffordable, self-esteem and self-image can be negatively affected. Having resources for proper hair care can make an enormous difference in their lives.

Freshmen Trina Beckwith and Fatima Palomino Ramos initially approached DOVE with the idea for the Love Your Hair Drive and emphasized it’s importance. As they’ve stated, this drive is necessary because Newark is included on the list of New Jersey's poorest cities, and when those who live in these areas are focused on paying bills and getting basic necessities for their family to survive, hair care products are not as much of a priority. Hair care products for people of color with curly hair are exponentially more expensive than products for people with straight hair. This makes resources and products less attainable. H.A.I.R. strives to expand upon the compassionate efforts DOVE lends its local communities while ensuring that people can present themselves as they wish, with healthy hair that gives them confidence in their appearance.

H.A.I.R. seeks to provide a safe space for people to come together and feel comfortable with who they are, promoting individual self-care and overall wellness of individuals. With programs and fundraisers promoting diversity and inclusion, the organization focuses on the empowerment of individuals through the promotion of natural hair care. 

To learn more about how to donate items, click here.

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1988 1$100
2000 1$23
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1999 1$50
1990 1$25
2017 1$50
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