Keeping Our UHS Community Whole

This campaign ended on July 01, 2020, but you can still make a gift to San Francisco University High School by clicking here!

Click above to meet five UHS students who receive financial aid: Claire, Frank, Jasmine, Kyra and Shruti. Together they are the student leaders of FASES or Financial Aid and Socio-Economic Status Club. Learn how these leaders are working to keep our community whole, and how you can help too. 

Dear Alumni,

In the midst of the uncertainty and instability brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, many of you have reached out to ask if there's a way you can support our students and community. Though we are still unsure of the full impact this crisis will have on the school and the way we are able to facilitate learning, what we do know is there will be at least a 10% increase in requests for financial aid next school year. The best and most immediate way you can support our student community is to give to financial aid through the UHS Annual Fund.

Every dollar you give will be doubled. Alumni Annual Fund gifts made between now and June 30 will be generously matched by Jen Huret Dulski '89 and her husband Len. Jen is a valued member of the UHS community and a close friend of Summerbridge. She served as a Summerbridge SF teaching fellow and went on to become the founding director of Summerbridge Pittsburgh. Jen will match every dollar donated to the Alumni Annual Fund from now through June 30, up to $25,000. Special thanks to Jen and Len for their gift to the Annual Fund in response to the school's immediate need to support students who receive financial aid.

We also encourage you to consider ways your gift can stretch even farther by arranging a matching gift or giving through Donor Advised Funds. If you'd like to make a gift by mailing a check, please click here to fill out our pledge form. 

Thank you!

UHS Development Team

Thanks to the members of these classes!

The Thanks to the members of these classes! reflects giving from Summerbridge Alumnx, UHS Alumnx, Students, Parents
UHS 1988 4$5,85023.4%
UHS 1984 6$5,60022.4%
2017 2$5,00020.0%
UHS 1998 2$4,00016.0%
UHS 1993 4$2,2118.8%
UHS 2000 2$2,0008.0%
UHS 1989 6$1,7006.8%
UHS 1992 2$1,2204.9%
UHS 1981 4$1,1004.4%
UHS 2016 2$1,0054.0%
UHS 1979 2$6002.4%
2020 2$5252.1%
1981 1$5002.0%
2013 3$5002.0%
2023 1$5002.0%
UHS 1983 1$5002.0%
UHS 1986 6$5002.0%
UHS 2003 4$4701.9%
UHS 1990 2$3501.4%
UHS 1999 5$3501.4%
UHS 2002 5$3201.3%
2019 1$2501.0%
UHS 1985 1$2501.0%
UHS 1978 1$2501.0%
SB 1985 1$2501.0%
UHS 2009 5$2401.0%
UHS 1987 2$2000.8%
UHS 2011 3$1750.7%
UHS 2018 2$1500.6%
UHS 2017 3$1250.5%
UHS 2001 2$1250.5%
UHS 1980 2$1250.5%
UHS 2004 1$1000.4%
UHS 2019 3$1000.4%
UHS 1994 1$1000.4%
UHS 1996 1$1000.4%
SB 2005 2$1000.4%
UHS 2005 1$750.3%
UHS 2008 2$700.3%
UHS 2012 2$500.2%
UHS 1995 1$500.2%
UHS 2007 1$500.2%
UHS 1997 1$500.2%
SB 2014 1$500.2%
SB 1990 1$500.2%
UHS 2013 1$250.1%
UHS 2010 1$250.1%
UHS 1991 1$50.0%

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4% Summerbridge Alumnx

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83% UHS Alumnx

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1% Students

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7% Parents

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3% Faculty/Staff

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Donor list

Cliff N Goldstein
Elliot Greenwald
Will Hespe
KatyHope & Tom Hope
Maury Sterling
Nicholas C Blum
Alexandra Fowler King
Kimberly Fullerton & Stephen Johnson
Jennifer Kiernan
Tyson Thomas
Martha Callan
Samantha Bley DeJean & Bradley DeJean
Alejandra Vargas-Johnson
Bill Brooks
Ashley Mevi
Greg Gomes
Lori S. Tulkoff
will hartley
Kristi Straus
Mitchell S Cohen & Sue Cohen
Andrea Imhof
Roger W Chu
Richael Best
Laurel B Quinones
Linden Bader Rees
Caroline Kremer
Jessica Davis Mills
Andrew Gregson
Shannon K. Cadile
Daniel Kilduff & Lauren Bruns
Oscar Flores
Philip Kalikman
Shoba Farrell
Stephanie Chong
Erin Lynch
Diane Alarcon
Mark Kushner
Hill, Philip, S.
Olga Baranoff

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