2019 Big Give

This campaign ended on April 11, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Samford University by clicking here!

Participating in the 2019 Samford University Big Give is an easy, fun and exciting way to positively impact our local and global communities, creating a better Samford and a better world. We invite YOU to join us on April 9-10 and support a project of your choice.

At Cumberland School of Law, one of our most important core values is service to others. Through the Public Interest Program, we offer service opportunities for students. These programs often pair students with lawyers, which not only provides valuable real-world legal skills application but also great networking opportunities. Whether it is a legal-related program, such as researching legal issues for homeless shelter residents or lobbying for criminal justice reform, students consistently demonstrate their understanding of how important it is for lawyers to serve others with pro bono and public interest work. 

For 14 years, Orlean Beeson School of Education faculty have worked to build a capacity of teachers in these schools to serve children with special needs. Unlike the United States, there are no mandates to provide appropriate services to any such child in Lebanon. With support we can enhance these efforts through the involvement of our students. Your gifts allows us to prepare a team of Samford students, led by faculty and staff, to journey to Beirut, Lebanon and invest their gifts and talents into this Kingdom work.

Samford Abroad is a nationally ranked, innovative leader in providing global educational opportunities. Samford’s commitment to providing international programs to its students stems from the school’s mission to nurture persons in the development of intellect, creativity, faith, and personhood. Core to the Samford Abroad experience is the community among students and faculty during the international trip. It is truly unique approach in higher education today and prepares students with maturity and perspective to engage a global society while introducing students to other cultures in real-world, practical way. It is our hope that with your support we will able to offer more students the opportunity to study abroad by establishing a new scholarship.

In the spirit of  Brock School of Business' core values and mission, the advisory board has established a special scholarship in honor of and to be named after Dean Howard Finch - The Howard Finch Endowed Scholarships. The board seeks to help students meet their goals by offering those in need financial assistance. The scholarship will be provided to one male and one female student each year. Donors are invited to work together with the board to help these students grow in their Samford experience and carry their knowledge into their careers.

Begin your journey with Samford Arts as a “friend.” From an honorary gift to an estate pledge, our friends are the thread that sustain the great traditions of Samford Arts and help us reach higher. Any gift to our Friends fund goes directly to helping students, whether for scholarship, emerging technologies, or showcasing talents through exhibits and productions. We hope you will consider initiating or building upon a Friends of the Arts membership. To learn more about the benefits offered, please click here.

McWhorter School of Pharmacy first established its Under Represented Minority Student Scholarship in 2016. Your support of this project—combined with those who gave before you—will help endow the fund and secure that the scholarship will continue to exist for years to come. Scholarships from this fund will be awarded to under-represented minority students with preference given to those students who are from the state of Alabama, exhibit a record of service in their communities, and who also demonstrate financial need.

The School of Public Health’s Department of Nutrition and Dietetics has a long history of preparing graduates with the knowledge and skills to impact the nutritional health of individuals and communities—100 years to be exact. We are proud to offer our students many hands-on learning opportunities, and this year, we are asking for your support of a special one: our Samford Honey Bees.  The Samford Apiary has four active beehives with roughly 50,000 honey bees per hive located outside Samford’s College of Health Sciences facilities. They provide an invaluable learning experience for our students—from interacting with the hives to using the honey the bees produce to prepare various recipes. Gifts to this fund will support the operating costs for the Samford Honey Bees for one year.

For years, Samford University has had a rich tradition of being a powerhouse debate team. Not only is the school ranked in the top 50 nationally in the National Debate Tournament, but it also offers opportunities to engage others through the Summer Forensics Institute, the Samford University Public Debate Series, the Birmingham Area Debate League, and the Bishop Guild Debate Tournament. However, we can not offer every student a scholarship. In addition to carrying over commitments from earlier years, the number of students that come to Samford to debate stresses the limits of our scholarship budget. By supporting the Samford debate team, you will able to provide more scholarship opportunities.

The University Library serves as the central hub for learning and collaboration across Samford’s vast campus. With a growing enrollment, the need for study space is also increasing. With your help, we will offer students secure charging lockers for their electronic devices between classes and group discussions.

Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School has announced the creation of the Robert Smith, Jr. Preaching Institute, named in honor of the school’s longtime faculty member of Christian preaching, thanks to a generous grant by the Lilly Endowment, Inc. In conjunction with the Institute, Beeson Divinity School has created the Robert Smith, Jr. Preaching Scholarship to assist incoming and current Beeson students who demonstrate potential and excellence in the ministry of preaching. Learn more about the amazing work the institute is accomplishing here.

The reputation of our nurse anesthesia program has been built and reinforced by impressive students and graduates throughout the state and across America. We will always strive to meet the expectations of our students and the anesthesia community. To do this, we have to keep ahead of the curve with healthcare technology. As such, it is time to upgrade our nurse anesthesia simulator. The new simulator will allow students to apply evidence into practice with realistic physiologic feedback.

Using our gifts to serve others is at the heart of who we are in the School of Health Professions. This project specifically involves raising funds to support local, national, and/or international service learning opportunities for students. Examples of specific projects include: providing medical treatment/therapy for underserved people in the Dominican Republic or children with special needs in Colorado, hosting a summer camp for children with speech challenges, or inviting special populations to campus for treatment by an inter-professional student team. Each of these opportunities not only provide unique learning opportunities for students to practice their professional skills, it provides an opportunity for students to experience how they can use their gifts to serve others.

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is made up of student-athletes representing various sports to provide insight on the student-athlete experience and offer input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes’ lives on campus.  Their mission is to enhance the student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image. As part of their efforts, SAAC puts on annual events including a Newcomer Social for freshman and transfers and the SAMSPYS an awards banquet to highlight the accomplishment of our student-athletes in the classroom and in competition.  Please help us to raise $5,000 in support of these two important events.  Show your support of our student-athletes today with a gift to the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee fund.

The Samford University Board of Overseers Minority Scholarship was established to make it possible for any minority student to attend Samford. Since its creation, the scholarship has made this opportunity possible and we hope to continue to make this possible for more students each year. Show your support with a gift to this scholarship today.

Understanding that life can produce unexpected challenges, Samford University established the Student Emergency Assistance Fund to support students in need. The funds can be requested by students to aid with health issues, family emergencies, loss of items due to circumstances outside of their control, and other reasons. As a member of our Samford family, you can be a blessing in a student’s life when they are faced with obstacles. It is our hope that we will always be able to assist a student in need.

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US Donor Map

Designation Leaderboard

Other 160$79,863
Howard Finch Endowed Scholarship 87$20,986
Friends of Samford Arts 60$7,814
School of Health Professions Missions Fund 39$4,863
Legacy League Scholarship Fund 35$3,875
Nurse Anesthesia Simulator 35$4,646
Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Scholarship 35$1,900
Student Emergency Assistance Fund 34$1,996
Under Represented Minority Student Scholarship in Pharmacy 27$3,330
Samford Athletics' Student Athlete Advisory Committee 24$2,340
Samford Bees 22$1,195
Samford University Board of Overseers Minority Scholarship 21$3,503
Daniel House Renovations Fund 20$982
Charging Lockers in the University Library 13$3,555
Debate Team Scholarships 8$1,080

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1969 43$23,724
1994 32$10,547
2018 31$1,225
2022 26$899
2020 23$3,487
2017 22$1,676
2009 21$4,606
2014 21$1,191
2021 16$378
2010 15$680
2008 14$1,030
2016 13$520
2007 13$2,290
2019 13$2,942
2006 13$1,890
2004 12$1,325
2015 12$850
2013 10$390
2011 10$1,590
2012 10$1,325
1990 9$1,275
2000 8$1,025
1988 7$3,575
1993 7$1,645
2005 6$870
1979 6$2,225
1995 5$1,110
1997 5$1,355
1996 5$245
2001 5$550
2003 5$425
1986 4$1,300
1971 4$655
1973 4$900
1961 4$610
1983 4$1,200
1992 4$275
1999 4$120
1985 3$2,850
1987 3$2,500
1974 3$220
1989 3$1,150
1998 3$300
1967 3$2,150
2002 3$400
1976 3$1,050
1970 2$1,050
1960 2$600
1963 2$100
1975 2$500
1968 2$250
1962 2$600
1958 1$75
1956 1$100
1972 1$10
1957 1$1,000
1982 1$100
1991 1$100
1977 1$1,000

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32% Alumni

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9% Students

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3% Parents

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58% Faculty/Staff

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4% Friends

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Elizabeth J Goodwin
Drew and Pam Yantis
Paula S. Hovater & Rod
Shantel Johnson
Jaclyn A Gilbert
Martha Edwards Bowling
Hailey Rogers photoHailey Rogers
Chelsea Brown
Trey Johnson
John D. Lundeen
Jordan Hurt
Mary, J, Tarence
Brittany Ross Spooner
William, P, Rosenberger & Viveka Rosenberger
David Fleming & Brooke
Megan C Hensarling & Robert W Hensarling
Karen Thompson & Alan Thompson
Ellen Scott
Dale Baldwin
Anthony Minnema
Elizabeth A. Sheaffer
Anna Foyt
Jennifer B. Debrecht
Timothy Mark Robinson and Cokiesha Bailey Robinson & Timothy Robinson
Roy & Marcelle Ciampa
Sherri Foyt
Steve Ball
Brax Watkins & Kim Watkins
Mike Jordan
Mary Nunnally
Katherine Jarnigan
Kelly P Strickland
Daniel, R, Strickland
Lee Ross
E. Charmayne Fillmore
Sara Watson
Teresa Burnette Lord

Sharon & Hartwell Smith matched $100
Kim Cripps matched $100
Eddie Miller & Gayle Miller matched $500
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