Give SJU Day 2021

106% of 1,400 Donor goal
This campaign ended on November 18, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Saint John's University by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorRyan Minnehan matched $50

An Anonymous DonorMichael Wollmering matched $50

Michael Wollmering photoMichael Wollmering matched $50

An Anonymous DonorNate Lefebvre matched $100

Ryan Klinkner photoRyan Klinkner matched $100

An Anonymous DonorWill and Erin Newkirk matched $100

An Anonymous DonorMichael P. Fiala matched $100

An Anonymous DonorJoram Manka matched $100

An Anonymous DonorWill and Erin Newkirk matched $100

An Anonymous DonorWilliam and Leah Asp matched $100

An Anonymous DonorOumar Cherif matched $100

Michael Hemmesch photoMichael Hemmesch matched $100

An Anonymous DonorCharlie Raasch matched $100

Jacob Woolfrey photoJacob Woolfrey matched $100

An Anonymous DonorJim Gunville matched $100

Alan Christenson photoAlan Christenson matched $125

An Anonymous DonorSteven Pfahning matched $150

An Anonymous DonorMichael McKeever matched $200

Brennan Lafeber photoBrennan Lafeber matched $200

An Anonymous DonorJim Platten matched $200

An Anonymous DonorRoss Drever matched $200

Brian Wavinak photoBrian Wavinak matched $200

An Anonymous DonorRobert Fandrich matched $200

An Anonymous DonorMurray McCartan matched $200

An Anonymous DonorChris Loth matched $200

Ted Kain photoTed and Molly Kain matched $250

An Anonymous DonorAaron Hill matched $250

An Anonymous DonorJames Charles Platten matched $250

Adam Herbst photoAdam Herbst matched $250

An Anonymous DonorBrian Kelly matched $250

Michael Wollmering photoMichael Wollmering matched $500

An Anonymous DonorMark and Katie Bachand matched $500

An Anonymous DonorScott W Hennis matched $500

An Anonymous DonorGabriel Harren matched $500

An Anonymous DonorJohn Taylor matched $500

An Anonymous DonorLuke McMahon matched $500

An Anonymous DonorRyan J Turbes matched $500

An Anonymous DonorAlex Siebenaler matched $500

An Anonymous DonorJon Bruns matched $500

Andrew Kovacs photoAndrew Kovacs matched $500

An Anonymous DonorGabriel Harren matched $500

Mike Slavik photoMike Slavik matched $500

An Anonymous DonorJim Leitner matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorKent Winter matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorJoe Feldmeier matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorJoe Shaughnessy matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorLuke and Anne Keene matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorJon and Kate Mosier matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorRick and Gail Speckmann matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorJoe Housman matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorBryan Fleegel matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorJohn Young matched $1,500

An Anonymous DonorTom and Ethel Muchlinski matched $1,800

An Anonymous DonorTerry McCord matched $2,000

Bill Olson 91 photoBill Olson 91 matched $2,000

An Anonymous DonorJim Borgestad matched $2,500

An Anonymous DonorScott Welle matched $3,000

An Anonymous DonorJames Mattson matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorPeter and Susan Brasket matched $7,000

An Anonymous DonorJoe and Deann Speltz matched $10,000

An Anonymous DonorMark Hughes matched $10,000

An Anonymous DonorDenny Schleper matched $10,000

An Anonymous DonorPeter Welle matched $12,500

An Anonymous DonorPaul and Anne Krump matched $14,000

An Anonymous DonorJerry Morris matched $15,000

An Anonymous DonorPaul Winter matched $15,000

An Anonymous DonorSJU Alumni Association matched $140,000
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An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor gave $5,000
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It's #giveSJUday!

Your Student Fund gift is matched $100 by the Alumni Association!

  • Match provided by a pool of alumni who increased their annual Fellows Society gifts by more than $1,000 over last year

You can also unlock more money for scholarships!

  • Class-year Leaderboard - View your alumni class year on the "Donors" tab to see what matches are running for your class. Or offer your own match to inspire your friends to join you!
  • 50-State Challenge - When every state gets colored red on the U.S. Heat Map with one gift, SJU will receive a $10,000 gift from an anonymous Trustee!

Track your advocacy!

  • Advocacy Dashboard - View your personal plea video, sharing buttons, click- and gift- tracking, and other volunteer advocacy! #giveSJUday succeeds because of volunteers reaching out to their friends personally!
50-State Challenge
Thank You!

Thank you to every single donor, volunteer, advocate, match sponsor, alumnus, parent, student, and employee who made #giveSJUday 2021 a great success for Saint John's Student Fund scholarships.

Over $610,000 raised for scholarships from more than 1,450 donors makes Saint John's very proud and grateful for your generosity and support.

We'll announce final donor and dollar totals Thursday afternoon after we've tallied the student callers' gifts from tonight.

Until then, thank you, and Go Johnnies.

186 days ago by Ted Kain
One Hour Left! Advocate-Exclusive

Dear Advocates,

Thank you. Thank you for your leadership, commitment, and generosity to Saint John's. Your incredible support helped us gain 1,400 donors (and counting) for Student Fund scholarships today. Be proud of what you've accomplished and how you've engaged your classmates with Saint John's.

Let's see how close we can reach 1,600 donors in the next hour. Know any night owls? Shoot them a text and invite them to give!

Thank you for everything you do for SJU.

186 days ago by Ted Kain
Can you help us reach 1,600 donors?

90 minutes to go on #giveSJUday 2021 - can you help us gain 1,600 donors? We'll add another $5K to Student Fund scholarships thanks to an anonymous alumnus if we hit this mark. Thank you for all you do for Saint John's!

186 days ago by Ted Kain
We Did It! But We're Not Done Yet

THANK YOU! We reached our #giveSJUday goal of 1,400 donors. Thanks to each of you for your generosity and commitment to Saint John's. You make an immediate impact in Johnnies' lives!

But we're not done yet! An anonymous donor is offering a $5K challenge match if we get another 200 donors before 12 am CST. Can you help us spread the word to unlock another $5K?

Over 30 class matches remain and the top of the Class Leaderboard remains very close between 1972, 1983, 2010, 1991, and 1982. 

Thank you for all you do for SJU! Let's finish strong and unlock another $5K for Student Fund scholarships.

186 days ago by Ted Kain
50-State Challenge - We Unlocked $10K!

We unlocked the 50-state challenge! Thank you to alumni, parents, and friends all over the country for their #giveSJUsupport. Thanks to an anonymous Trustee for their $10K challenge gift.

Just 100 donors left to goal - Please continue to spread the word and help us reach 1,400 donors!

186 days ago by Ted Kain
Six Hours to Go - The Race is On!

We're continuing the #giveSJUday race and the finish line is within sight! Help us finish #giveSJUday strong with only six hours remaining!

186 days ago by Ted Kain
We're Getting Closer

We're closing in on our 1,400 #giveSJUday donor goal. Can you help us get there? The next several hundred donors will be matched $100 by the SJU Alumni Association. We have class matches galore that make your gift go that much further to support today's Johnnies. Then, share why you support #giveSJUday with your friends using our social sharing buttons.

Don't forget - you can now give on #giveSJUday using PayPal and Venmo!

Thank you for all you do for SJU. Let's hit 1,400 donors!

186 days ago by Ted Kain
1000 #giveSJUday Donors

Wow! We've hit 1,000 donors for #giveSJUday! Thank you to everyone who has supported Student Fund scholarships so far today. 400 more donors until we reach our goal!

  • Have you shared #giveSJUday on Facebook, Twitter, or text? Generating gifts can earn you an Advocate incentive!
  • We need just four more states represented until we earn $10K for the 50-state challenge!
  • There are still outstanding class matches available to further your gift, including 1961, 1972, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1997, 1999, 2008, 2013, and more!
  • Check out the Class Leaderboard to see how your class is doing today. 1972 is in the lead, but 1983 and 2010 are close behind!

Thank you for your incredible support of Saint John's. Let's keep up the momentum to meet our 1,400 donor goal!

186 days ago by Ted Kain
Almost halfway to our #giveSJUday goal!

Thank you to everyone who has given to #giveSJUday so far! We're almost halfway to our 1,400 donor goal for Student Fund scholarships. A few reminders:

  • We currently have 55 class matches running! Signifcant matching funds remain for many classes, including 1958, 1961, 1972, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1997, 1999, and 2008. Spread the word to your classmates to encourage them to give!
  • We're getting closer to hitting our 50-state challenge! Reach out to Johnnies across the country to encourage them to give back - their gift can help unlock an additional $10K for student scholarships!
  • Check out our personal plea videos in the Advocacy section to hear from SJU students and alumni.
  • Every gift adds up to make a difference in Johnnies' lives. You can support them via credit card, bank transfer, ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal, or Venmo!

Thank you for all you do for Saint John's! Stay tuned for more updates throughout the day.

186 days ago by Ted Kain
It's #giveSJUday!

#giveSJUday has arrived! Thank you to those who have already given to support Saint John's Student Fund scholarships. Help Saint John's total 1,400 donors by the end of the day. A few reminders for #giveSJUday:

  • Every donor receives a $100 match by the SJU Alumni Association.
  • We have nearly 50 class-specific matches running! See if your class has one or create your own to inspire your classmates to give.
  • 50-state Challenge - We'll receive a $10,000 gift from an anonymous Trustee if every state has at least one #giveSJUday donor.
  • Check out Personal Plea videos at the top of the page from three Johnnies scholarship recipients. And view more personal plea videos from alumni and students in the Advocates section.
  • New this year - You can give using PayPal or Venmo! Giving to student scholarships has never been easier.

Thank you for all you do for SJU. Here's to an outstanding #giveSJUday!

187 days ago by Ted Kain

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