2021 Go Johnnies Challenge

131% of 650 Donor goal
This campaign ended on September 03, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Saint John's University by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorJames F Sexton gave $250 because $250 was donated in 1 day
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24 hours to Support Johnnie Athletics

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Every gift, every size, makes a difference!

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Make a Gift and Invite Others to Join You in Supporting Johnnie Athletics! 

800 donors! Can we reach 900 by midnight?

Another #GoJohnniesChallenge goal accomplished!

Can we add 100 more donors over the next 2+ hours and reach 900?

575 days ago by Ryan Klinkner
We reached our goal of 650 donors! Next up? 800

Goal ☑

Thanks to you, we have passed our goal of 650 donors for the 2021 #GoJohnniesChallenge!

With 5.5 hours remaining, we have set our sights on a new goal. How far can we go, Johnnies?

We’re setting the new goal at 800 donors to support club & varsity student-athletes at SJU!

575 days ago by Ryan Klinkner
500 Donors!

500 donors have donated to the 2021 #GoJohnniesChallenge!

Keep offering matches & recording your personal plea videos!

Every gift of every size makes a difference!

575 days ago by Ryan Klinkner
Coming soon, a new home for the J-Club Hall of Honor!

Thank you for supporting the J-Club and SJU Athletics!

575 days ago by Ryan Klinkner
We're halfway there!

The 2021 Go Johnnies Challenge is halfway to its goal of 650 donors....and then some! 

Thanks for offering a match or recording your personal plea video. 

Let’s keep it going!

575 days ago by Ryan Klinkner
ICYMI: The Rat Pak met with athletic director Bob Alpers '82 earlier today...

575 days ago by Ryan Klinkner
It's almost time!

It's less than four hours until the 2021 Go Johnnies Challenge begins! Thank you to everyone who has given so far. We're excited for a big day for Johnnie Athletics on Sept. 2!

A reminder that if you'd like to match your favorite sport or club, you'll need to check both of these boxes on the matching gift form in order for it to be set up correctly.

Thank you all for your generosity, and Go Johnnies!

576 days ago by Ted Kain

2021 Go Johnnies Challenge Leaderboard
DesignationDonors$ RaisedGoal (Donors)%
J-Club (Supporting all Johnnie Athletics)118$16,469100118.0
Cross Country/Track & Field104$17,96570148.6
Swimming & Diving38$14,49525152.0
Club Rugby18$1,9655036.0
Club Nordic Ski11$1,0645220.0
Athletic Dept. General Fund10$1,45010100.0
Strength and Conditioning9$9255180.0
Club Crew8$1,7505160.0
Club Ultimate Frisbee7$8005140.0
Club Lacrosse6$3,7455120.0
Club Water Polo4$150580.0
Sports Medicine3$1,075560.0
Club Volleyball3$272560.0
Club Bowling0$050.0
Club Soccer0$050.0
Club Hockey0$050.0
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