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Tell us. Who inspired you at Pomona?
Honor your professor with a gift this May in celebration of Faculty Appreciation Month at Pomona College.

Tell us. Who inspired you at Pomona?

Engaged professors with a passion for teaching are a hallmark of a Pomona College education. This passion and commitment remained constant amid an extraordinary year when they embraced new technologies and teaching methods —all while delivering a world-class liberal arts education to Pomona College students. The month of May is dedicated to celebrating the impact that educators make, both in and out of the classroom. In this spirit, we invite you to participate in a new tradition of honoring Pomona faculty, active or retired, by writing a personal note of gratitude and making a gift in their honor to the Pomona College Annual Fund, which will support immediate needs like student scholarships and internships.

Who Inspired You?

We're incredibly grateful to have almost reached $40,000 in online donations, and we're thrilled to be seeing notes and gifts coming through the mail as well. Below are additional names of Professors who have been honored:

Adolfo Rumbos, Professor of MathematicsAllan Barr, Professor of Chinese
Alois Schardt,  Emeritus Professor of Art History
André Cavalcanti, Professor of Biology
Arash Khazeni, Professor of History
Art Horowitz, Emeritus Professor of Theatre
Brian Stonehill, Emeritus Professor of English
Charles Holmes, Emeritus Professor of English
Chester Jaeger, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
Christopher Chinn, Associate Professor of Classics
Cynthia Selassie, Professor of Chemistry
David Menefee, Professor of Politics
Donald McIntyre, Emeritus Professor of Geology
Edward Weismiller, Emeritus Professor of English
Fred Krinsky, Emeritus Professor of Political Science
Frederick Grieman, Professor of Chemistry
George Gorse, Professor and Chair of Art History
Giovanni Ortega, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Dance
Hans-Dieter Brueckner, Emeritus Professor of German
Janice Hudgings, Professor of Physics
Jay David Atlas, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy
Jean Walton, Emeritus Dean of Women, Emeritus Dean of Students, Emeritus Vice President for Student Affairs
Jo Hardin, Professor of Mathematics
Johnathan Wright, Emeritus Professor of Biology
Julie Tannenbaum, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Jurgen Froehlich, Emeritus Professor of German and Russian
Kathleen Howe, Emeritus Professor of Art History
Ken Wolf, Professor of History  and Classics
Kevin Wynter, Assistant Professor of Media Studies
Konstantine Klioutchkine, Associate Professor of German and Russian
Kyoko Kurita, Professor of Japanese
Lee McDonald, Emeritus Professor of Politics
Leonard Pronko, Emeritus Professor of Theatre and Dance
Lynne Miyake, Professor of Japanese
Michael Kuehlwein, Professor of Economics
Mowry Baden, Emeritus Professor of Art
Peter Hewitt, Emeritus Professor of Music, Pomona College
Richard Elderkin, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Environmental Analysis
Richard MacMillen, Emeritus Professor of Zoology
Richard Sheirich, Emeritus Professor of German
Sara K. Olson, Associate Professor of Biology
Shahriar Shahriari, Professor of Mathematics
Stephen A. Erickson, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy
Susana Chavez-Silvermann, Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
Tomas Summers Sandoval, Associate Professor of History and Chicana/o Latina/o Studies; 
Tzu-yi Chen, Professor of Computer Science
Vincent Learnihan, Emeritus Professor of History
Wayne Steinmetz, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
Wiliam Olson, Emeritus Professor of International Relations
William Whedbee, Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies
Xochitl Casillas, Interim Director and Dean of Students, Chicano Latino Student Affairs at The Claremont Colleges Services
Yost Amrein, Emeritus Professor of Biology and Zoology
Zayn Kassam, Professor and Chair of Religious Studies


55 days ago by Beatina Theopold
Looking back at time spent at Pomona College

This week a Pomona College student who is about to graduate took the time to think back on the professors that changed her experience. 

"Professor Jane Liu was able to smoothly transition her classes to an online modified version that was accessible by all students, which was really important because all of us are in different environments and have had to adapt in different ways." - Nicah Vihn Driza '21

Below are all the faculty members who have been honored since our last update -- are any of your favorites missing? 

Prof. Alex Rodriguez, Professor of Physical Education and Head Water Polo CoachProf. Aloois Schardt, Emeritus Professor of Art History 
Prof. Bruce Telzer, Emeritus Professor of Biology
Prof. Cris Miller, Emeritus Professor of English
Prof. Harry Carroll, Emeritus Professor of Classics
Prof. Henry Cord Meyer, Emeritus Professor of History
Prof. James Likens, Emeritus Professor of Economics
Prof. Jill Grigsby, Professor of Sociology 
Prof. Karen Kossuth, Emeritus Professor of Modern European Languages
Prof. Lynn Rapaport, Professor and Chair of Sociology
Prof. Martha Andresen, Emeritus Professor of English
Prof. R. Nelson Smith, Professor and Chair of Chemistry
Susan Castagnetto, Lecturer, Philosphy 
Prof. Thomas Leabhart, Professor of Theatre
Prof. William F. Russell, Professor and Chair of Music, Choir & Band Director

69 days ago by Beatina Theopold
Check Out These Inspiring Stories from Alumni Remembering Their Favorite Professors

Here are more professors who have been honored with a gift:

  • Prof. Eleanor Brown, James Irvine Professor of Economics
  • Prof. Vincent Learnihan, Professor of History
  • Prof. Rick Hazlett, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Analysis and Geology
  • Prof. Debbie Burke, W.M. Keck Distinguished Service Professor and Professor Emerita of Linguistics and Cognitive Science
  • Prof. Heather Williams, Professor of Politics

Invite your Sagehen friends to join the celebration! Share about #HonorYourProf on social media, email and text, and encourage them to share a few words of gratitude and give in honor of their favorite professor. Chirp!

73 days ago by Kristen McCabe Romero
More Notes of Gratitude!

We're thrilled with the outpouring of memories! Carlos Garcia '73 noted the following: 

“Dr. Virginia Crosby, Emeritus Professor of French made it possible for me to have the life I have now... my advice to current students is to enjoy your professors as people. They are more than authority figures, much more than the grader of your papers and exams. They are brilliant, amazing people who have a lot invested in your success and achievements. Stay in touch with them!”

Below are all the Professors who have been honored with a donation in their name: 

  • Prof Vin de Silva, Professor and Chair of Mathematics
  • Prof Peter Thielke, Professor of Philosophy
  • Prof Karl Kohn, Emeritus Professor of Music
  • Prof John Seery, Professor of Government and Politics
  • Prof Stephan Ramon Garcia, Professor of Mathematics
  • Prof Fred Sontag, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy
  • Prof Samuel Yamashita, Professor of History
  • Prof Jonathan Wright, Emeritus Professor of Biology 
  • Prof R. Nelson Smith, Emeritus Professor and Chair of Chemistry
  • Prof Hans Palmer, Emeritus Professor of Economics
  • Prof Ted Tsukahara, Emeritus Associate Professor of Economics
  • Prof Howard Young, Emeritus Professor of Modern European Languages
  • Prof Richard Harrison, Emeritus Professor of History
  • Prof Miles McCarthy, Emeritus Professor of Biology
  • Prof Karl Johnson, Professor of Neuroscience
  • Prof Leo Flynn, Emeritus Professor of Politics
  • Prof Jennifer Friedlander, Professor and Chair of Media Studies
  • Prof Donna M. Di Grazia, Professor and Chair of Music
  • Prof Fernando Lozano, Professor and Chair of Economics

We encourage everyone to also join in the conversation in the Alumni Facebook group, and share your memories! If you know other Sagehens, please share this campaign with them. 

81 days ago by Beatina Theopold
We're grateful for the Faculty that shape the student experience!

Happy Monday everyone! We're thrilled to have surpassed $2,500 in the first few days of our campaign. We've received tributes in honor of the following celebrated Professors: 

  • Dr. David Becker, Emeritus Associate Professor of Biology
  • Dean Bob Gaines, Vice President and Edwin F. and Martha Hahn Professor of Geology
  • Professor Monique Saigal, Emerita Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Dr. Michael Armacost, Emeritus Professor of International Relations and Foreign Policy

Tell us, who inspired you? We'd love to include them here! 

84 days ago by Beatina Theopold

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